Friday, December 23, 2011

I'll take seconds please! (by anon)

I have a sincere issue with a problem that has been recently brought to light and dubbed “Double Dipping.” “Double Dipping” refers to government retirees that receive a pension, yet soon after pocketing some money, decide to go back to work and receive the same pay as they did prior to their retirement, in addition to continuing to receive their pension payments. Even worse, there have been at least 30 cases of government workers not only returning to work after they began to receive their pension, but went back to the same pay AND are building credit for a SECOND pension. Thankfully, an ordinance was passed today that restricts future occurrences of devious thieves taking advantage of what so many others aren’t even fortunate enough to get – a pension, not to mention TWO! The ordinance states that a retiree receiving a pension is allowed to return to work under the condition that the total of their new salary and pension is equal to, or less than, the salary they had when retiring.

As I mentioned above, it is great that there is now a method of preventing this from happening in the future, but what about those who are still receiving these benefits? Sure, I commend them for working and earning a pension, but allowing them to continue this absurdity is appalling and needs to be stopped.

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