Friday, February 3, 2012

Legalize Marijuana! (by anon)

It truly irks me that Cannabis is not legalized already.  Before I go any further, let me just make it clear that I am not a Rasta with dreads, nor am I a stereotypical stoner.  I am simply a student that believes in the power and benefits in an herb that was put on this earth for a reason, and for our use as human inhabitants of earth.  However, I used to be against this plant and would often pass judgement of others who were open to cannabis. I have to say that the government makes it hard for anyone to have any other opinion about cannabis because of all the negative propaganda surrounding it.   I eventually opened my mind, and began to research marijuana and now my whole perspective has changed.  Here are some facts…

People around the world have been using cannabis for thousands of years.  In fact, in 1619 Jamestown, Virginia made it a requirement that anyone who owned land had to grow Marijuana.  Why is it now that the government has the right to take away a natural herb that was put here for a reason?  You don't see the DEA rushing into Granny's garden to burn her poppy plants, but if she planted a cannabis plant Granny would be in a world of trouble.

Smoking cannabis is not all it can be used for.  Hemp comes from the plant and is considered the strongest fiber in the world.  In fact, it is the reason our Declaration of Independence is still intact.  Yes, our own Decleration is on hemp paper. Contradiction? I think so.  Hemp is the strongest building material known to man and does not release the harmful gases into the air that other materials like concrete do.  The kicker in all of this is that hemp could replace everything that trees are used for.  One acre of hemp can produce as much as 7-10 acres of trees. If that doesn't make you sick then I don't know what will. I am sick and tired of hearing politicians and ignorant people bitch about how the trees are disappearing and we all need to be green.

Ironically, one of the biggest investors in the timber industry, William Hearst, is the one who exploited cannabis with his yellow journalism. Isn't that interesting? Why would one of the biggest investors of timber want cannabis to be illegal? I think I have made my point.  You can thank Hearst for deforestation.

Medical marijuana is one of the biggest reasons it should be legalized. I have watched documentary after documentary, and every patient that uses marijuana has a better value of life.  I could go on and on about different cases in which cannabis has benefited people who are suffering.    The main thing I want to get across is that I am aware marijuana can be abused and can be taken for granted by people who use it for recreational use.  However, anything can be abused; money, food, and alcohol are some examples. I definitely think that some rules and guidelines should be intact if cannabis is legalized.  But making it illegal is not the solution to anything. Cannabis is the solution.    Still not convinced then check out this link:

I get so mad when people pass judgement on something they know nothing about.  Cannabis doesn't kill anyone.  It benefits numerous people, it can even reverse the damage of tobacco for smokers.  Yet cancer sticks are still legal.  The criminalization of cannabis is a lose-lose situation.  The government spends billions of dollars on controlling marijuana and throwing people in jail because of it.  The young adults put into jail for cannabis end up coming out of jail a real criminal, with more problems then they had before they went in.  Making cannabis illegal is like running around in circles.  88 percent of drug arrests are for simple marijuana possession.  Is anyone aware of how much it costs to keep people in jail? Its our tax dollars!   People should be outraged with this!

The government is keeping cannabis a secret simply because of dollars and cents and its pathetic.  Marijuana will be legalized someday hopefully, but it should never have been made illegal in the first place.


  1. AGREED!
    The sad part is, the people who are really against it are totally brainwashed, and it's really hard to talk sense into them a lot of times. And these are people who have not even tried it because they are convinced it is dangerous and wrong ("because why would it be illegal?" - they ask). I hate that we, as Americans, have been completely indoctrinated when it comes to marijuana use (and other things of course) and there are so many misconceptions about the drug and its users, it's not even funny. But very few hesitate to drink alcohol, which is REALLY a dangerous substance.

  2. Glad you agree!!!

  3. Oh whatever. You're mad that you can't get high and have it be legal. Call it what it is. You're sick of being paranoid that you'll get caught. Use the hemp part for fiber. I agree. But keep the druggie part illegal. They should also make alcohol illegal since it is pretty stupid too. People need to become more awake and stop sedating themselves with all these mind-numbing things.

  4. Wow you really nailed it on the head. That's exactly why I want it to be legal. Watch the Youtube video then say what you want. Your heartless if you still think it should be illegal after watching that. No one is going to make you smoke it so you should have nothing to worry about. Sound like you could use a couple tokes yourself to open up your mind a little bit. I feel really bad for you, I hope one day cannabis helps ease the pain of one of your loved ones. Then you will realize.

