Sunday, September 30, 2012

If you get the munchies, get 'em for Ron Paul (by anon)

Cannabis, a plant family (or genus, to be exact), has had a variety of uses since before 2500 BC. For millennia, cannabis plants have been cultivated (using various cultivation methods) for medicinal purposes, as well as for the manufacturing of useful products made from hemp (a fibrous material which is a derivative of a particular variety of cannabis when cultivated in a particular way), including, but not limited to, rope, paper, cloth, and oil. Throughout this time, cannabis was produced and utilized legally and effectively in several ways.

Specifically concerning America, hemp was used to make the paper on which the Declaration of Independence was signed, the prototype of the American flag, and blue jeans in the 20th century (among a multitude of other things). In addition, cannabis, when grown for the consumption of marijuana, has been used (harmlessly) for medicinal and recreational purposes.

Over time, new companies in various industries emerged and engaged in the production of several main things which were already being made from hemp. One industry that grew (through slave labor, no doubt) and subsequently created competition for hemp producers was the cotton industry. Others that took off with the industrial revolution and other technological developments include the oil, paper, and pharmaceutical industries.

And here's where things went wrong.

When competing businesses caught drift that hemp was a much more viable resource than cotton and other substances that were not as easily obtained/used to manufacture goods, they found ways to secure their businesses through propaganda and manipulation of the government in the 1930's (look it up if you don't believe me).

In short, what I get from looking at the overall history of the legal status of cannabis, is that when corporate leaders felt their businesses would be threatened too much by hemp production, they took a shady route to eliminate the threat by initiating a federal ban on cannabis altogether in order to secure their businesses. This ban would not have been made possible if it weren't for the false propaganda campaigns against marijuana consumption in conjunction with the corruption of government authorities. The way I see it, those who wanted hemp taken off the market knew that they could not simply attempt to ban hemp (that would be like banning cotton), yet since hemp and marijuana are related in that they come from the same plant genus, people figured out that by first establishing a ban on marijuana (which was feasible considering marijuana was essentially a drug), a subsequent ban on hemp could be put in place due to the fact that hemp and marijuana are so closely related.

What we get from this is two major things relating to cannabis: a) Marijuana was essentially made illegal due to its relation to hemp along with corrupt political forces, and NOT due to the drug's actual potential for harm (which is extremely minimal, especially compared to what is legal these days) and b) hemp too has been unfairly outlawed, in a way that spits directly in the face of "free market capitalism" in America.

On our hands is a society that for decades has been governed by forces that appeal to special interests, the interests of the one over the interests of the many. We're a society that buckles under the selfishness of money grubbing entrepreneurs who want to cheat their way to success instead of earn it fairly while subject to the natural forces of a market that is truly free. We are not a society that is ruled by governing laws solely enacted for our general protection and welfare. We are ruled by those laws enacted for the well-being of the few, elite, corporate giants that no longer risk failure as every entrepreneur should, because they avoid it altogether by continuously investing money into population control through unfair wage labor, media messages, and political campaigns to put people in office who will directly carry out actions based on the selfish wills and desires of corporate billionaires to control consumer habits. And every accomplice allows it to happen because after all, they have themselves to look after too.

Focusing back on the hemp issue in particular, we have a very, very sad state of affairs that has risen from this unjust outlawing. Environmental damage (destruction of trees that take decades to grow, oil spills, air pollution, etc.) is just one example. Cultivation of hemp and the manufacturing of hemp-based goods has a much smaller impact on the environment than does the production of the leading non-hemp-based goods (such as paper and oil). Our health suffers in the sense that marijuana can no longer be used for its millennia-old (and newly discovered) health benefits, and now the American people must turn to lab-created prescription drugs for their ailments. Alcohol is now the main recreational "let's party" drug (because it's the only one legal), and it is highly dangerous (infinitely more dangerous than marijuana, in my opinion). The procurement of the nation's economic health could depend on the production of hemp and marijuana for the wide range of benefits associated with these two things, but will we ever live to see the day this idea is tested?

In conclusion, I'm writing in "Ron Paul" on my ballot this election, because he's the only one running for office who has explicitly expressed interest in legalizing hemp and marijuana, and for good reason. Not to mention, he is a strong advocate of free market capitalism. Unfortunately, it can be argued that if his policies were to be put in place today, all hell would break loose, but for me, it's worth the risk, because let's face it, no matter who we choose to elect, America is in for a raging shit-storm.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Library joker (by an annoyed library user)

Homework, homework, homework.  As the semester begins to pick up speed, classes begin to take full swing….and there is a direct correlation with homework.  As the work load begins to pile up, so does the necessity to study and make sure that your work is done for the following discussion.  I, as a freshman, am beginning to learn that reading is EXTREMELY important, and I struggle to find quiet space to grind my way through the hundreds of pages of my first English novel.

