Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day a sham? (by someone)

You should be ashamed of your Memorial Day.  You decimate the Native Americans so that you can have "your" country and then you build your country on the backs of slaves.  All those countless deaths on your shoulders and you have a "Memorial Day" to commemorate your loved ones.  Why don't you remember those whom you should remember, the people you killed so that you can have your lives?  You should have a collective "Memorial Mourning" instead of that sham of a holiday you have today.


Friday, May 27, 2011

Life after death - someday we will prove it (by anon)

In my Intro to Philosophy class, we had a debate on whether there is any life after death. The argument that won the case for the con team (that there is no life after death) was that since there is no proof of life after death, we have no reason to believe that it exists. My question is: what is with everyone's obsession with proof?  Why does there have to be proof of something for us to believe in it?  People continue to make new discoveries every day, and my theory is that life after death is real, we just have not developed the necessary tools to prove it yet.  This argument links to Sextus Empiricus' argument about unknown properties. Sextus states that simply because we are unable to detect some properties, that does not necessarily mean that they do not exist.  In the same way, there could be spirits that exist all around us, but we have not yet developed the senses to detect them. I believe that life after death does exist, and someday, with our always-improving technologies we will be able to prove it.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Conspiracy Theories... (by anon)

You know what really grinds my gears? The talk of U.S. Government Conspiracies grinds my gears. There has been talk of conspiracy with 9/11 and now with Osama Bin Laden’s death. Do people really not believe in their country?! Our government would never kill thousands of our own civilians just so we can go to war with a country. How would they ever be supported? The government would not fake the death of Bin Laden just to regain support in Obama. That is pathetic to even think about! We are the most hated country in the world of course there are going to be attacks on us, and we must stand strong and not let our neighbors die for nothing. The Osama Bin Laden’s death was not a hoax or conspiracy it was simply our country standing up for ourselves, and bringing justice to those innocent lives that have died. So let’s stop all this nonsense talk and be proud of the country we live in!


Sunday, May 22, 2011

Politics, Dividing a Country (by anon)

It seems to me that people vote based on if the candidate or the person in the position before them did a good job or not.  For example, Bush wasn’t liked at the end of his second term so then Obama ended up winning by a huge landslide.  No one ever really wins in politics anymore; the truth is that we can never agree.  Someone is always going to think differently and I think that it is dividing the country up.  We are far from united; we are too busy arguing with each other instead of collaborating to find a solution that works for everyone.  I think that we take a step back and learn how to talk like civilized people.

Whenever a conversation about politics comes up, more times than not the conversation is anything but civil.  Politics is dividing the country instead of unifying it.  Needless to say, look at what happened when Scott Walker passed the budget bill.  Wisconsin went into an uproar.  And it completely divided the state up into two sides.  This is not how politics should work; this is not what politics should do to a country.  We need to learn to get along and actually talk things out and figure out what is best for everyone instead of being self centered and trying to “beat” the other person.  We are all in this together so we need to come to a conclusion together.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Cheaters Cheaters! (by anon)

Dominique Strauss-Kahn, former head of the IMF, earned 2 million a year, that's 166,000 per month. He cheated and got busted! Tiger Woods cheated and got busted. Along with losing his wife and kids, he lost millions of dollars in endorsements. Former presidential candidate, John Edwards, and now the terminator, Arnold Schwarzenegger, cheated and got busted. "The Governator" an animated cartoon show has become the latest victim of the former governor's fathering a child outside his marriage. It was terminated!  From Barry Bonds to Jesse James, and now Lance Armstrong, people think they can cheat and get away with it.  So lets bring this more closer to home. Cheating is rampant on college campuses. Profs spend an inordinate amount of time tracking down student cheaters who continue to find more and more ingenious ways to beat the system. They write answers to test on their hands or on cell phones. This semester I busted a cheating scheme in one of my classes. Ten students either purchased or lifted their papers from the Internet. Only their tears, and confessions, saved them from being sent to Gitmo and water boarded.  You should be aware that the penalty for  getting busted for cheating is an automatic failure in the class, or a lowering of the final grade, even a complete dismissal from the University may be implemented. So the bottom line is to do you own work and cite your sources. Ignorance of the rules is no excuse. If you do not know the rules, then learn them or pay later. Get a copy of A Manual for Writers, Turabian, use it and stay out of the cross hairs, because if you cheat you will get busted! A one way ticket to Gitmo and all the water you can drink awaits you!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I admit it…I hate gay people. (by Scott Walkeresque)

My fellow Wisconsinites,

I feel liberated today as I finally found the courage to trounce upon the liberties of others.  In a nation that extols the freedom of personhood and the pursuit of happiness, I celebrate in exercising those foundational pillars myself to take them away from a select group of people, a sub-class if you will, the gay people.

