Monday, September 10, 2012

I think abortion is heinous and I am all for it!!! (by Cindy)

I think abortion is heinous and I am all for it!!!  Now I want to explain why.

Why do you think abortion has become such a big deal in the last few decades? Is this some isolated issue all by its lonesome or is there something bigger going on that we are neglecting to pay attention to? Is it just about the woman's and fetus's rights or something more?
How about --> women asserting herself in the face of a patriarchal society!  Coming out of those darling 1950's where the woman could have very well been a rug that men could pee and wipe their feet on, women started to realize that things weren't really equal.  They tried to do everything men could do. Why wouldn't they do that?  All the ideals of what people should do and be in society are based on masculine ideals!  So to be equal women had to become like men. Unfortunately, the pregnancy thing gets in the way - our bodies change, we have to take special precautions, the responsibility is primarily on us (especially when the penis attached to the fertilizer decides to find greener pastures), AND we must take time off of school and work.  Women are expected to take care of the family while the man goes out and pursues his career! The women who do try and pursue a career and then have a baby must take time off, but who knows if they will have a job when they get back. Those who are able to get their jobs back are chastised by men and "traditional" (unaware) women for not being good moms by putting their kids in daycare at "such a young age." Yes, we are hit at every single f***ing angle.  The oppressive brow of partriarchal society weighs heavy here. Inequality runs rampid.
So, how can we start to even the score, make things more equal, level the playing field?  Well, how about giving us (as if you are being so gracious to actually give it to us! - this should never have to be fought for) the option to shed this fetus that "can" hinder our fight for equality. To take the legal right away from women to abort their unborn children is to subject us continually to the oppressive structure that still exists in this society. GO ABORTION!!!!  Let us have abortion and give us a fighting chance! Securing, once and for all, the legal right to abortion won’t solve the inequality, but it is a big step in right direction.
However, I think abortion is ugly and heinous because it strips away from the celebration of womanhood and life.  Our bodies can do something quite wonderful which never should be taken for granted or abused. To create life is pretty damn cool and I don't think that we should disrupt it unless there is a real good reason to do so (like medical complications and rape). If this was a perfect society, there would be little reason to have an abortion.  But, guess what, it's not perfect - far from it.  Women have to fight for independence and equality. So, I think abortion is a necessary evil designed to tip the scales in favor of women's equality until something better can be worked out and the casualties of war are the fetuses. If I have to choose between women's liberation and the unborn fetus - I choose women's liberation or at least the path to it. Please don't get me wrong. I think aborting fetuses is generally bad, but we are fighting for a better world for the future unborn. Unfortunately, some of the unborn in the meantime may have to be sacrificed. Abortion is part of a war against sexual oppression.  Hopefully, sometime in the future, society will be such that while every woman has the right to abortion, it will never be chosen because there is no real reason for it.  Hopefully, there will be a future where women are valued just as much as men.

Until then…go abortion!!



  1. I wonder what your ideal would be, in terms of the future role of pregnancy and unborn children. Is abortion a temporary, necessary evil until women can get a leg up? Or is it something that will persist as something that is, at best, an option, or at its worst, a threat? What role do you think abortion plays in the world today? Are we halfway to your ideal, or 90%, or just beginning?

    I would also like to hear about how you believe society would function if both genders are absolutely equal. Should we really have exactly the same opportunities? I agree that at the very least both men and women are entitled to happiness and success, but I think the idea of success can be different for men and for women. My wife is in her first year of professional teaching, and all she wants to do is start a family (a sentiment I share). For her, there would be nothing more successful than having a healthy family that she can teach and care for well. For me, success means providing for them so that they can pursue their future.

    Anyway, that's how we feel. There is an important distinction between my ideas of purpose and success and the world's: to the world, purpose is taken, it is chosen and seized. To me, purpose is assigned. This doesn't mean that I don't want it, but there is a greater responsibility to my purpose when it comes from outside of myself. If one's purpose is one's own, it dies with them and does not persist in other people. If one's purpose comes from outside of oneself, it does persist, and it does apply to other people, and it does affect and shape society.

    What I'm wondering is, what reason do we have for agreeing with you on your position on the purpose of abortion, or the purpose of women pursuing their career? Gender equality is obviously a big factor, but I feel like the issue about those being aborted has been ignored, or at least misrepresented. What of them? What if the aborted child would have taken steps toward gender equality?

    By the way, the point about getting abortions in the case of rape or complications, that's been shown to be a bit of a smokescreen. See for a 2005 study done on the subject.

  2. Blah, blah, blah. Abortion is murder of the most helpless and vulnerable among us. They are dismembered or burned alive and gee, aren't you proud. I KNOW you are. I already KNOW that. That's why I feel sickened knowing you're not the only one.