Sunday, October 28, 2012

I'm sick of the bullshit! (by anon)

Everything’s bullshit.  Everything.  Romney, Obama, you, me.  I certainly cannot trust anything that flip-flopping Romney says about anything.  He has changed his position so many times to pander to everyone that he’s more fluid than the Mississippi River!  Obama doesn’t flip like Romney, but we all know that politicians say whatever they say during campaigns to get elected, and then do whatever they want to do in office.  If anything is true, political campaigns are bullshit sessions in popularity and personality – and neither matter at all in real governing.  So Obama is a bullshitter, every politician is a bullshitter.

But you and I are bullshitters too.  We wear clothes to project certain images about ourselves.  Some of us want to make ourselves appear different than what we think ourselves to be, and others try to project themselves as who they really think themselves to be, only to admit that they really don’t know who they are.  We are a mass of insecurity trying to come to grips with our own identities, only to find that we have no real identity.  All we have are false appearances masquerading around as truth.  That’s the politician, that is you, that is me.

The bullshit artist is the only truth.  No, scrap that too.  How would we ever know?  Everything’s bullshit, including everything I just wrote.  Scrap it all.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A facebook conversation (by anon)

This was a facebook conversation I had with someone during the 3rd Presidential debate last night.  “Steve” is not the only person who thinks like this, and that’s what worries me. 

Steve:  Reverend Barack is learning a lot when Mitt speaks, even taking diligent notes. I almost feel sad for the angry muslim whenever the topic of his failed policies are brought up. Time to flip back to the game...

Frank:  Are you the angry muslim?? You certainly cannot be so ideologically biased to buy the crap that Obama is muslim.

Steve:  Hey Frank! Actually, "angry" & "muslim" are synonymous. In terms of being "ideologically biased", perception is reality. Barack has a long history of being a muslim apologist, hence my comments. If you choose to comprehend my comments in literal fashion, then you won't understand the insinuation. By the way, you cannot be so ideologically biased as to buy into the crap that muslims are a peaceful people, or can you?

Frank:  I don't understand what you mean by "muslim apologist." Is Obama somehow advocating for Islam? He is not. But he is advocating for negotiations. Stay factual and reasonable. If you take the hand-waving view that ALL muslims are angry and that we should be disparaging towards them all, I'd say that you are the angry catholic and need to take a pill. I *perceive* you to be biased, does that mean that is reality?

Steve:  Wow! I find it difficult to believe that you cannot understand how he is a muslim apologist. How many times has an American been killed and Barack apologizes? Is that advocating for Islam? That's irrelevant. What is not factual and reasonable about that, Frank? Is it unfair to depict muslims as "angry" when they burn U.S. flags and kill innocent human beings and for what reason? Because someone said something negative about their Allah? Because someone burned their book, by accident? So that justifies killing Americans, right Frank? And I'm the one who's angry? I'm an angry Catholic? Because I called the muslims who kill and murder innocent people, angry? I don't know what "pill" you've been on. But you are right about one thing, I am biased. I'm a biased American, unlike you and Barack.

Frank:  When did you fall off the deep end?  Who exactly is Obama apologizing to when an American is killed?  You’re making stuff up because you don’t have something to stand on.  Should I say that all Christians are angry when the Westboro Baptist Church pickets funerals with their hate speech?  Are all Christians hateful when a bunch of preachers condemn to hell atheists, gays, muslims, and pro-choice women from their pulpits?  No. These are select crackpots.  They don’t represent most Christians, and the same goes for muslims.  There will always be hateful, fringe groups in every religion.  And you certainly must be the only true American here!  You sound very patriotic when you claim that other people are not American when they are asking questions and calling you to task.  You criticize some muslims for getting angry when some books are burned.  But how are you not doing the same kind of thing in getting angry at me?  Look in the mirror.  You aren’t any different than the people you are angry at.  Ironic.  You need to stop repeating everything Fox News says uncritically and get a deeper, more informed perspective by reading multiple news sites.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Drama at the cross-walk (by anon)