You see, late last Friday, I told a judge to stop defending Wisconsin's domestic partner registry in court.  I did so because I believe it is unconstitutional.  It grants too many privileges to same-sex couples like the right to visit each other in hospitals, make end-of-life decisions, and inherit each other’s property.  Those privileges look a lot like the privileges that go along with heterosexual marriage, and as we all know, gay marriage goes against our Wisconsin State Constitution.  That is why I firmly believe that such privileges to same-sex couples are unconstitutional.

With that being said, some might object that I represent gay people too and that I should be out for their best interests and what is right, regardless of what constitutions say.  Touché!  Well played.  But this is where it gets sticky.  You see, you’re right.  I’m just using the constitution to get my way without saying what I really think.  Constitutions were never meant to be rock-binding.  They are changeable.  For heaven’s sake, look at all of our amendments!  I could simply fight to change the constitution to include same-sex partner rights (even allow same-sex marriage) by throwing in some amendments.  Or I could continue what Gov. Doyle did and just allow the domestic partner registry to be defended in court.  But [and now I’ll use my warm, comforting tone in a hushed murmur] I’ll tell you the truth.  I don’t like gay people.  Never have, never will.

Gay people have a lot going for them.  They eat like you and I.  They also sleep, talk, walk, run, write, read, work, wear clothes, own property, listen to music, go to school, have friends, dance, have preferences, fall in love, get hurt, have fun, and much much more just like you and I.  On the surface, they look and act like absolutely normal people.  But they aren’t.  You see, when it comes to those private times when no one should really care about what one does, they like to play with private parts that are the same as their own.  Oh my god, how gross!  Can you believe that?!?!?  Well, I know that I shouldn’t care about that, but I can’t help it.  If I see someone on the street, I think to myself, “I want that person to play with DIFFERENT private parts!”  Why?  Because I am that self-centered to think that everyone should do just as I do.  And if they don’t do that, then they will not get certain privileges.  I will muscle my way into their lives and take all that I can away from them.  I don’t want people to be different from me.  I want them to be the same no matter the cost or hurt to them.  In fact, I feel so strongly about imposing my own egotistical beliefs upon others that next week I’m going to propose legislation to take away all rights of brussel sprout eaters.  They are so gross!  That is why anyone who eats them will have to leave the state to do so.

Others of you might say that getting rid of the domestic partner registry is just a way to pander to my conservative base.  I can see why you would say that, but in the end, I really admire the hatred of gay people from my fellow conservatives.  We just happily coincide on this issue.  I just love it when an issue that should be nothing more than trivial can move an enormously huge proportion of the electorate.  But it’s not trivial!  It is one the most important issues of our lifetime.  Nay, the history of the world!  The moral fabric of our society is ripping at the seams, and I anoint myself as the hero to save the world, or at least our state.  Pandering to my base…like I would even consider that…

I hate gay people.  It feels so good to get that off my chest and let you know exactly why I told the judge to stop defending the domestic partner registry in court.

Your absolutely humble and straight servant,
Scott Walkeresque

Monday, May 16, 2011

Math classes...sooooo not needed!! (by Gert)

What I don't understand is why it is that everyone is required to take math in college.  It is not like everyone needs to know roots and logarithms and other non-sense things for their future occupations.  People who hate math know well before they go into college if they like math or they dislike it.  People who want to pursue something that math 141 is relevant to, they can take it...  Otherwise people waste an hour of their day for an entire semester learning about stuff that they forget after the test anyway.  When things are irrelevant to a person's survival and seen as not important, are forgotten within a certain time frame.  What does this say about math?  Sure math is good for some logical thinking exercise, but the correct answer to problems is generally not that important in the grand scheme of things because it  won't matter in the end, either way people will get their degrees, despite their math class.  But that is just the thing that irks me about math 141 everyone's required to take it, and some people are just gifted with mathematical brains who can see relations in a jumble of numbers, letters and x's, with their different messes of equations and plugging in here and there, Logarithms,( know one gets how to do them or knows what they are used for in a practical sense).  People can sit and class, do the homework, and STILL do not do well in the class because when it comes to the test, you never know what will be on it and how well you retained all of this information.  I am one of those people, I try but I am still not doing that hot.  My teacher plows through the info because she does it all the time, and expects everyone to follow along to the hurried lesson, when the class is always three steps behind her ...  I hate how in college you are essentially judged by a little number that determines how adept you are going to be in your job, if this number is low, it is classes like math 141 that brought that score down along with other classes, with difficult teachers, teachers that shouldn't even be teaching, or have the responsibility of giving students any grade because their grading is soooo off-the-carts-unfair.  And it is the classes we are forced to take, even though we suck at them that disturb and hurt the reputation (the GPA) students have coming out of college.  It is seen as important to have this knowledge and every time I think about it I cannot understand the importance math has to me and what I am trying to achieve in life, I know others can relate to this statement too, unless you need to know don't need to know math.  Only the basics + , -, divide, *, =, and maybe some exponents, are needed ever needed.

