Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A shady, sinful scam? Or mild-mannered marketing? (by anon)

I just want to make the administration and student body aware that the company they contracted to employee students in the UC (goes by the name of Vector corporation) is a complete and total scam. They hide behind names such as winterbreakjobs.com, make false and over-inflated promises (like making 20$ per appointment), and are simply not a reputable company. It is disquieting to know that the University endorses such a trashy company. The university has to think of the ramifications of contracting/allowing/endorsing vector, and permit them to set up shop in the UC to seduce gullible college students. Here are some interesting things I have found on the matter:

-First, just Google the name vector marketing and all kinds of problems arise. They have had several class action lawsuits, have gone under public scrutiny by the attorney general in many states, and thus, are not a reputable employer.

-They are hiding behind deceitful domain names that suggest the university is in cahoots and has partnered up with Vector marketing. Just take a look in many classes where Warhawkjobs.com is saved on each blackboard (such as the one in Heide hall). This is something that IS ABSOLUTELY In no way shape or form, affiliated with the university and should be addressed. It is an advertisement for vector marketing. How did they acquire such a domain name that resembles something like hawk jobs? They did this on purpose? They are hoping that students think that the University is backed by Vector, thus be more inclined to sign up.

-I have noticed an abundance of fliers particularly in MCcutchan (especially on the diversity floor which I have took the liberty to take these ads down). IT makes you wonder why they're targeting not only college students, but also it seems like they're also targeting especially minority students. Hmmmm, I wonder why this is? This suggests that this company views minority students as more naive than the rest. Why is it that there are very few fliers in the business school? I'm just making an observation.

-What type of employer makes you buy the product before employing the person? On top of this, apparently, they make you attend mandatory unpaid seminars and weekly meetings. That is against the law! Every minute you work, by law, you are entitled to some compensation. Not only this, but the company does not reimburse the employer for traveling expenditures which are accrued. This is unethical considering they have you set up appointments with clients out of town.

-Also, technically vector marketing is not a job per se. They are exploiting employment laws, and the people who “work” for vector marketing are technically “independent contractors.” This is not stressed enough on the advertisements. They almost state that the opportunity is of gainful employment. This is hardly the case. Many of times Vector Marketing would pop up like a zit for winter break and summer, scam students and leave for the next town afterwards. Most of the times you will be unable to track their locations since they move all too frequently. In many instances, they vacate properties that are in transition, renting it for a brief time and disappear shortly thereafter only to return during the next break like a serial killer that’s on his “cooling off “ period after he claimed his latest victim. My friend received only about 100$ dollars during the whole time of winter break. He never was paid for the full amount he was owed. When returning to confront the manager, they have already left the building they nested at.

All in all, I encourage and implore students to do research on the companies they reach for. Vector promises a whole lot, but the truth is, the 20$ base appointments are nothing when you factor out all the unpaid seminars, meetings you must attend. Plus, why would students and the university want to give this company a platform to corrupt and exploit students with vicious, deceitful gorilla recruitment tactics?  The University should be ashamed of letting these clowns come in and convince students that this is something that is worthwhile over their break. Why do you think they come to college campuses in the first place? It is hard to get a job for college students since it requires many of times, a good amount of flexibility. Vector exploits this particular demographic for good reason. College students have very little option, and are always looking to make money since they will be foregoing earnings for the four-year opportunity period we call higher education. The University should help students find respectful employers. In fact, Wal-Mart seems pretty good compared to these despicable, infectious leeches that mislead and rip off college students.


  1. Just so you know, these companies are not endorsed by the UC, or the University for that matter, but rather given the same equal opportunity as other orgs and employers to use the facility to promote their cause/business. In many cases, these are supported by student organizations, as the requirement to use the facilities by the public without being charged is to be sponsored by an org. Don't think that just because a business is allowed on campus that they are supported by the university, but rather because it is a public space that is open to both students/staff and the community. If you have serious concerns, rather than creating an anonymous rant, bring the concern to a University staff member or city officials.

  2. You took posters down? Why is this bothering you so much?

  3. 1) To Anonymous I:

    I already addressed my concerns to appropriate University authorities. Indeed, I did so at the same time I composed and submitted my post. I am way ahead of you.

    In addition, your claim that use of University facilities does not constitute institutional endorsement of the user is weak. Indeed, the University did not permit Vector to use a single space for a limited purpose and time. Rather, it permitted Vector to commandeer our buildings and other public spaces by festooning the same with their advertisements. If that does not constitute tacit endorsement, nothing does.

    To Anonymous II: The paragraph above gives at least one reason why I find Vector's posters so offensive. Another was given in my original post. Vector markets to a vulnerable demographic -- college students desperate for money -- in a dishonest and predatory fashion. Need I any other reason to oppose and be angered by them?

    Daniel Becker

  4. Dear Daniel,

    I have read your post and your comment, and I am deeply impressed with your drive and commitment. You show yourself to be very passionate and determined to do the right thing, even when your actions might not fit the popular way of thinking. You blaze your own trail.

    Such forward-thinking and passionate drive are what make the world go round in positive ways.

    Those qualities are what we look for in our employees, for their tasks require passionate commitment even in the face of going against the popular grain. I would like to offer you a job with us.

    Please visit winterbreakjobs.com for more details. We welcome your involvement. We can do great things together! You create your own success. Get the boost you need to secure that post-college job offer with some quality resume experience this winter.

    Jerry Frackenhow
    Vector Marketing Corporation


  6. Daniel,

    Jerry send me a copy of your post and comment. He told me that you are the kind of person we want at Vector. I am the CEO of Vector. Last year along our corporation made 200 million in profit, all because of our sales team. So contact me at Vector if you want to join us.

    Johnson Brown, CEO
    Vector, Midwest Region

  7. Your corporation made 200 million in profit, so why are the sales representatives not seeing this money?

  8. Note to Vector: Being impressed with Daniel's points is one thing; actually addressing the issues he raises is another. Also, if he really is that disturbed by what he views as less-than-stellar business practices, what makes you think he would take a sales position with your company?


  9. Sounds like Vector Bots are on patrol!
    Thank you Vector Robots, what's the command for a human representative? Feels like being on the phone with some lame company that never gives human interaction so people sit on there screaming "REPRESENTATIVE!" during the annoying automated spiel for 5 minutes until finally hanging up and cursing for an additional 5 minutes. Which could be followed by a blog on critically pissed. Thank God for this blog.

  10. To all those above who actually think the 3:46 and 7:13 statements are true: YOU ARE COMPLETE IDIOTS!!

    These are fake names . . . they anons making fun of the original writer . . . I seriously can't believe that college-aged students would fall for crap like that!!!

  11. you guys are suckers..... How can you afford not to work for vector? I make 70,000 dollars a semester working a flexible schedule and working with a friendly relaxed environment that is in no way shape or form characteristic of a cult.

    In fact, the best advice I can offer someone is to drop out of college and start making money now! Scratch that, vector does not even require a high school diploma or GED, so i encourage everyone to drop out of high school and start making wet, stinky, funky cash money $$$.