Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A facebook conversation (by anon)

This was a facebook conversation I had with someone during the 3rd Presidential debate last night.  “Steve” is not the only person who thinks like this, and that’s what worries me. 

Steve:  Reverend Barack is learning a lot when Mitt speaks, even taking diligent notes. I almost feel sad for the angry muslim whenever the topic of his failed policies are brought up. Time to flip back to the game...

Frank:  Are you the angry muslim?? You certainly cannot be so ideologically biased to buy the crap that Obama is muslim.

Steve:  Hey Frank! Actually, "angry" & "muslim" are synonymous. In terms of being "ideologically biased", perception is reality. Barack has a long history of being a muslim apologist, hence my comments. If you choose to comprehend my comments in literal fashion, then you won't understand the insinuation. By the way, you cannot be so ideologically biased as to buy into the crap that muslims are a peaceful people, or can you?

Frank:  I don't understand what you mean by "muslim apologist." Is Obama somehow advocating for Islam? He is not. But he is advocating for negotiations. Stay factual and reasonable. If you take the hand-waving view that ALL muslims are angry and that we should be disparaging towards them all, I'd say that you are the angry catholic and need to take a pill. I *perceive* you to be biased, does that mean that is reality?

Steve:  Wow! I find it difficult to believe that you cannot understand how he is a muslim apologist. How many times has an American been killed and Barack apologizes? Is that advocating for Islam? That's irrelevant. What is not factual and reasonable about that, Frank? Is it unfair to depict muslims as "angry" when they burn U.S. flags and kill innocent human beings and for what reason? Because someone said something negative about their Allah? Because someone burned their book, by accident? So that justifies killing Americans, right Frank? And I'm the one who's angry? I'm an angry Catholic? Because I called the muslims who kill and murder innocent people, angry? I don't know what "pill" you've been on. But you are right about one thing, I am biased. I'm a biased American, unlike you and Barack.

Frank:  When did you fall off the deep end?  Who exactly is Obama apologizing to when an American is killed?  You’re making stuff up because you don’t have something to stand on.  Should I say that all Christians are angry when the Westboro Baptist Church pickets funerals with their hate speech?  Are all Christians hateful when a bunch of preachers condemn to hell atheists, gays, muslims, and pro-choice women from their pulpits?  No. These are select crackpots.  They don’t represent most Christians, and the same goes for muslims.  There will always be hateful, fringe groups in every religion.  And you certainly must be the only true American here!  You sound very patriotic when you claim that other people are not American when they are asking questions and calling you to task.  You criticize some muslims for getting angry when some books are burned.  But how are you not doing the same kind of thing in getting angry at me?  Look in the mirror.  You aren’t any different than the people you are angry at.  Ironic.  You need to stop repeating everything Fox News says uncritically and get a deeper, more informed perspective by reading multiple news sites.


  1. I think both arguments were poorly structured. Nobody got anywhere. No real point was made. Honestly, I don't get why this was posted on this blog at all.

    1. What? Are you kidding?
      I'm not the original poseter, so I can't say for sure what the point was meant to be but, I'm pretty sure one was made -
      Steve was uncritically spouting out biased, uninformed opinions of Obama and of muslims (not to mention saying stupid stuff like "perception is reality", a rather idiotic phrase), and Frank was trying to get Steve to reflect upon that, and for a good cause.

  2. You don't get why this was posted?? That's pretty dense. There is a way to think well and a way to not think well.

  3. I think Steve smokes this kind of dope:


  4. Donald Trump again!

  5. I usually use facebook to troll or harass people too as it usually makes me feel better