Friday, May 13, 2011

UWW: party school galore? Hurting your chances for a job? Drinking culture at its worst? (by Iggy)

So, I've been following this blog almost religiously, and I haven't really seen one that specifically addresses alcohol consumption. I think it is a pretty important issue, and I'm curious to see what people have to say about it. We all know a lot of students drink here in Whitewater, and it seems to be taken very lightly. Professors joke about the drinking habits of students, students have walked into classrooms after having a few, there are t-shirts out there being sold/worn by groups affiliated with the university that say things like, "It's not alcoholism til you graduate!" and advertising for "Thirsty Thursday", and there are usually ads in the school paper promoting different bars. So you get the idea. Drinking is promoted it seems, and never really ridiculed, however, I find there are reasons for it to be.

First, we have the story of Trey - the boy who was hit and killed by a drunk driver last year. Why is it that the front page of the school paper is all about "Zumba for Trey" and stories are printed about raising funds for his memorial "Field of Dreams", but the next page is all about drink specials and hangover breakfasts? I see a bit of a disconnect here - why do we need funds for a baseball field (when I am told there are three currently functioning fields in this town already) when the excessive drinking and miscarriage of responsibility (the original cause of the tragedy) is not addressed or even mentioned at all (unless I missed something)?

Second, there was a bust this school year that involved something like 140 students who were packed in a single basement. Is the need to party and drink so intense that students really feel compelled to enter a basement containing 100+ students (risking their safety), and actually STAY there until the cops manage to show up? What is the reasoning here?

Third, I have a story regarding someone I know. Spring break came around and a group of students (who drink regularly during the semester) went to party somewhere down south. During the vacation, one of the students drank excessively, ate sparingly, and hung out in the sun for several days straight, and probably got little sleep. This lead to a serious medical condition (Delirium Tremens was the diagnosis) that had to be treated at the hospital. Not only does this show that the effects of excessive drinking are REAL, but it also shows how far some students will go with their drinking. (This person now takes caution when drinking).

And lastly, I heard from someone (and this can be taken with a grain of salt, yet it still adds to the equation somewhat) that there are employers out there who, upon reviewing applications from people who have graduated from UW Whitewater, like to steer away from UWW graduates, because of how much of a "well-known party school" UWW is. Even if this is not exactly true, it makes me wonder - are we really seen this way at UWW? Does this school drink and party so much that employers avoid hiring UWW graduates?

Along with this, we have the "hook-up culture" that was brought up in a previous blog, that I don't doubt for a second is HIGHLY HIGHLY related to the "drinking culture" of college. I mean, if you're going to be hooking up with a stranger, it's a lot easier to do so when you've had a few (where do most college kids go to hook up? The bars or house parties). What's more, drinking can't be helping performance in school, especially when we have mid-week drinking nights like dimers on Tuesdays and Thirsty Thursdays.

Ok ok so I got the negatives out of the way. So let me address the positives - yes drinking is fun. I'll admit I'm currently sipping on a drink right now. It's relaxing, and makes people feel more comfortable around strangers. It ignites parties and gets people in touch with their "inner Satyrs", if you will. It unleashes some more, natural, uninhibited actions and emotions of people, and detaches everyone from the everyday humdrum activities and motions of daily life. This is all fine and dandy, but whatever happened to moderation? It appears to me that many students go far beyond what is beneficial, and take it to the extreme - you know the saying, "too much of a good thing is a bad thing".

So my question is, are we too alcoholic? Does anyone care if we are? Is it all about individuals and their ability to be personally responsible for their drinking habits? Does an effective message need to be sent out to the masses? Does UWW promote drinking a little too much? If so, can anything be done? Is this school a bad influence to incoming students who maybe have not yet developed a drinking habit? Just looking for thoughts here.

