Tuesday, May 3, 2011

That Damn Royal Wedding! (by Loak)

I just found out that there was a royal wedding by two people named William and Kate. William is supposed to be the son of Queen Elizabeth the who knows and they blasted this whole event across the nation. WHO CARES!!!! There are way more important events that are occurring in the United States Of America that the world should know about rather than a royal wedding that no one benefits from. People get married everyday I don't see what's so special about this particular wedding. For example, there were tornadoes destroying half of Southern America, killing over 300 people and I still haven't heard a follow up on it. This marriage thing is almost bigger than the death of Osama! I see them talking about this on the news, talk shows, magazines, etc.... and it's really irritating. Let it go already! They had a royal marriage big deal. What's your opinion on the publicity that the royal wedding is receiving?


  1. A bunch of bull shit by a degenerate group of crazy ass monarchists marching around with long gowns and silly bright colored military uniforms.From where I sit, they should have reopened the Tower of London and marched all their silly asses into it, especially Charles, and finished the job they started with Thomas More, Ann Boleyn,Lady Grey, and Charles I. The American media should know better. A few of their silly asses may have to be marched into the Tower. If there is anything more repugnant to a democracy, it is some silly ass monarchy. Besides, most of them are fucked up anyway from inbreeding. Those clowns know full well that they ordered the hit on Princess Di. They knew she had fallen in love with an Arab and was going to marry him. She had to go!

  2. Look at everything in the news today. Everything is bad. You never hear about anything good anymore. I'm not saying that these two are super special enough to have their wedding broadcasted across the world, but isn't hearing about love instead of hate kind of refreshing?

  3. I am jumping on the bandwagon of love, as well. Although I have not followed much of the Royal Wedding, I thought that it was very refreshing to see such a positive story in the news. I also think that learning about what is going on in the world is important to know. Yes, their country may have a different government system than ours, but it is interesting to learn about. I would much rather be informed as to what is happening around the world, so that I am not walking around clueless as to what is going on outside of America. Heaven forbid that United States citizens focus on anything else other than our “perfect” country and themselves.