I took the assumption that going to the library would be the most effective way to sludge my way through my studies.  I walked into the library, and found it very quiet and peaceful, just as I’d hoped it would be.  I began to read, and found myself making excellent progress.  But as soon as I began to get myself into a rhythm, everything turned upside down, when another young fella decided to sit RIGHT next to me, when there were 100 other seats open throughout the library.  At first I just shrugged off the reason why he’d chosen this particular spot, but then he took out his computer charger…plugged it in, and opened up his shoddy, 5 year old PC. 

I had stereotyped this guy as soon as he chose the spot next to me.  He had glasses, an energy drink in his hand, and a HALO t-shirt on.  All three of these things had “GAMER” written all over him.  Don’t get me wrong I have nothing against gamers, just not when I’m trying to make progress on an already difficult-to-read, English 101 novel.  He started up his browser and opened up Facebook first and IMMEDIATLEY began to type horribly loud in a chat box.  By this time I’m completely distracted.  He continued by taking out his cell phone, and let me tell you that was the LOUDEST vibrate I have ever heard.  On top of the computer and cell phone, he continually took loud slurps out of his sugar packed beverage.  I wasn’t getting any work done and was being driven up the wall by this library joker.  I had had enough; I couldn’t take this loud annoyance sitting next to me for one more second.  I turned to him and said, “Hey dude, your extremely loud and I don’t even know why you sat right next to me, but can you move somewhere else, I’m trying to get work done here.”  Surprisingly he cooperated well and left me, once again alone.  The whole ordeal had taken a lot out of me, and I was completely bent out of shape.  I couldn’t get any work done, so I decided to hit the road and catch a bite to eat at Esker.

So if you just want to have a friendly chat with one of your old high school buddies while texting your significant other, please don’t choose the library, there are actually people in there who want to get actual work done.

Sincerely, An annoyed library user

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Partisan Mayhem and the Common Fear of Politics (by anon)

Why is it that in a democratic society people are afraid or even frustrated every time someone wants to talk politics?  It is not a crime, and should warrant some sort of attention.  Since when has it been acceptable for people to be fully capable of bitching about their problems, but unwilling to do anything about them.  Why should it be up to our government to solve everything?  And how can people expect this to be possible within a political machine that is experiencing it’s worst partisan disputes in the past century?  Even if some form of legislation makes it into congress, it seems like both Democrats and Republicans are unable to play nicely in the sandbox.  Why don’t we as Americans feel more anger and frustrations towards our “representatives” who are unable to do their fucking jobs and generally lack any sort of clue about what their constituents really want? 

People on one side still claim that the U.S. is the greatest country in the world, while the other side says that government has become too powerful and is ruining what it means to be American.  As time goes on, and as the likelihood of achieving the American dream fades more and more into a theoretical realm, how can people stand by without taking action?  Get involved people, otherwise those few who do speak up, will be determining the fate of our disillusioned, uneducated, and carefree society. 

Things shouldn’t have to change only when the problem(s) lie in my backyard.  Whatever happened to the passionate political participation and compromise of our past?  A passionate moderate is what we need in today’s partisan government, to provide an example for others to follow.  In consideration to the very fact that our federal constitution was drafted around the idea of conflict and compromise, it sure seems like conflict has taken center stage in today’s agenda and compromise has been left untouched on the back burner.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Ugly ugly racism (by anon)

Historically speaking whites were racist towards blacks... hell to be politically correct we were racist to just about every other nationality but lets stay focused. We're talking black and white. It is correct to say that socially it is wrong to say the word nigger... that goes for anybody... then you bring up the word nigga... now that is okay to most black people if you are black. It is not okay to black people however if a white person even in a loving way says it. (My example being the song lyrics; I hope all of my niggas know I love them when I die...) (That seems pretty loving to me) Now I get that this word has sparked interest in many heated debates and that word is not something I'd like to debate. Instead my critically pissed rant comes from an incident recently that involved me and a few black people. I was just trying to give you the ugly truth about the hypricritical acts that go on daily between blacks and whites... So Facebook.. yes good ole facebook put me in a situation. I'm scrolling down and see a post between two black people saying "Don't go to work (she's pregnant) make your man go and you stay home like the white woman do" Now I couldn't help post back "Wow that's funny I must not be white anymore because I have two jobs and I'm currently on my last year of college! Goofy". Some thing in me couldn't scroll past the post as if it meant nothing because I don't find it funny to crack jokes about white women but yet if any joke is cracked about black woman it becomes an issue of racism. To continue with the story... The girl posted back telling me to mind my own business and that it was a figure of speech-- one I must have missed in all the steorotypes out there-- I was told to stay off her statuses. I then replyed and asked her why it was ok to make disrespectful comments towards white women and that I'd delete her so that I could prevent myself from seeing anymore ignorant posts. I then received a message from another black woman who insisted the first person making the white woman comment was referring to real white woman, not me... someone who has a big lower lip and by the looks of it I always have big black d*** in my mouth... NOW tell me this just aint right!! All because I stuck up for all the white women who do secure jobs and don't rely on a man for support I am now judged off of my appearance and degraded... this is only one incident that I have dealt with when it comes to me dating the opposite color than mine. Unfortunately racism has gotten so ugly that a person cannot defend her own culture because she may be attacked and humilated to an unneccessary extent.  Sad but true. Is this something that can even be debated? I can't imagine one person would justify these words to anyone...