I pull up to a crosswalk in my car, and although i have places to be, I wait for the sluggish college student to walk across the crosswalk .  On most occasions, I have no prroblem with pedestrians at crosswalks, but it REALLY angers me when students think they can walk as slowww as molasses in Winter time, and not even acknowledge the driver! On Seriously, get your butt in gear, and get a move on.  I could be a major a$$, and blow right past you, as you slowly march across the road without even looking to see if there was a car coming.  Ummm I'm not going to be responsible for your safety when all you're displaying is pure stupidity.  Something you could try do do are: A) When you see a car coming, wait to see if the car will actually stop.  many times cars will try to speed right past the pedestrian so they don't have to put up with folks like yourself.  B) Wave to acknowledge and thank the driver for not running you over. C) Get your bootie across that road like we both have somewhere to be, because I know I do! Please be respectful to drivers who are waiting on you, because they are showing respect to you!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Packers fans are annoying as HELL! (by anon)

When attending the University of Whitewater, one would expect to run into a few Packer fans. Being from Illinois, I find these “fans” to be annoying as fuck. I seem to recall a particular game when all the stupid refs messed up a call and all the Packer fans formed a mob and rampaged through the sidewalks of Whitewater; like stop it. This is so obnoxious to me and my friends. This is life, and you will encounter shitty refs. Get over it. Another thing that pisses me off about Whitewater packer fans are the dirty looks. Excuse the hell out of me for supporting my home team (the Chicago Bears). I cannot even walk to class while wearing Bears apparel without getting death glares from every person I pass by. I even saw my RA walk by and I swear he snarled at me. Grow up and get over yourself packer fans. Just because you are the worst team in the NFC this season doesn’t mean you have to make life a living hell for the rest of us innocent students.

Another reason I think they are so annoying is the fact that they all seem to be so cocky and never have anything to back up what they say. When a Bears fan argues that our team is way better this season for the simple fact that we have a better record and the fact that we beat the Colts and the Packers later lost to them, all the Packers have to say is, “Well the Bears still suck.” Oh please, this is not a valid argument mostly because the Bears record doesn’t lie. Cheeseheads are cocky, and all they do is complain!

Monday, October 15, 2012

What it means to be Atheist, and what it does not (by anon)

Today, one of my friends (who is Mormon, and attending BYU) texted me saying that she was writing a paper in her class about being Atheist. Being an Atheist myself, I was interested what the paper would be about. Then she told me that it was about how Atheists do not believe that Jesus existed.

Several feelings and thoughts started coursing through me. At first I was shocked that she would jump to such an extreme conclusion. Jesus doesn't exist? I had not heard that before, but then again, I didn't look it up. So I thought about it. Did atheists believe this? Was this a logical conclusion if you think that God does not exist? My first reaction was "No, We think he existed, we just don't believe he is a prophet or God." But then I thought that maybe there were Atheists who contested his existence. That was when I realized that the real answer is that there isn't one answer. Some might think that there is enough historical evidence to prove Jesus' existence. Others might not. I think a majority of us wouldn't care. And that made me dawn on me that "we" don't have a consensus, not just on this issue, but on almost all of the issues.

When I say "We" I mean Atheists as a collective group. This is a misleading term, as Atheists are not what members of what I call a "collective group." We don't have pamphlets, meeting places, memos, or any other means of coming to a consensus. Don't get me wrong, there are definitely Atheist groups out there. But Atheism in itself is not a group, similar to how it is not a religion. By asking me this question, my friend made me think about how we are misunderstood by religions and people with other beliefs. We are united in one thing: We do not believe in God. That's it. We don't necessarily agree on other issues. We don't have a Pope or some other person who is the uncontested decision-maker for us. We are not a church, we are the opposite. We do not have a church. If someone is called a Catholic, you can be reasonable sure what they believe on most issues. If someone is Atheist, it wouldn't be as clear, or at least it shouldn't be. Some of us might be pro-big government. Some of us might not. We might be fiscally conservative. Or not. We might be ok with the death penalty. Or not. People need to understand that "we" are not a political group. "We" don't have consensus. "We" do not believe in anything universally except for our disbelief in God.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

To those who bash Obama... (by anon)