Self-Centered? Get over yourself (by Frankie)

Something that I have been seeing more and more of lately is people becoming totally self centered to the point that you cannot have a conversation with them where they don’t go on and on about themselves and stories that relate to them.  Are you really that interesting that I have to hear all about your life and other not-so-awesome stories when we were talking about movies?  Because I sure love it when you turn every conversation back to yourself, even if the issue I was talking about was quite important.  It isn’t that hard to be respectful to others, especially those that you consider to be your friends.
            I often find the best conversations that I have been in are those that have a good flow between the two people.  I would talk and share my point while the other person respectfully waited until I finished.  Then they would say what they were going to say, either in response to my point or on another topic completely.  Besides, don’t you enjoy when somebody listens to you?  Then repay the favor to the person that you are chatting with.  If you are good friends with the person then I think that you would respect and want to listen to most of their opinions on different subjects.
            Let us take the example of discussing the themes and elements in a movie that both of you just recently watched.  You are talking about how quirky and awesome a side character in relation to the show.  If the self centered person decided to go on a tangent about a personal story and then brings it back to discussing the movie then that is perfectly fine.  But if they continue to bring up unrelated anecdote after anecdote then you just want to end that conversation and do something else.  It is like talking to a brick wall that thinks it is the Great Wall of China when in actuality it just encloses some garbage cans.  These people are incredibly frustrating to talk to and in the end it is better just avoid conversation with them because you already know how both of you will feel after you walk away.  You will be disgruntled at their ridiculous amounts of vanity and the other person will feel as if they just had another normal conversation. 
Would you like to interject on this subject?  I feel that I have been rambling for quite some time.  And if so I apologize.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Finals week can kiss my ass (by anon)

Finals week is a joke in and of itself. Finals week = the most frustrating, aggravating, stressful two weeks every year! Let me start off with sharing my beliefs on finals and why they are absolutely ridiculous. As a student, you have now worked your entire butt off for the last 4 months. You have been (hopefully) going to class, jotting down notes, and writing bullshit research papers (which I don’t understand, the research is already done...just go read it!) which have all just now consumed around 120 days of your precious youth. Now, we have the professors. The universities dearest faculty members who have also spent countless hours in the library as well preparing for their careers in the wonderful field of education. Sadly,  it seems most have forgotten the struggles they were too faced with, as last few weeks of each semester winded down. I cannot even begin to contemplate the thought process most my professors had while creating the syllabus and assignment schedule. They couldn’t have thought to split up the different units/topics into separate sections to prepare different tests throughout the semester? Nope...instead we will just have a giant exam worth the majority of the grade at the END of the next four months, as thee students should be able to retain 100% of the material covered throughout this course. To throw one more obstacle into the equation, we have the oh-so beloved move-out day. Where college students resemble chickens running around with their heads cut off, scrambling to pack up their belongings or couch surf until their new lease begins. Student: “You are telling me I have to be out the day of my last final?” Landlord: “Yes, we have to clean your house in time for the next people to move in.” Terrific! Thank you for all the consideration after I have now padded the inside of your pocket for the last two years due to the cost of your overpriced rent (not to mention the security deposit I probably won’t see at least half of) in this dump of house, that is in violation of at least a half a dozen codes due to your carelessness and poor landlord mentalities. But yeah, “sure I will go ahead and pack all my stuff up” in between all the last minute final cram-study sessions and my newly induced sleep schedule, I like to refer to as power naps. So here's to you... “CHEERS” to the generations before us who continue to make things close to impossible and live as though they were never a young adults. Don’t worry about us...we will just keep on, keepin’ on.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Asher vs Chiddy Bang...College is HARD! (by anon)