Friday, September 21, 2012

Blinking cursor... (by anon)

Blinking cursor, what do you want to say to me? Words, letters, consonants, all meaningless. Tomorrow I shall be no more. The moment in the sun will be as nothing. Life: happiness, pain, rhythm, dischord, all will be the sum of nil. So, why blink your ruthless vertical hex in my eyes? Indeed, why should I even care what I see?

Hmmmm... it is not the result that matters. Rather it is the moment as the cursor has it. Blink in, blink out: the moment in between is when it speaks. Then it knows all and tells all. It understands me. I undertand it. Here and then gone, but in the moment when it is both here and gone, a synthesis of life and death and of future and past: it lives.

Clarity and the rules of logic break down into insignificant details. Letters written by one are jumbled scribbling to another, but the cursor speaks to all. Move me, push me across the page. I care not what I do, but THAT I do. This is my purpose. Murder with me. Make laws and silly tales of mice. Create beautiful works of art, or simply explain that the floor is wet. This is the doom and the prize of the cursor and of the people.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Parking is such a drag (by anon)

Parking at UWW can be a bit of a hassle. The price is $70 per semester, for a lot you have to walk a long ways just to get to campus or your dorm. If you buy the temporary parking pass that will cost $2 per day. There is a drive-thru to the parking building, but whenever I try it never seems to work. This means that if you do park in the lot you will most likely get a ticket because you never were able to get a parking pass. My brother bought a parking pass and for some odd reason still got a few parking tickets. Of course, he challenged them and they dropped them. It just seems like UWW is out to get us, one penny at a time. If you do not pay your parking ticket in the first week it will go up about $4, and will keep increasing. If you have do not move your car when there is snow they may give you an extra ticket. If UWW has a home football game and you don’t move your car out of certain lots you will get a ticket. They are so many exceptions and rules for parking nobody really knows them. When I went to college at UW-Waukesha and UW-Platteville, I never had a parking pass. I would park on the roads and never had any problems with tickets. UWW needs more roads allowing for free parking. They need to be less strict about tickets.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

I want to go insane (by anon)

If there were ever a magical place on earth, it would not be Disney World.  It would be the insane asylum.  They don’t call them “insane asylums” anymore – they are something like “psychiatric hospitals” or “mental wards.”  Whatever.  “Insane asylum” sounds better.  A lot better.

An asylum is a place to seek shelter, a place for protection.  If you’re crazy, you go to one of these asylums where you can be crazy and be protected.  Of course there will always be those pesky doctors and nurses who try to “cure” you, as if being sane is supposed to be “normal,” but I fantasize about an insane asylum where you can just be crazy insane and not be bothered with whatever anybody else calls “real.”

I’d love to live in a world where I can eat colors and songs sit down.  I’d love to have all my friends around me, then blink my eyes and they’d all be gone, then blink my eyes and they would all appear again.  It would be like clapper friends (or maybe I should say “blinker friends”).  Instant company.  Instant quiet time.  And I could always block out those idiots that constantly annoy me.  Life would be great.

I could sit in a corner for hours and go all over the cosmos, chatting with black holes and tasting all the constellations.  I would have no worries, no expectations, no responsibilities, and no power.  My meaningless life would abound with infinite meaning in my own little conscious confines.

Life in the so-called “sane” world is full of unpleasantries where I do attend to way too many responsibilities and expectations.  My head spins and I wonder what the point of it all is.  Who am I trying to impress?  We’re all going to die anyway so why does it matter?  The insane person would never think to ask such a question because the insane person’s world is full of so much meaning.

