Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A Problem of Trust (by anon)

Diversity issues on the Whitewater campus can be considered a problem that have much to do with the culturally different backgrounds that many students have with other students.  Whitewater provides a great opportunity for all students to succeed and has a great curriculum; however, it is clear that at times Whitewater has had instances in which students have a hard time accepting different cultural values and actions.  Cultural values and ultimately etiquette are very important or culturally embedded values that if threatened can arise a sense of tense and threatening provocations.  Because of the nature of these threats cultural values can crash and cause instances that arise diversity acceptance issues.

I believe that if there was one thing that would help the trust of students toward one another is campus security.  It would be very reassuring to all students if there were outpost that could phone police and maybe security cameras so that students wouldn’t have to be concerned about cultural discrimination.  Individuals would commit objectifying crimes if they knew that their responsibility and involvement would be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.  If justice is truly done then students will truly learn to have respect for each other.  In my opinion, if Whitewater is ever to become a more prestigious school the students, no matter what class or background, need to be able to truly trust each other and hold a high level of respect for one another.  Any time a vandalism or robbery or any similar offense occurs, the actions remark scares to the whole university and not just the person victimized.  These instances are serious matters of insecurity.  I believe if Whitewater can make it a habit to communicate the seriousness of these acts to their fellow classmates people will automatically begin to value and cherish each other’s security and respect as well as feel more proud of the valor of their university and the caliber of its students.


  1. Ummm... I don't really understand your connection between culture, trust and security.
    Does UWW have a problem with people being culturally bias? I would say no, not really. It's possible I guess, but I've never seen or heard about it.
    Does UWW have a problem with trust issue eg: thievery, sexual harassment, fights? I would also say no, not really. It's has and will probably happen on occasion, but is it out of control, and all the time? No
    Does UWW have a problem/need for security? Again no, not really. The same reason as the previous question.
    However, I would agree that it wouldn't hurt to have some phones for quick access to police and a few cameras in the potential problem area (where ever those are). I just don't think it's really necessary. But, better safe than sorry is usually the best way to go. Your reason for it are just odd is all.

  2. my body aches from mistakes, betrayed by lust, we lied to each other so much, that in nothing we trust!

  3. 1:15--you say you are not aware of big issues around cultural bias, etc. So are you in a position to know about this when it happens? Check out some statistics like the UWW Climate survey. That will give you a broader sense of what's happening here. Also consider the hate crimes that happened just a year ago. I don't think we've gone through any great shift in understanding--those feelings are likely still there, just below the surface.