Thursday, October 4, 2012

Teachers creating zombies (by anon)

I would like to ask all of the teachers at UWW: Why do you let us know that class is cancelled 15 mins before class starts?! Seriously, possibly the most annoying thing in the world. Imagine: Getting up, checking your email, getting dressed, brushing teeth, coffee, breakfast, the whole shebang. Then: BOOM. slapped with an email 30 mins before class announcing that your 8:50 am class has been cancelled. Well, now you're up and ready to go with about 5 hours of sleep under your belt because you were up until who knows when finishing the assignment that was due for THAT class! Your options now are: Go back to sleep- ya whatever, you're wired from the coffee. Do some homework since you have some free time - let's get real, it is not going to happen. OR: Proceed on with your normal day tired as hell, walking campus like a zombie and being completely useless in class. Yup, some quality student you are for the rest of the day. So I ask, what better ways are there to let students know that class is cancelled? should there be a 24 hour notice requirement?


  1. Just curious: can this zombie army be used to do my bidding?

  2. this post needs more vampires as that seems to be the standard today

  3. Huh? Really? This doesn't make any sense. Wouldn't you still be a zombie even if your class WASN'T cancelled? I mean, you're the genius who decided to do homework for an 8:50 class the night before it was due.
    You might want to really grow up and get used to waking up early and starting your day at 7 or 8 in the morning (or earlier, like a lot of adults do), regardless of where you have to be.

  4. do you always know 24 hours in advance that you are going to be sick?

    you could have no notification at all, go to class, have the prof not show up, and wait around.

    quit bitching about your spoiled-ass first-world college-kid problems.

  5. Don't know why prof mentioned class was cancelled so it's impossible to say if it was reasonable. I mean, being extreme here, if he/she just heard their mother was in a car crash or something I could understand that.

    Honestly, 15 minutes is poor taste if it was something simple. We have many commuter and non-traditional students who drive to UWW and repeated occurances of this would be a serious problem for that crowd, especially in winter time when roads can make things more problematic.

    1. Well, if you don't fall into the category of a far-travelling commuter and you haven't had to put up with multiple instances of professors cancelling class at the last minute, and thus haven't really had to experience any serious inconvenience, there's no real reason to complain here. What is stupid is that the original poster's entire argument against the professor's last minute cancelling was centered around the fact that he/she had missed out on extra sleep (which apparently was very important). Obviously however, it is not the professor's fault that the original poster didn't get enough sleep. And he/she didn't address the "what if's", making it clear that he/she is not primarily concerned with anything but his/her own itty-bitty personal inconvenience which is just incredibly lame and unreflective.

  6. Using your reasoning, you would've been a zombie student regardless of your class being cancelled or not- so it is your fault, not the class being cancelled.

  7. Be thankful you have a class to be cancelled and get over it. A lot of people would love to be in your shoes.