Monday, May 16, 2011

Math classes...sooooo not needed!! (by Gert)

What I don't understand is why it is that everyone is required to take math in college.  It is not like everyone needs to know roots and logarithms and other non-sense things for their future occupations.  People who hate math know well before they go into college if they like math or they dislike it.  People who want to pursue something that math 141 is relevant to, they can take it...  Otherwise people waste an hour of their day for an entire semester learning about stuff that they forget after the test anyway.  When things are irrelevant to a person's survival and seen as not important, are forgotten within a certain time frame.  What does this say about math?  Sure math is good for some logical thinking exercise, but the correct answer to problems is generally not that important in the grand scheme of things because it  won't matter in the end, either way people will get their degrees, despite their math class.  But that is just the thing that irks me about math 141 everyone's required to take it, and some people are just gifted with mathematical brains who can see relations in a jumble of numbers, letters and x's, with their different messes of equations and plugging in here and there, Logarithms,( know one gets how to do them or knows what they are used for in a practical sense).  People can sit and class, do the homework, and STILL do not do well in the class because when it comes to the test, you never know what will be on it and how well you retained all of this information.  I am one of those people, I try but I am still not doing that hot.  My teacher plows through the info because she does it all the time, and expects everyone to follow along to the hurried lesson, when the class is always three steps behind her ...  I hate how in college you are essentially judged by a little number that determines how adept you are going to be in your job, if this number is low, it is classes like math 141 that brought that score down along with other classes, with difficult teachers, teachers that shouldn't even be teaching, or have the responsibility of giving students any grade because their grading is soooo off-the-carts-unfair.  And it is the classes we are forced to take, even though we suck at them that disturb and hurt the reputation (the GPA) students have coming out of college.  It is seen as important to have this knowledge and every time I think about it I cannot understand the importance math has to me and what I am trying to achieve in life, I know others can relate to this statement too, unless you need to know don't need to know math.  Only the basics + , -, divide, *, =, and maybe some exponents, are needed ever needed.


  1. I can see your frustration and anger, but to be honest, Math 141 was not that difficult. With a lot of that material, most high schools should have covered it. However, I understand some may not have covered it. With math, a lot of students don't enjoy taking the mandatory courses, but there I believe there is a math center and plenty of tutors out there. I personally don't mind math, but have friends who struggle even when taking notes, paying attention, etc. If tutors and friends don't help, then students just need to do the best they can and move on. For the students who maintain a 4.0 gpa throughout college, kudos to them. But for the rest of us, there will always be courses that will be the dagger.

  2. Perhaps you could use enough math to figure out how to divide your screed into paragraphs, add a little clarity and multiply your impact.

    Even poets need math. If you're a business major and can't do math you are less than useless. Learn how to think systematically, to follow rules and see patterns. All that is math. Ignore it at your peril.

  3. i will give you a plan for learning math or anything else for that matter. Currently, I have two tutors for French and Spanish. I meet with both of them once a week for an hour. You may learn faster with focused attention. It worked for me. There are plenty of students on campus who would gladly tutor you for 5 or 10 bucks a hour, the cost of a pizza or a case of beer. So stop complaining and do something about the state of your mathematics. Be thankful and appreciative you have the opportunity to go to college and make the best of it.

  4. I have a few suggestions and comments.

    One is - have you been tested for a learning disability in math? My best friend had one, and once she knew that she was able to get help to learn things in a way that made sense to her. Anon 2:49 also has a good point when it comes to focused attention - McCutchen has free math tutors, and I've heard they're pretty good.

    Math is important to everyday life (this is coming from a person who thrives in the social sciences). Sometimes it is difficult to see, but when applied practically it can be extremely important. It is also necessary in order to take a lab science, which as we all know rounds out a liberal education. :-)

  5. Nope, some forms of maths are still pretty much useless, ie good luck trying to convince me quadratics and factorization is going to help my job as a tour guide.