Saturday, June 25, 2011

Atheists are losers (by anon)

atheists are losers. just face it.  you are.  I mean, come on, you don't believe in anything but your sorry selves.  you don't believe in anything bigger than yourselves.  its like you are just selfish and greedy without caring for the bigger things in lfie.

atheists have to face the facts that they don't believe the universe is meaningful at all.  with out believing in God its like not believing that life has a bigger purpose for us all.  and it does. we see it all the time.  we see tons of things happen as if they were happening for a reason.  because God has a plan.  he takes care of us like we are his children.

I dont understand why anyone cannot see just how amazing life is on earth. its so complicated and amazing. it couldnt have happened on its own.  that is what I call meaning.  life means something and that meaning is Gods plan for us all.  he created life for us so that we can glorify him.  if you are an athiest, you dont believe that at all.  you believe that your life is meaningless. that you are an accident and nothing more.  how is that a way to live! I dont even know why you can stand to keep on living.  it offends God for you to believe that your life is just an accident.  that is why you are a loser. a loser that cannot face the fact that you were created by God for his plan and his meaning.

by someone who is definitely not an atheist!


  1. wow, how ignorant. you know who I think are the losers? Christians who think they can do what ever they want as long as they go to church on Sunday and ask for forgiveness. People who think that homosexuals will burn in hell and don't deserve the same treatment as everyone else because god doesn't approve. People who go to charity events at church and sit there and gossip about others and pass judgment while doing this "good thing". I know plenty of religious people who are extremely nice, and some who aren't. Same with atheists. I'm in disbelief at how close-minded some people can be.

    1. Typical atheist LOSER proving he's an idiot. HAW HAW!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. There are too many of them in this world.

  2. Good work, Jon Swift.

  3. Ok, this is starting to get ridculous, isn't the purpose of this webpage for REASONED rants? Why would the site owner continue to allow clearly opinion based drivel to clog up the topics is beyond me. The " Atheists are Losers" topic is pure opinion and there is no stats, charts, intelligent conversation, or links to show anything with this. I have been on this site sience the start and I have had enough of topics that look like they were created by some hate monger in all of 10 min being posted. I believe I am going to remove this from my bookmarks.

    Some posts are still noteworthy and worth looking into, but this is getting just... grade school.

    Prof. Chaos

  4. So fire back with an argument!

  5. Prof Chaos, would you like me to start censoring posts according to what I deem to be good or bad arguments, or what I deem to be argument vs mere opinion? I would rather leave that up to you readers to assess the argument or opinion in the best way you see fit. Besides, if someone is willing to spend the time to write a post, shouldn't I respect that?

    My policy is absolutely minimal censoring. I'll only censor a post or comment if it is a bald-faced personal attack, it has no real content, or the person is basically copying and pasting some other story without commentary.

    Nonetheless, I've looked over the above post and there is an argument there. Don't be presumptuous concerning a position you might not agree with. Here is my stab at a more formal way of putting the post while filling some holes (principle of charity, right?):

    1. The universe admits of purposeful intention.
    2. The most likely explanation for that intention is God.
    3. God's intentional activity gives meaning to the universe.
    4. Every person is part of the universe.
    5. Therefore, God gives meaning to everyone's life.
    6. The atheist finds no meaning in anything.
    7. Therefore, the atheist makes a profound error in his/her estimation of the universe.
    8. Therefore, the atheist is wrong (i.e., a loser).

    If you really want to attack the post, don't merely give your own non-arguments. Attack one of the premises or conclusions.

    1. 1. There is no evidence for that
      2. The most likely explanation is the inherent nature of the universe (it proves itself by existing) It can become from nothing just like you claim god did.
      3-5.We decide what values we give to things.Its a whole different thing what others want to do with us.
      6.Bullshit,you are mixing atheism with existential nihilism.
      7.You can find meaning in a 'big bang universe".You can pursue happines just like you pursue it as a theist does in a form of enlightenment.Just because someone else doesnt claim the worth of something doesnt mean you cant give it.In your head meaning will be given.
      8.A loser is someone who fails at a goal.Wrong is not synonymous with loser.

  6. God bless you my fellow Christian! The world needs more people like you. We are soldiers in God's mighty army.

    I could not agree with you more, atheists are big time "losers" and are among the evil doers.

    With their erroneous beliefs and related actions (same sex marriage, abortion, etc, they have offended and rejected our Lord. These people cannot be redeemed.

    Sadly, we have no choice but to exterminate them. You can only stop a plague by exterminating the vermin carrying it. Scott Roeder, a soldier in God's mighty army, mercifully exterminated Dr. George Tiller, an abortion doctor, and this glorious action removed an evil doer from the face of the earth and prevented future abortions.

    Do you believe our Lord would mind if we got started early exterminating atheists and evil doers now. Besides, his son, Jesus, is going to return soon out of the clouds leading a mighty army and exterminate all of them anyway at Armageddon.

    I would love to march with Jesus and be a part of his mighty army and help him exterminate the evil doers, but I will have been raptured out by the time of this final glorious battle.

    However, I hope to see all these loser atheists burned and destroyed along with the rest of the evil doers, including the evil doers who follow false religions.

