Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Partisan Mayhem and the Common Fear of Politics (by anon)

Why is it that in a democratic society people are afraid or even frustrated every time someone wants to talk politics?  It is not a crime, and should warrant some sort of attention.  Since when has it been acceptable for people to be fully capable of bitching about their problems, but unwilling to do anything about them.  Why should it be up to our government to solve everything?  And how can people expect this to be possible within a political machine that is experiencing it’s worst partisan disputes in the past century?  Even if some form of legislation makes it into congress, it seems like both Democrats and Republicans are unable to play nicely in the sandbox.  Why don’t we as Americans feel more anger and frustrations towards our “representatives” who are unable to do their fucking jobs and generally lack any sort of clue about what their constituents really want? 

People on one side still claim that the U.S. is the greatest country in the world, while the other side says that government has become too powerful and is ruining what it means to be American.  As time goes on, and as the likelihood of achieving the American dream fades more and more into a theoretical realm, how can people stand by without taking action?  Get involved people, otherwise those few who do speak up, will be determining the fate of our disillusioned, uneducated, and carefree society. 

Things shouldn’t have to change only when the problem(s) lie in my backyard.  Whatever happened to the passionate political participation and compromise of our past?  A passionate moderate is what we need in today’s partisan government, to provide an example for others to follow.  In consideration to the very fact that our federal constitution was drafted around the idea of conflict and compromise, it sure seems like conflict has taken center stage in today’s agenda and compromise has been left untouched on the back burner.


  1. Government should be as small as possible. Period. When will people learn that when you grow up, you don't need a mommy anymore. People want government to be their mommies when they should be figuring out their lives for themselves. Stop relying on taxpayer dollars!!

  2. It'd be nice if we could trust the validity of the information we receive regarding political issues and particular politicians. But we can't. The media constantly delivers messages full of facts that simply aren't true - and these messages directly tell us what to feel, think, believe, and value. When people can't even get accurate information in a non-biased, non-swayed, primarily objective fashion, how can anyone expect the population to "get involved" and really make a positive difference?

    We need more and better education, for everyone, not just the people that can afford it. The fact that quality public education is not even made possible for so many people, and these same people who can't get well-paying jobs because they got a shit education, or none at all, are getting federal aid for food, electricity, etc., just shows how backwards our government is.

    Why treat the symptoms of a problem, before even investigating or directing focus to the causes of a problem?

    We must also consider the fact that money really controls everything. There are so many people in this country who are rich as fuck, made possible through the labor and sweat of the uneducated society their billion-dollar homes are perched upon. Also made possible by the fact that once you get a substantial amount of money in this country, you can invest it in other major corporations, and make profits that are taxed at very low rates. So, my question is, why don't we make these people give back to the society they're sucking the life out of to make their millions every year? Why do we let all this talk of "punishing the wealthy" and "penalty for success" get to us? Many people of the middle and particularly upper-middle class take these phrases to heart, as though they have any substantial wealth compared to the people who really have the wealth in this country. It is absurd.

    Now think about how the selfishness of corporate big wigs affects the rest of the country. Take the food industry - it is a well known fact that healthy food costs a LOT more than unhealthy food, and there is very little one can do about one's health when one doesn't even have the means to eat healthy meals every day - a fundeamental necessity for maintaining one's health! Giving free healthcare to these people with limited funds is not going to solve the problem!

    Republicans like Mitt Romney want to see Americans acting less like "victims" (as he says 47% do), and stop expecting to be taken care of by the government, but not everyone can be a fucking billionaire! Not everyone can own a corporation and virtually enslave a population to make their millions every year. What do people not GET about that? If you ask me, virtually 99% of us are victims, victims of the 1% who control everything with their dollars. Why is it that when people are in a position to make society function better as a whole, they choose not to? They choose to add to their personal assets, and maybe donate to a charity to look good. Fucking disgusting!

  3. Just get off you ass and vote!