College students just don’t get the credit we deserve. When portrayed on TV, we are seen drinking heavily, having random hook ups and eating junk food. Now Asher Roth’s version of college sounds a lot better that what I have come to learn in my first year of what I believe is the closest think on earth to Hell.  Like most students, I have about sixteen credits, work, and have a social life. But that’s just the first layer of responsibilities. I don’t know if I just wasn’t mentally prepared when I came to college or I just am being a pansy about my all the crap I have to do but it is literally making me sick. We are expected to keep up with courses that I swear were designed to break our souls (well at least that is what chemistry and biology are doing), work too many hours to pay off all those damn student loans, study late into the night, and then find time to eat, work out, and maybe sleep and shower. With all of these things to do along with all those research papers and projects we are supposed to find time to have a social life that isn’t completely fucked up. Now I actually like living in the dorms but the drama that goes on is insane and makes me thank god I’m no longer high school. How are all these caffeine driven, hormone raging teenagers supposed to live peacefully in a building where we are packed in like sardines? Not possible. So along with all that school work that will determine whether we end up working at P Street for the rest of our lives while our funds disappear, we have to worry about immature kids who we live with. Have you ever seen the real world? It’s a show about seven strangers blah blah blah we all know how it goes. Lots of people want to be on that show but why don’t they just go to college. I mean you’re living with strangers and drinking a lot and everyone eventually wants to scream at one another. All of this stuff that college is just adds up to equal one thing. Stress. How are we supposed to find time to relax when we are too busy to breathe? This year has just worn me out mentally and physically. Although I am proud of the things I have accomplished and all the new true friends I made, I don’t know if it was worth the tears it put on my body. Like literally, I have tears in my stomach lining from stress. Cool huh? No. From now on I think us college kids should just have a day of peace once in a while. And I mean without alcohol for once. I have defiantly learned to appreciate my breaks and am going to spend this summer trying to find time for myself for once. And then I should probably find a summer job to start those loans again. See how it never ends? I’m going to have to go against Asher Roth’s infamous song about college because he clearly never attended. I think that I’ll agree with Chiddy Bang because I would love to be the opposite of an adult right now.  So for those people that love a challenge and welcome it, don’t go do some insane mountain climbing expedition or something, just come to college. It’s pretty much the same thing.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

End of Days: The world is ending (by Xavier)

Screw the Dec. 21, 2012 doomsday prediction!  Didn’t you know the world is ending this month!?  In fact, if you’ve been on the UWW campus recently, some Christian nutjob has been passing around this pamphlet that’s touting the world is going to end on May 12th – that is, next week!  Yes, that’s right.  Finish your finals, say your goodbyes, and then get ready to die because the divine almighty has finally had enough.  [sidenote: most other nutjob Christians are saying that the world is going to end on May 21st – but what’s nine days when we’re all going to hell anyway?).

How is this date arrived at?  Well, sit down and have yourself some good ‘ole Biblioarithmetic!  Read some Bible verses, take them out of context, slap some completely inappropriate literalness all over them, then attach conjured dates and numbers to make those verses sing whatever doomsday prediction you want.  It’s a recipe to make any conspiracy theorist smile.

But seriously, why does this shit happen?  Where do these crazies come from?  Well, I’ll tell you.  It comes from a scary brand of Christians who are just dying for Christ to come back and smite all us heathens while whisking away his chosen for the glories of heaven.  It comes from pure, unadulterated egoism.

You see, when Jesus said that someday he would come back, people believed him.  Then those people died.  Then others thought that Jesus must have been referring to their time period.  Then they died.  Then others started getting worried that maybe Jesus wasn’t going to be coming back, but then they had the novel thought that the date and time for Jesus’ second coming was “coded” in the Bible (hello Dan Brown! But that’s another story…).  And so for many Christians, the Bible became not so much a book, but a cryptic message just waiting to be cracked.  For instance, Isaac Newton was a HUGE Bible cracker.  No shitting.  Unfortunately, this practice continues today and present-day Bible crackers are nowhere near the intelligence of Newton – let’s call them Bible “quackers.”  And the whole point of the Bible quackers’ efforts is to feel special.  They want to believe that they are living in THEE special time when Christ is finally coming back.  [my mind is also wandering to Glenn Beck, but again that is another story]

These people have to believe that Christ is coming back soon because their faith hangs in the balance.  If it wasn’t embarrassing enough that Christ is already over 2000 years overdue (oh my god, as if that by itself doesn’t say something loudly – I mean, come on, how long should people wait before you just start saying something like, “uh, yeah, I don’t think he’s coming back…let’s go get some pie instead), they have to keep cranking their quacky numbers to predict more and more dates that fall within their lifetimes.  It’s the rare instance that people predict a second coming party 100 or 200 years in the future.  Where’s the fun in that if you can’t be there, right?  So there have been thousands of second coming predictions that fall within reach for the predictors.  Selfish bastards.  All of them.

