Saturday, December 17, 2011

Finals.......stress..........AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH (by a stressed anon)

As we all know it is now finals week and everyone is becoming brain dead from studying hours on end each day.  Each semester when it gets close to finals people freak out about finals and get really stressed out.  Every semester I get stressed about every final exam I have to take and with the stress comes sickness and the inability to get much needed sleep, thus resulting in a poor performance on the exam. This stress, and all the negative affects that come with it, is mostly caused by the final exams being accumulative. Other students and I are already stressed enough as it is from our classes and regular exams needed to be studied for to get a good grade. I do not know the exact statistics, but if i had to guess I would say not many students remember most of the material from previous exams in their classes. I know it is difficult for me to remember. Since I don't remember very well i have to study a lot for final exams and I get very stressed and i don't get much sleep.  In the end i feel i don't do as well on the exams as i could have with better sleep and less stress. What I am trying to say here is that final exams shouldn't be accumulative.  It is too much material to grasp and understand in such a short time.


  1. I don't really find anything wrong with cumulative exams.
    The thing is, you either know the shit or you don't. If you were really working hard on understanding the material throughout the semester, you have probably built up an information base, and you just know the material.
    Exams are not about how much you can remember. They're about how much you know. The only reason students get stressed when cumulative exams come up is because they are not confident that they have actually learned the material that they had been previously tested on earlier in the semester, because they thought it was about memorization. Well, it's about learning, and just getting it, knowing it, and not having to just simply remember something. You just have to try as much as you can to learn the material during the semester, so you won't be stuck just having to remember stuff, because you actually will know it.

  2. Just study and stop crying.