Sunday, October 28, 2012

I'm sick of the bullshit! (by anon)

Everything’s bullshit.  Everything.  Romney, Obama, you, me.  I certainly cannot trust anything that flip-flopping Romney says about anything.  He has changed his position so many times to pander to everyone that he’s more fluid than the Mississippi River!  Obama doesn’t flip like Romney, but we all know that politicians say whatever they say during campaigns to get elected, and then do whatever they want to do in office.  If anything is true, political campaigns are bullshit sessions in popularity and personality – and neither matter at all in real governing.  So Obama is a bullshitter, every politician is a bullshitter.

But you and I are bullshitters too.  We wear clothes to project certain images about ourselves.  Some of us want to make ourselves appear different than what we think ourselves to be, and others try to project themselves as who they really think themselves to be, only to admit that they really don’t know who they are.  We are a mass of insecurity trying to come to grips with our own identities, only to find that we have no real identity.  All we have are false appearances masquerading around as truth.  That’s the politician, that is you, that is me.

The bullshit artist is the only truth.  No, scrap that too.  How would we ever know?  Everything’s bullshit, including everything I just wrote.  Scrap it all.


  1. A useless meaningless post. Why are you even in college. If you are, then you must be a D student! By the way, you are not being cute, just stupid.

  2. What a baby you are.