Saturday, January 28, 2012


THE CRITICALLY PISSED BLOG WANTS YOUR POSTS FOR THE NEW SEMESTER!  Make this collective effort, know, collective.

Has something ever bothered you on campus?  Ever pissed off at your teachers, university policies, politicians, media, the general public, or an "ism"?? Ever wanted to try out a new idea without anyone knowing who you are?  Want to play devil's advocate?  If so, this blog is for you!  Write about that which you want to write about and send it to us at The Critically Pissed (  All submissions will be posted ANONYMOUSLY, unless expressly desired otherwise.

The only requirement is that each post be a “reasoned” post.  No bald rants.  We want reasoned rants so that your views can try to persuade one to agree with you.  And if people don't agree with you, well...they'll probably tell you why in the comments!

The hope is that this kind of “critically pissed” forum can be a venting place for critical thought as well as a possible place to start changing the way people think about things.


- All posts will be anonymous, but you can create a catchy alias if you want :)
- Word limit: greater than 100 words
- Come up with a title for your post (or else we will).
- Leave particular people’s names out of your posts, unless you believe they are really needed.
- Make sure you are giving REASONS for your view.

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