Yes, I’m romanticizing being insane.  I’m not stupid.  Being insane is often full of fear and paranoia.  But I have to believe that there are probably more moments of excitement and wonder in the insane world than there is in the sane world.  The sane world prides itself on its seriousness.  I don’t like that.  I’d rather live in fantasy and freedom, protected from all that seriousness.

Make me insane because the sanity is killing me.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Why did you buy that garbage? (by Wheels)

So you’re at college. Congratulations! It is so great to have you here… or at least that is what I would like to say but the fact that you are buying garbage tells me that you did not get into UWW to complete a secret genius brain trust.

My question is why did you buy a bike to ride to and from class at an average speed of 5 miles an hour? You know what happens to the people who buy a bike and then ride at a walking pace? They spend less time doing exercise they could probably use. If you have a condition where you have trouble walking due to a medical condition then please excuse me. For those of you who simply enjoy biking I withdraw. To those of you who are too lazy to get in shape I say start running. The fact that it takes you 20 minutes to walk .5 relatively flat miles to class is not a reason to get a bike. If you are taking a long time to go short distances and have no medical issues you probably have what is called out of shape syndrome. Often a side effect of really lazy and a cause of premature death, out of shape syndrome can take many forms in just about anyone. You can be skinny, fat, tall, short, confident, or self-conscious and still have out of shape syndrome. You know the signs.

I am not saying you need to be sculpted as a Greek god. I do not hate you for not being able to run a 6 minute mile. I am saying you should be able to perform everyday to and from class, 4 mph, 15 minute walks without being out of breath.

Consider this before buying that cheep bike as a fix to your slow walking issue. If you are a fit and active person who is in shape but a slow walker or someone who hates walking it is ok to get that bike. If you are getting the bike and plan to ride very fast to save you time it is ok to get that bike. On the other hand, the bike should not be bought if you are a slow biker and think biking will save you time. The time you think you slow bikers save is probably lost when you have to go get the bike and lock the bike up while you are in class. Do not buy the bike right before college when you do not like biking and consider it a long-term investment. If you get a nice bike there is a good chance it could be stolen. If you get a mediocre bike it will probably not last that long. If you dislike biking then you may find you do not ride the bike or maintain the bike. Of course by not riding the bike you can hope it will stay in good shape in a bike locker. Of course that defeats the point. In other words bikers bring your bikes. Those who want to bike slower than I walk to class and never bike recreationally should leave the bike at home.


Monday, September 10, 2012

I think abortion is heinous and I am all for it!!! (by Cindy)

I think abortion is heinous and I am all for it!!!  Now I want to explain why.

Why do you think abortion has become such a big deal in the last few decades? Is this some isolated issue all by its lonesome or is there something bigger going on that we are neglecting to pay attention to? Is it just about the woman's and fetus's rights or something more?
How about --> women asserting herself in the face of a patriarchal society!  Coming out of those darling 1950's where the woman could have very well been a rug that men could pee and wipe their feet on, women started to realize that things weren't really equal.  They tried to do everything men could do. Why wouldn't they do that?  All the ideals of what people should do and be in society are based on masculine ideals!  So to be equal women had to become like men. Unfortunately, the pregnancy thing gets in the way - our bodies change, we have to take special precautions, the responsibility is primarily on us (especially when the penis attached to the fertilizer decides to find greener pastures), AND we must take time off of school and work.  Women are expected to take care of the family while the man goes out and pursues his career! The women who do try and pursue a career and then have a baby must take time off, but who knows if they will have a job when they get back. Those who are able to get their jobs back are chastised by men and "traditional" (unaware) women for not being good moms by putting their kids in daycare at "such a young age." Yes, we are hit at every single f***ing angle.  The oppressive brow of partriarchal society weighs heavy here. Inequality runs rampid.
So, how can we start to even the score, make things more equal, level the playing field?  Well, how about giving us (as if you are being so gracious to actually give it to us! - this should never have to be fought for) the option to shed this fetus that "can" hinder our fight for equality. To take the legal right away from women to abort their unborn children is to subject us continually to the oppressive structure that still exists in this society. GO ABORTION!!!!  Let us have abortion and give us a fighting chance! Securing, once and for all, the legal right to abortion won’t solve the inequality, but it is a big step in right direction.
However, I think abortion is ugly and heinous because it strips away from the celebration of womanhood and life.  Our bodies can do something quite wonderful which never should be taken for granted or abused. To create life is pretty damn cool and I don't think that we should disrupt it unless there is a real good reason to do so (like medical complications and rape). If this was a perfect society, there would be little reason to have an abortion.  But, guess what, it's not perfect - far from it.  Women have to fight for independence and equality. So, I think abortion is a necessary evil designed to tip the scales in favor of women's equality until something better can be worked out and the casualties of war are the fetuses. If I have to choose between women's liberation and the unborn fetus - I choose women's liberation or at least the path to it. Please don't get me wrong. I think aborting fetuses is generally bad, but we are fighting for a better world for the future unborn. Unfortunately, some of the unborn in the meantime may have to be sacrificed. Abortion is part of a war against sexual oppression.  Hopefully, sometime in the future, society will be such that while every woman has the right to abortion, it will never be chosen because there is no real reason for it.  Hopefully, there will be a future where women are valued just as much as men.

