Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Violence, violence, everywhere (by Satyagraha)

Hello everyone. Violence is everywhere in today's society.  But what is violence produced by?  Sometimes it is lack of land. At other times it may be religious dispute, or even retaliation.  Conflicts being waged are big and small whether they take place in our own homes, or on a war front between the world.  Actions of violence only do one thing no matter why and how they are committed; spawn more violence.  Violence only perpetuates a vicious cycle of anger and resentment.  The cyclical nature of violence is very blatant.  It is not very hard to understand that people that are being acted towards in a violent manner will not like it.  Why fight wars? Why start fights or seek to continue one? Nothing happens in the end.  Whatever act of violence that occurred  still happened and can't be changed.  It is not the abolishment of repercussion that i seek but it does not make sense to assist in the perpetuation of violence.  In the end what i want to say is. Peace!

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