Friday, September 7, 2012

Some advisors... (by anon)

Some of the advisors at UW-Whitewater have no idea what they are doing at all.  I went to my advisor in the art department (for my graphic design minor) and the advisor is never any help.  I was going to take a class in Madison over the summer to count as my GD1 class, so that way I could graduate in time without having to take one extra class.  Therefore, I obviously ask him if taking this class somewhere else is an option.  He says yes show me the class description, so I do.  He gives me the okay because I walk into his office about 3 times and ask, you can tell he is annoyed with me.  But, I don’t want to take a class that costs A LOT if it isn’t even going to count.  So he assures me everything is good to go and that my credits will transfer.  Little did I know that he was supposed to tell me you should get the okay with the admissions office before starting the class to MAKE SURE that it will all work out.  He never told be about this so at first my credit didn’t transfer in right, now he finally switched the credit over for me but it still is in bold on my AR report, so lets hope that will get sorted out as well.  Some advisors need to learn more information, as maybe this wasn’t his fault, but he always seems pissed when I ask questions to make sure I’m doing things correctly.

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  1. This is just ONE advisor, not ALL of them! My advisor is great.