  5. My grandpa has Melanoma and is unable to eat because he has completely lost his appetite. He also is in constant pain, as if his skin is too small for his body. The only reason he could still live a normal life is because he uses medical marijuana everyday. I guess he's a druggie too.

  6. Ok, forgive me. I watched the video and i get what you're saying. But I'm not talking about that. Medical use is great when it can help. I'm meaning when people want to do it to recreationally to escape. There's a difference. We're so herd like anyway, why allow people to sleep even deeper into the herd if they don't have to?

  7. Anon 709- really? For one, people who smoke are no more asleep than people who don't in this society. And two, what's wrong with escaping? Also, how do you know all recreational users are just trying to numb themselves or escape in the first place? I do it just to simply relax and unwind sometimes. That doesn't mean I'm a druggie or am in la la land whenever I smoke. I think a lot when I'm high actually and I function quite well. Sometimes I'll get high and just go on an Internet binge reading article after article or I'll clean the whole apartment or come up with a blog post. Or just whatever. Things I would do normally I like to do high sometimes. There's nothing wrong with recreational smoking. You need to open your mind up to the drug and it's effects and it's users. There's a lot you don't seem to know.

  8. I need to open my mind up to the drug? Do you hear yourself? Next thing are you going to tell me I should smoke some crack and drop some acid too? I hear they are awesome drugs as well. Where do you draw the line? Do you have a line?

    People become potheads you know. They become dumb as shit. They are sleeping. How do you know your not already on your way? Maybe that's why your backlashing on me so hard. You don't want to see yourself as a pothead, but you're beginning to wonder.

    1. Ignorance is bliss I guess...

  9. It doesn't mean they are saying to do it. Opening your mind means that you shouldn't eat what the government says out of the palm of their hand. Opening your mind to new ideas to the HERB is what it means. The reason people backlash so hard is because their is so much truth to this issue! And people are so ignorant and susceptible to what the government feeds us. There is nothing wrong with being a pothead. I swear to God if everyone smoked people would be relaxed and peaceful with one another. The reason cannabis users get a bad rep is because the government feeds society with lies and unsupported information. No one has ever died from marijuana and no one has ever gotten more violent while being high. Cannabis definitely should be used responsibly. But doesn't it seem unnatural to you that the government is criminalizing a plant? An herb that has been used by our forefathers for centuries? I realize that people can be irresponsible with the herb but it is just like anything else, food, money, alcohol. Marijuana is not addictive, but people who don't break their habits easily become habit users. Habits are harder to break for some people. Cannabis can be used for so much more. This plant is harmless when used responsibly. Also, it serves as a medicine that is safer than aspirin or over the counter pharmecuticals.

  10. I think they should legalize it just so I don't have hear all you stupid stoners bitch about how great it is and how it should be legal. I don't care, smoke your brains out, do meth, do crack, drink till your black out drunk, fuck it drink motor oil for all I care. It's your life and your body.

  11. I think people who "become dumb as shit" as you say from smoking pot are really just dumb as shit to begin with. You can call me a pothead or a silly stoner or whatever. There is no reason or evidence to suggest that marijuana makes people stupid. You have no real argument. Your rationality is just congested due to the plethora of movies, commercials, and other media that has fed you images and ideas of pot smokers that make you believe such nonsense as you do (or maybe you just knew some dumbass people who happened to smoke pot but correlation does not mean causation). Marijuana affects everyone differently and different users use it in different ways and for different reasons. You are making generalizations and false assumptions and have no idea how closed minded and ignorant you sound. You are comparing weed, a plant that grows naturally and is not anymore harmful than tobacco (it's prob less harmful actually) to things like crack and acid ( which actually are quite dangerous for a number of reasons). Maybe one day you will realize how ridiculous your ideas are and you'll shake whatever it is that is keeping you from opening your eyes.

  12. Shouldn't we start bringing up the saying, "everything in moderation?" Of course, that wouldn't exactly work for sniffing anthrax, but you get the point.

