Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Poor People Should Not F**k

Dear Critically Pissed,

Recently, I read a bumper sticker which said, "Can't Feed 'Em? Don't Breed 'Em!"

I sighed in frustration and disappointment at the ignorance of those who support such messages, mainly because my guess is that supporters of this probably consider themselves conservative and, ironically, are also against abortion, planned parenthood, sex education, and the Affordable Care Act, which provide means for people to safely engage in sex and properly care for their bodies. I thought for a little bit and came to the conclusion that supporters of this bumper sticker are most likely a bunch of religious conservatives (RCs) saying this: Poor people should not f**k.

First of all, if abortion were not so vehemently opposed by RCs who are convinced that a fetus, while unable to sustain itself without the mother's body, is somehow laden with a "God-given" right to be sustained at the expense of someone who actually HAS the right to live via the fact that she is an independent body, then perhaps poor mother's and fathers would not be forced to bring into the world a child they cannot feed.

Second, if planned parenthood were not constantly under attack by (again) RCs who supposedly believe sex is only meant to be had between well-off married couples, then maybe poor mothers and fathers would have access to contraceptives/birth control, making it much less likely for them to (again) bring into the world a child they cannot feed.

Third, if (again) RCs weren't so freaked out and paranoid about schools teaching detailed sex education courses, maybe young people would have a fuller understanding of sex and gain an appreciation of what it could truly mean for them in the big picture.

Fourth, if RCs (yet again) weren't so critical of birth control and the ACA overall, maybe affordable birth control would always be a part of everyone's insurance plan.

Many of the viewpoints established by people who promote messages like the one I saw on this bumper sticker are inherently contradictory, and pretty much all rely on phony religious doctrine, which I do not buy into. It is clear to me that people who engage these viewpoints are simply in favor of one thing, that is: Poor people should not f**k.

So, to you RCs, I just have to say this: Thanks to you, abortions can be difficult to have in a safe manner. Condoms and birth control can be difficult to acquire (also thanks to you). Young people often don't have the resources to understand what sex is about (again thanks to you). And now, you say to the world: "If you are poor and cannot afford to feed a child, then you should simply not have a child, and if you are to have sex at all, we will do everything we can to make it extremely difficult for you to AVOID having a child." So essentially, I'm right when I say all you pretty much are for is this: Poor people should not f**k.

Oh, and I might as well add that, according to your doctrine, poor people should also avoid watching television or movies, reading magazines, playing video games, viewing advertisements, listening to music, or even checking the daily news, because SEX is often promoted via these media outlets (whether you realize it or not). Also, poor people should avoid drinking alcohol because this can induce the urge to fornicate. As a supporter, you should probably make sure that poor people have enough personal lubricant, pornography, vibrators and/or fake vaginas so they can manage their sex drive while you a) merrily appease yours with the condoms and/or birth control you deserve because you happen to be able to afford it, OR b) successfully repress your sinful urges like the good Christian you say you are.

Reality - YOU should go f**k yourself.

A Sympathetic Supporter of Sex AND Pregnancy-Prevention