    They must be exterminated too! Praise the Lord!

  7. anon 12:17, you say Im closed minded. I say that I dont understand why you dont see God everywhere.

    anon 12:32, huh?

    anon 12:48, nice try. if you dont even want to address what Im saying I cnat help that.

    criticallypissed, thanks but I dont need your help. the argument speaks for itself.

    anon 2:36, are you crazy? do you think im talking about killing people? are you making fun of me.

  8. 7:58

    Don't you believe that the world would be a better place without the atheists and other evil doers?

    I am not crazy. I believe in the Lord.

  9. Ok, first of all, this original post is by an atheist.
    I believe this because if this person were truly a believer, the words "he" and "him" would be capitalized when referring to God.
    With that said...
    If by some chance it has become not so bad to forget the capitalization of "he" and "him" when referencing God in writing, and this post is by a true believer, and was not meant to be sarcastic, then here's my statement:
    Every individual has the capacity to create for him/herself a meaning for his/her life. If an individual feels incapable of doing such, then he/she can believe in God, and find meaning through "God's plan".
    It is pointless to call someone a loser for choosing to believe in setting their own path, and finding their own meaning through their own individual thinking/feeling.
    Meaning can be found without believing in God, and meaning can be found by believing in God. Whichever you choose, is completely the business of no one but you, and it is pointless to call atheists "losers", while there are plenty of reasons to call Christians "losers" (or life-denying weaklings). But those are reasons that I'd rather not get into right now, because I'd probably be preaching to the choir, considering my drawn conclusion that the original blogger is in fact, an atheist.

  10. Goodness. That is first time I have seen taht the test for ones faith is capitalizing he and him. I should be careful!

  11. Hmm... Aren't Christians supposed to be open and accepting and non-judgmental? I am a Christian, and even I think this is kind of ridiculous. Judging non-believers and labeling them "losers" is no way to get people to follow and walk with Christ and accept Him into their hearts. If you want to get non-believers to become believers you can't really do much besides let God's light shine from you and set a POSITIVE example.

    And with people who believe in same sex marriage and abortion and what not, they can't be redeemed?? So what did Jesus die for us for?? I'm pretty sure no sin is worse than any other. Being gay is just as bad as having premarital sex and having an abortion in God's eyes. A sin is a sin and the only unforgivable sin is blasphemy. News flash: We are all sinners and evil doers. That is why Jesus gave his life for us.

    Close minded, judgmental Christians I think are worse than most atheists. They push people away from Christ more than atheists do I think. God is loving and accepting and by being a Christian we are trying to live like Jesus did, so doesn't that mean we should be loving and accepting and non-judgemental like Jesus was?

    Just because people chose to live their lives in ways we don't personally agree with does not mean that they are losers, no matter what or who they believe in. All we can do is pray and hope that one day they will have the same relationship with God that we have with God and set a GOOD, POSITIVE example of what REALLY means to be a Christian.

  12. you're so brainwashed that you can't even take a step back and look at how corrupt religion can be. Atheists are the only people who are smart enough to question the utter bullshit people like you are always preaching about.

    1. You're such a big fat liar, you know that? If I didn't know better, I'd say that you're fuckin' biased against all religions.

      Atheists think that know everything when they really don't. So do me a favor and shove your anti-religion bigotry up your ass.

    2. And do you think you know everything to claim that what we claim is wrong? You cant even fire back at what he said you are just throwing insults you worthless theist son of a bitch.

      Butthurt vermin like you only have big mouth without a name.I am crushing your kind in argument in a lot of other sites yet here you spineless worms have a big mouth HAHAHAHA.

    3. How ironic that you claimed that I' ma son of bitch when you come off as being one, you prejudiced atheist bastard. It's also ironic that you claimed that I'm butthurt when you sound like that yourself.

      This is me mocking you:

      "Look at me. I'm Zeru and I know everything. Everyone who doesn't know everything that I do is a loser."

      If you go around being all high and mighty, you'll have your ass handed to you like the arrogant asswipe you are.

      And don't think that I know everything. People who claim to know everything are stuck-up know-it-alls.

  13. June 27, 8:45, I couldn't have said it better. Thank you. Keep speakin the truth!!

  14. Atheists, quit whining about how great you are and just ignore what this guy typed about you. You're only giving him what he wants: attention.

    If he thinks that you're losers, deal with it. At least, he's gutsy enough to speak against your self-righteous and know-it-all selves.

  15. Atheists killed more people in the last century than religious people killed in the last 5

  16. I and stand atheists people. Their pathiic

    1. Eye ant stand peple tht ant right weel

  17. Just because you someone doesnt believe in a higher problem doesnt mean you cant find a point in life.A mature man only believes what has real foundation.The rest is just hope. Only weak and stupid people cant see the contradictions of the mainsteam organized religions yet they have the biggest mouth. Religion is the greatest plague of humanity and all shithead losers who are supporting it should be shot with their families. Face it theists.You are the biggest losers conceiveable.

    1. You're a big fat liar, you prejudiced prick. Do me a favor and shove your anti-theism up your ass.