The rightful place for those predictions are in hell – and I’d encourage their predictors to follow them, if I may be so honest

But if I’m wrong, and the world really is going to end next week, I think I can make a safe prediction and say that I am so fucked!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Why am I so important? (by anon)

Who the fuck is this me guy anyway? I'm sooooo wise and insightful. I thinking that I'm entitled to something more than my life. Why should I think that I have rights? Why should I think anyone who reads this should think I'll say anything worth reading? To put it simply: why am I so me-centric? Even if I help someone or commit some act of generosity, all I've really done is satisfy myself. I just want to feel good about myself, so I think helping somebody out is going to make me a better person, but here I am, just giving a shit about nobody but me. Well you know what? FUCK ME! Fuck me and everybody that looks like me! Fucking ego-centric asshole that I am.
If I could just get over myself maybe I could finally agree with other people enough to make this whole life on earth thing work out, but here I sit, just hammering away at my keyboard, trying to make MY point when what I really should be doing is understanding someone else.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

That Damn Royal Wedding! (by Loak)

I just found out that there was a royal wedding by two people named William and Kate. William is supposed to be the son of Queen Elizabeth the who knows and they blasted this whole event across the nation. WHO CARES!!!! There are way more important events that are occurring in the United States Of America that the world should know about rather than a royal wedding that no one benefits from. People get married everyday I don't see what's so special about this particular wedding. For example, there were tornadoes destroying half of Southern America, killing over 300 people and I still haven't heard a follow up on it. This marriage thing is almost bigger than the death of Osama! I see them talking about this on the news, talk shows, magazines, etc.... and it's really irritating. Let it go already! They had a royal marriage big deal. What's your opinion on the publicity that the royal wedding is receiving?

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Response to “Christians Cannot Be Republicans” (by Stoicao)

Oh my head…the rant that was written regarding Christians only being able to be Democrats gave me a huge headache. I don’t even know where to start to explain the hypocrisy of what was said in it, but I will give it a try. First of all, let’s point out the obvious. Democrats are “pro-choice” for the most part. That right there is enough to combat the ridiculous argument brought about by SuSieQ. There are reasons Christians vote Republican at an astounding rate, and this is one of the biggest ones. Another reason is that they believe in Capitalism and people earning what they work for. Traditional families of the past went to church and worked hard, just overall living by the books and not taking advantage of “the system”, so to say. Although this is a generalization, it is the truth. Look at the records of religious Protestants in the 1800s and compare it to today. It saddens me what has happened to this tradition, but nevertheless I digress. You have greatly misinterpreted everything you learned in the Bible because you applied it word for word to today’s life. First of all, every Pharisee mentioned in the Bible hated Jesus, and they blasphemed about him and tried to do everything to corner him into doing something wrong. They failed obviously. Just because the Pharisees were better off and owned more money than the average person at that time doesn’t mean that they were bad people for that mere fact. Being rich just meant there was a higher probability of being anti-Christian, because of them putting money and themselves first in their lives.
This is why people like you get blinded into thinking rich equals anti-Jesus. It just so happens that today the rich side with the same party as most Christians. Political parties change their platforms rapidly over the years, and they will continue to do so. Just look at the early 1900s and the parties that were participating in U.S. politics then. In the same sense that rich doesn’t equal anti-Christian, poor doesn’t equal Christian. In the age of the Bible, the poor of Jesus’ day were often ordinary Jews like himself. They were also his followers. Therefore, it makes sense that he would view those poor people with more spiritual regard than the rich Pharisees, and attempt to help them. You call yourself a Christian, but it doesn’t look like it from what you wrote. No Christian would support a “women’s right for carrying a baby” when it comes to abortion. Period. Women had a choice when they had SEX. They lose that choice and gain RESPONSIBILITY for their OWN actions after conception.
I didn’t know Baptists were pro-gay marriage, so you taught me something new there. But I’m not writing to talk about gay marriage, because that is obviously an area where new denominations of people that call themselves “Christians” are supporting. You aren’t Christian if you support homosexual activity. You just aren’t. Get that through your head and read that Bible of yours again. It is referred to as “sexual immorality” in it. Jesus does love homosexuals. He loves all people. However, he hates homosexuality, and wants those homosexuals to change their ways. I’m not attacking you, I’m simply laying out what is wrong with your logic, and especially what is wrong with you thinking Christians can’t be Republicans. Jesus isn’t a politician, and would definitely find a lot wrong with every political party. But by your logic he would be against the U.S. going to war with other countries, for example. This is directly rebuked in the Bible. God put people in power of countries for a reason, and everything that happens is according to his plan. Moreover, don’t try to be bigger than him. You don’t see the big picture like he does. Don’t assume he would or wouldn’t support something that is going on in this world politically right now. That is all I have for now. I just had to respond to something so blatantly wrong by someone that calls herself a Christian.