This post goes out to all the people who bash Obama. It really irritates me and I try to understand why, but never come to a conclusion. Either it is because he is black or because he is a democrat, both in which are minorities in this country. I personally think that we as minorities are privileged to have such a kind hearted, thoughtful person like Obama as president. He respects all cultures and people, not just whites or blacks, but all. He is for helping the country from the bottom to top, not top to bottom. Nothing is strong unless it has a firm base, and that is exactly what Obama is trying to do. Many privileged people who do not have to worry or struggle do not understand Obama, they think he is killing the United States, when in reality, he did nothing but help this beautiful country. All this hate must be because of his race or political standpoint, and it is pissing me off. Hopefully he gets re-elected so we do not have to deal with Mr. Romney’s over privileged ass who doesn’t care about 47% of the United States.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Hungry for change (by a very hungry student)

The on campus meal plan has some issues. I am a student at UWW and my main objection is that I can not use my meal plans as I need. In the beginning of the year I purchased 24 meals a week. I thought I would be able to eat these meals whenever I wanted and if I ran out, well I would be out of luck until the next week. However, this is not the case. I am bound to only using one or two per session. I have a problem with this because I have already purchased the meals. As far as I am concerned, the meals belong to me. I should be able to redeem them as I feel necessary. If I want to use all 24 of my meals a week on Monday, I believe that I should be able to do so. I am an adult, I am responsible enough to budget my meals. I do not see any purpose or benefit in this rule. I have talked to many students and I have heard many similar complaints. If anyone can offer me any insight to why this meal plan works the way it does, that would be great.

Many thanks,
Hungry Student

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Teachers creating zombies (by anon)

I would like to ask all of the teachers at UWW: Why do you let us know that class is cancelled 15 mins before class starts?! Seriously, possibly the most annoying thing in the world. Imagine: Getting up, checking your email, getting dressed, brushing teeth, coffee, breakfast, the whole shebang. Then: BOOM. slapped with an email 30 mins before class announcing that your 8:50 am class has been cancelled. Well, now you're up and ready to go with about 5 hours of sleep under your belt because you were up until who knows when finishing the assignment that was due for THAT class! Your options now are: Go back to sleep- ya whatever, you're wired from the coffee. Do some homework since you have some free time - let's get real, it is not going to happen. OR: Proceed on with your normal day tired as hell, walking campus like a zombie and being completely useless in class. Yup, some quality student you are for the rest of the day. So I ask, what better ways are there to let students know that class is cancelled? should there be a 24 hour notice requirement?

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Give me my BIG GULP! (by anon)

New York City has passed a very important initiative: The Banning of giant sugary 16 oz drinks! Now I question the timing of this well-thought initiative as I have serious doubts that it is more pressing than the ultimate comprehensive health package; but what do I know? The political underpinnings today is beyond the liberal arts reason that was taught to me. Even so though I cannot help but feel this bill that-which benevolent intentions -is not going to deter the underlying issue (obesity). In fact, it looks like this bill is missing the complete point completely.

Now on a logical basis, what prevents the person who has a 12 oz cup filling it up once and taking 4 oz worth of semi-gulps and then refilling it once again? Still if refills are allowed for a lesser fee then I guess it can work. But, usually fast food chains allow free refills within a single stay-  so if anything – this ought to be viewed as a minor inconvenience at best. One other point and critique on solely just on the size: is there enough of a significant effect between the 16 oz vis a vis the 12 oz drink? Meaning, is that four oz difference going to really have such a desired effect for the whole NYC populous? The 4 oz difference should be no more than 170 calorie difference with also negligible sugar differences as well.  Also, what about diet drinks that have zero calories? It is unnecessary that this has to apply to diet drinks but I guess how would legislative enforce that?

In addition, do they (lawmakers) have empirical scientific data that implicates a better NYC if 16 oz drinks were banned? I really suspect not. So, if they’re banning 16 oz drinks can they ban giant bags of hot cheetos and pork grinds? What about trans fat cupcakes? I hear hydrogenated oil is hard to burn off for the 5’9 NYC woman who weighs an astounding 140 lbs. That needs to go as well.

And lastly, and my most important point is why do NYC lawmakers feel the need to infringe on such a trivial and insignificant micro problem of a much larger one? Bigger drinks is a symptom of the overall obesity problem. They’re not attacking the source of the problem and that is fast food chains in general.  Also, as we know, our economy is not doing so well right now. Citizens cannot afford to eat healthy as it’s generally more expensive and considered a luxury. That type of unfortunate correlation needs to change.