Tuesday, October 9, 2012

To those who bash Obama... (by anon)

This post goes out to all the people who bash Obama. It really irritates me and I try to understand why, but never come to a conclusion. Either it is because he is black or because he is a democrat, both in which are minorities in this country. I personally think that we as minorities are privileged to have such a kind hearted, thoughtful person like Obama as president. He respects all cultures and people, not just whites or blacks, but all. He is for helping the country from the bottom to top, not top to bottom. Nothing is strong unless it has a firm base, and that is exactly what Obama is trying to do. Many privileged people who do not have to worry or struggle do not understand Obama, they think he is killing the United States, when in reality, he did nothing but help this beautiful country. All this hate must be because of his race or political standpoint, and it is pissing me off. Hopefully he gets re-elected so we do not have to deal with Mr. Romney’s over privileged ass who doesn’t care about 47% of the United States.


  1. People aren't bashing Obama because he's a black democrat. They bash him because he has been an inaffective president. Name one positive thing Obama has done, besides kill bin Laden. Has he pulled us from the recession, No. Has he lowered the National debt, No I believe we lost our AAA credit rating under his watch. Did he fix health care, no, he made it more complicated and put a government mandated tax on health care. Has he fixed tensions with the middle east? No, worse than ever. Has he reduced dependence on foriegn oil. also no. your argument is that people shouldn't bash Obama because he a nice guy. Last time I checked it's not the presidents job to be a nice guy. People are not questioning his character they are questioning his performance as president that's why we have elections.
    PS. All this critism is coming from a fellow democrat.

  2. How can one just simplify the job of the friggin president in this day and age, facing the mountain of ethical issues, and just say "it's not good enough?"
    Health care- widened to cover everyone and fixed the pre-existing condition issue. Obama made the right choice. He made the ethical step towards helping the most people. Middle East tensions between the debacle of Israel and Palestine haven't been fixed in the last 70 years and won't be solved in a matter of 4 more years from the outside. As for reducing oil dependence, he's AT LEAST promoting and strongly supporting alternative energy more than any other presidential option. He's supporting gay marriage, he's adjusting the tax system to benefit most the people who need the most help, he's calm, firm, logical, and not strongly influenced by a religious intuition or any other emotional dogma.
    Whatever economic theory you support be it practical or impractical, Obama chooses to DIRECTLY support the sick and impoverished opposed to the trickle down theory.
    Ethics are the ONLY thing that SHOULD matter, and so far it looks like he's pointed us in a better direction.
    PS. all this criticism comes from no one with a political affiliation, just a philosopher.

    "Side? I am on nobody's side because no one is on my side!"
    -Tree Beard in LOTR

  3. Oh please, read Howard Zinn, Tariq Ali, Chomsky and learn more about US Empire, and stop this useless nonsense about the good points of these imperialists. They all sing from the same choir book. If Romney wins it will be a continuation of the Obama doctrine as the latter continued the Bush doctrine. Obama is a killer like all the presidents before him or don't you believe that using Drones to blow people up is murder? Before you come back with he is just killing terrorists, do your research and you will know that numerous innocent civilians are being murdered. I will however vote for Obama but he is and has always been in the pocket of a segment of the ruling class. He is the lesser of the two evils.

    1. So we're fucked no matter what, is what you're saying then... in which case, it must still hold that there is no use in senselessly bashing Obama for things he did or didn't do these past four years...
      What are we to do then? What is anyone to do? Shit I hate this goddamn country.

    2. of course we're fucked unless everyone comes together and makes a drastic change in the judicial system. So exactly, the lesser of two evils.

  4. Yes, unless we change the two party system we are fucked but Obama will use some grease when he shoves it in, Mitt will just let you have it. So even though I know Obama is in the pocket of the fat cats, he gets my vote, Fuck Mitt and punk ass Ryan.

  5. Don't blame me I'm not going to vote!