Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Conspiracy Theories... (by anon)

You know what really grinds my gears? The talk of U.S. Government Conspiracies grinds my gears. There has been talk of conspiracy with 9/11 and now with Osama Bin Laden’s death. Do people really not believe in their country?! Our government would never kill thousands of our own civilians just so we can go to war with a country. How would they ever be supported? The government would not fake the death of Bin Laden just to regain support in Obama. That is pathetic to even think about! We are the most hated country in the world of course there are going to be attacks on us, and we must stand strong and not let our neighbors die for nothing. The Osama Bin Laden’s death was not a hoax or conspiracy it was simply our country standing up for ourselves, and bringing justice to those innocent lives that have died. So let’s stop all this nonsense talk and be proud of the country we live in!



  1. Ok so some conspiracy theories are a bit far-fetched, sometimes to the point of ridiculousness... however, why should we believe in the government? Because we believe what they tell us via the media? Considering there has been a history of scandals, staged events, straight up lies to the public, coercive and manipulative moves to sway the public's opinion/thoughts on things, etc. why the hell should anyone trust what the government tells us???? Down here, in the everyday American citizen reality, I say we have no way of perceiving what actually is going on in the government, no way of actually justifying any facts about what's going on with our government whatsoever from where we stand. I think this is healthy skepticism, and I would say that believing everything as it is presented to you, the ordinary American citizen, on TV, newspapers, the internet, etc., is a dangerous practice.

  2. Reports released by US officials:
    1. Bin Laden killed in an intense shoot out.
    2. Bin Laden used his wife as a shield and she was shot and killed.
    3. Bin Laden was killed in a fire fight.
    4. Obama and Cabinet watched fire fight on closed circuit video link.

    US admits that ALL the above reports were bogus but they were the ones who released them to the press in the first place!

    Final report is that Bin Laden was unarmed and apparently whacked. So why didn't they take him alive. They could have!

    They want us to believe that Bin Laden's body was dumped at sea! No DNA samples were taken to confirm it.

    Over the past ten years numerous sources have alleged that Bin Laden died years ago! US should have known this, after all they created al Qaeda in the first place and Bin Laden was a CIA asset.

    Regarding 911, just ask yourself several questions. Why did Building 7 collapse? What happened to the bodies and other items from Flight 93? Why did virtually all of the people on the ground during 911 report hearing massive explosions seconds before the collapse of the Twin Towers and Building 7? Why were the hijackers in the US training in the first place? They were all issued Saudi Passports? Why did the US collect and fly ALL of the Bin Laden family out of the US on special flights when all US air ports were shut down? Why were special war games scheduled on September 11, making it virtually impossible to scramble fighter planes to take out the airplanes which had their Transpponders turned off? John O'Neil was head of the FBI's Special Unit on Bin Laden and he had been tracking him for years. He warned the FBI about Muhammad Atta years before the attack. He was dismissed and told to stand down. He was able to get a new job working in the WTC. He died in the building. Why wasn't the Director of Security in one of the Twin Towers during the attacks? The Director of Security of WTC was MARVIN BUSH. Bin Laden was never officially charged with the 911 attacks. He was listed on the FBI's Most Wanted List for the attacks on the Cole and US Embassy in Somalia, but he was never charged with 911 by the FBI. Why? There is not one piece of evidence linking Bin Laden to 911.

    The only piece of evidence at the crime scene is an intact passport. Really? But Americans will believe everything they read or hear on the television. Everyone else in the world believes Bin Laden died years ago!

    Given your absolute faith in these assholes who run the US. You will not believe anything I say so here is a little homework for you to open your mind:

    Operation Northwoods
    Operation Gemstone
    Gulf of Tonkin
    Bay of Pigs
    Operation Condor
    Phoenix Program
    US Select Committee on Assassination.
    Contras and Heroin Smuggling at Meno
    Project for a New America Century (Neocon plans)
    Curve Ball

    Some of these documents have been declassified by US Government

    Open up your mind! The US is capable of killing thousands of people just like any other government in the world. Historically, your government is responsible for millions of lives.