  13. The bigger point that I was trying to get across by writing this blog was the fact that even hemp is not used for half of the stuff it could be used for. It's one thing to say smoking marijuana for medicinal purposes is wrong, but to say the use of hemp should be illegal is insane. Its like the government has put such a taboo on cannabis that they have ignored the benefits that it offers all together. I mean think about it, why aren't we using hemp to replace paper products? Hemp is the strongest fiber known to man and is the least flammable material that can be made into cothing. 1 acre of hemp could replace 7-10 acres of trees!!!!!! One other thought, marijuana doesn't have to be smoked. It can be made into hand lotion, chapstick, muffins, oils, really anything. So the argument that smoking it can harm your lungs can be thrown out the window because there are other ways of consuming it. Queen Victoria used to rub cannabis oil on her abdomen to relieve her menstrual cramps. I feel really bad that the government has actually convinced you that pot smokers are the way they are portrayed in movies. They are the total opposite! Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Jennifer Anniston, and many other famous people smoke a joint every day. It does not make you numb, in fact it intensifies your senses. You have no argument and I agree with Anon 8:28 100%

    1. Hey pot heads! Here is some info for ya. You can dismiss it as just propaganda from the anti-pot head people.

      Marijuana is a greenish-gray mixture of the dried, shredded leaves, stems, seeds, and flowers of Cannabis sativa, the hemp plant. The main active chemical present in marijuana is THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol). Apart from this it contains around 400 other dangerous chemicals.

      What are the short-term dangers of smoking marijuana?

      Impaired memory and inability to learn
      Difficulties in thinking and problem solving
      Distorted Perception
      Anxiety attacks or feelings of paranoia
      Impaired muscle coordination and judgment
      Increased susceptibility to infections
      Burning and stinging of mouth and throat
      Impairment in driving skills
      Increases the heart rate in normal people and worsens heart rate in with heart disease or high blood pressure.

      What are the long term dangers?

      Studies shows that the potential chemical -THC, present in marijuana adversely affect human brain and mental health.
      Regular use of marijuana or K2 shows the same respiratory problems as cigarette smoking. Persistent coughing, symptoms of bronchitis and more frequent chest colds are possible symptoms.
      Studies shows that long-term use of marijuana suppresses the production of hormones that help regulate the reproductive system both in men and women.
      Highly increases the risk of heart attack in regular users.
      Smoking marijuana on regular basis increases the likelihood of developing cancer of the head or neck.
      It has the potential to promote cancer of the lungs and other parts of the respiratory tract because of the various carcinogens present in it.
      It may badly affect the immune system’s ability to fight disease.
      Chronic marijuana use causes high levels of depression, anxiety.
      Adversely affects the power of memory and learning.

  14. I don't know where you got this info, but its one thing to use it for recreational purposes but it is proven to work medicinally. I am sorry to disappoint you but none of those facts are proven. The government would like you to think all of that but most of it isn't true. Try looking up marijuana myths and facts and you will find yourself corrected. The bigger issue here is not the smoking part, but rather the use of hemp. Now I know you have no argument for that.

  15. Your an idiot if your saying K2 and marijuana are the same thing! They are totally and 100 percent different! K2 is a chemical substance, cannabis is all natural. You have no idea what your talking about

  16. I don't even really understand how anyone could comprise a list like that without even acknowledging the fact that there are several factors that must be considered when it comes to smoking marijuana (and I won't even jump into the whole argument regarding using a vaporizer or just cooking with the stuff) and the long/short-term effects it's going to have on any given user. The effects are all going to depend on a) how much is smoked b) how frequently it is smoked and c) what kind is smoked. There are probably other variables I'm not including, but you get the picture. And I would really like to see what studies were done that actually back up some of the things on that list. Moreover, I think more studies need to be done on the drug. One more thing, remember that old DHMO scare? Look it up. The list of marijuana dangers is almost as funny as that was.

  17. Any typical college student that is burnt out, over-worked, hung-over, consuming a poor diet, lacking sleep, smoking cigarettes, and not getting physical activity is going to be just as susceptible to nearly every one of those "dangers" on that list regardless of whether or not they smoke marijuana. What kills me is that alcohol is exponentially more dangerous than marijuana, but to drink for recreation is perfectly acceptable. Just doesn't make any sense.

  18. I like everything about this except when the OPer talked about how the plant was put here for a REASON. I guess I wonder what is meant by REASON. I doubt the poster meant any type of Intellectual Design concept, but even under an evolutionary framework I don't know if I would say that cannabis come about on this earth for a reason. We give cannabis reason, it did not come into existence with reason inherently.

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