Until then…go abortion!!


Friday, September 7, 2012

Some advisors... (by anon)

Some of the advisors at UW-Whitewater have no idea what they are doing at all.  I went to my advisor in the art department (for my graphic design minor) and the advisor is never any help.  I was going to take a class in Madison over the summer to count as my GD1 class, so that way I could graduate in time without having to take one extra class.  Therefore, I obviously ask him if taking this class somewhere else is an option.  He says yes show me the class description, so I do.  He gives me the okay because I walk into his office about 3 times and ask, you can tell he is annoyed with me.  But, I don’t want to take a class that costs A LOT if it isn’t even going to count.  So he assures me everything is good to go and that my credits will transfer.  Little did I know that he was supposed to tell me you should get the okay with the admissions office before starting the class to MAKE SURE that it will all work out.  He never told be about this so at first my credit didn’t transfer in right, now he finally switched the credit over for me but it still is in bold on my AR report, so lets hope that will get sorted out as well.  Some advisors need to learn more information, as maybe this wasn’t his fault, but he always seems pissed when I ask questions to make sure I’m doing things correctly.

Thursday, September 6, 2012 a perjorative light (by The Bipolar Phoenix)

It's getting close to that time of year ladies and gentleman!  Oh boy, election season, my favorite time of the year! And boy, i got my game face on, NOT!

I'm so sick of the modern political climate. It seems that both democrats and republicans will continuously sling mud at each other. AND GUESS WHAT? THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO WAY YOU CAN discriminate fact from fiction (especially the ones on fox). This is an attempt to confuse voters with scare tactics but as long as both sides do it, it's a wash! Now, with all of the political rubbish going on, i cannot help but use the word "politics" in a pejorative manner. So, bipolar phoenix, you are going to vote right?

Well, to be honest...NO! And here's why:

Most democratics or republicans... all of them are self-serving crooks. I'm not playing the archetypical American cynic, but it's the truth. There is less variability between what would happen with Obama and Romney in the next 4 years than you think. if you truly believe that there is a such a clear and distinct difference between both candidates you are being taken. The age of politics is nothing more than an exercise in masturbatory political/bureaucratic policy fronted by patriarchal capitalists. So when the fine wisconsites and Fibs honestly believe that one person can have so much sway on anything in this country right now you are wrong. Obama- or even Romney's potential presidency- would have less of an impact on the economy or anything really for that matter. Whatever crumbs of progress fall through are negligible because the democrats will stymie (or be unreasonable when reaching a medium)the republicans to retain power; and the republicans Filabuster anything  (usually though the republicans are more rigid and do this more often). So, the question I have is why do I have to waste my time and vote? it's nothing more than a cultural rite of passage now as everyone wants to look self-righteous and say I voted for that guy or this guy so they have someone to point the finger of blame when the other guy messes up. And yes, this is what is called bipartisan and has divided and prevented our country from really accomplishing anything in the last decade. The country will not heal until democratics and republicans unite in solidarity to truly advocate for the majority of the United states. And the majority of the united states is not the wealthy but is composed of the middle and lower class @99 percenters vs 1 percent (Don't even get me started on the laffer curve trickle down nonsense theory).

It is also truly a shame that political affairs and the voting process is now relegated to strictly a side-show freak circus. I guess it does not matter though anyways, as I'm a fib and Illinois has not ever been slanted towards the right since the 1920's. I guess Obama got my vote and I do not even have to vote!

- The Bipolar Phoenix

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Professors, practice what you preach (by anon)

Does it bother anyone else that professors will constantly spell things wrong and make grammar mistakes, but when you do the same you’re downgraded?  Does that just seem completely unfair?  I think so.  Constantly when the syllabus is handed out in a class the teacher must correct at least a few things that have been mistakes.  But, you write a paper with a few mistakes and you go from an A to a B, what’s up with that?  They tell us to proofread, but yet it does not seem like they practice what they preach.  Professors shouldn’t downgrade a student for what they as well make mistakes in.  Maybe professors should be docked pay for their grammar mistakes as we are docked points.  Fair is fair.