Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sex = money? (by anon)

Last night I was watching the new Teen Mom 2 episode. I enjoy watching it sometimes because, let’s be honest, it makes me feel SO much better about my life and how I am glad I am not that girl. Anyways, while I was watching the show I began to notice how nice the cars were that the girls were driving. Leah has a new (I’m not sure if it’s unused or not) Ford Fusion, Jenelle has a new (again, not sure if it’s unused) Jetta with pimped out rims, and there is a scene with Chelsea talking about how she just bought a brand new Jeep Wrangler. I began thinking how just last year when these girls were new to reality tv and did not have all the fancy things they can afford now. Is it right that these girls are getting paid ridiculous amounts of money for having unsafe sex, getting pregnant, and paid for it? I don’t think so. Should we all have unprotected sex and get pregnant so we can make the big bucks too? I’m not saying I don’t sometimes enjoy watching the show, I just think it’s absurd we reward these foolish girls for their mistakes.


  1. Hell yea it's absurd! But that's what happens when you get famous. The same principle can be applied to any popular figure from movie stars to professional athletes. Granted, these girls (and everyone on reality shows) are famous BECAUSE they set bad examples; but athletes get paid millions for playing a GAME and celebrities are paid because they're good looking (numerous actors can't act)[zak effron, arnold swarzenagger, the twilight cast, steven segal, paris hilton, and need I remind you of Shazamm starring Shaq?].
    My point is that EVERYONE just tries to exploit what they have and take advantage of whatever is in their best interest. Perfect example to compare to Teen Mom: Jackass. I love the show. Do the guys think they're making a positive impact on kids watching the show? NO FUCKING WAY! Do the producers or the MTV executives think they're making a difference in the world? Duh! It's what makes people money and people do whatever they can to get a leg up. And we, the public, gobble up whatever the media shits on our plates. The public is stupid. People, on the other hand, are inhuman. It's not NECESSARILY bad about acting that way but it doesn't help the well being of everyone.
    But maybe I'm wrong- maybe the public isn't stupid- maybe we just don't care.
    Maybe people do act humanely, only for their own self-centered interests.
    In any case- I hate humanity.

  2. Shows like Teen Mom, Real Housewives, Jersey Shore, etc. that cash in on cheap, superficial entertainment are what dominate the entertainment industry nowadays. If it makes money, it'll happen. These shows are designed to be profitable - "fairness" will play no role in their creation.

    This is the way things work in our capitalist society, and personally, I find it disgusting. The fact that this kind of entertainment has remained so popular and so profitable gives you a pretty disappointing perspective on American culture today.

  3. Just turn the dial or read a book instead of watching these shows and then later complaining about them. Just about all shows, movies, even novels, deal with sex in some form or another.

    So get over it.

  4. Chelsea's father bought her that car. I don't think she got that money from the show, her car before was really nice too. Jenelle's last car broke down that's why she got a jetta... a used one. I agree though, if they're buying cars (with an exception to Chelsea who has never paid for anything in her life) they're being immature. If they're making anything from the show it should go into college funds for their babies. I think it's nice that they get a pay check and the show isn't to promote teen pregnancy, it's intended to prevent it by demonstrating to the American public the struggles. I do however believe that these girls need to save for their children put decent roofs over their heads, provide them with decent day care and get themselves educated so they can support their children at a later date. All of these new hair dos, manicures, pedicures, new fancy purses, and cars are wasteful. They have obligations to those kids.

    BTW to the last person who commented, if you don't like us bitching about the show, go to a different blog post or read a book instead of reading the whole post just to later complain about it. All people have opinions on the things they watch or read and sometimes it's nice to discuss them with others.

  5. You should not know that much about teen mom. Stop watching the show and make mtv play music again instead of showing the world how fucking retarded stereotypical Americans are.
    And the show is not INTENDED to prevent ANYTHING! It's intended to make money- NOTHING ELSE. You're a damn fool if you think a reality show has any motivation besides ratings and cash.

  6. Lol yes Jango. Haven't commented on this yet (I tend to get speechless when things like the show "teen mom" or whatever shit comes up) but wow you said it!

  7. I'm a busy person and get exhausted after long days of work and school. I like to wind down by watching Teen Mom and other reality T.V. shows. Sue me.

    Anyway, I'm not a damn fool. Not everything has a one sided motive to it. Oh, I know they wouldn't have made the show if they didn't expect some cash out of it, but to say that's all it's for is ignorant. The show gives out information after every episode to people who need it, it does have more than one motive. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying shows like the Jersey Shore have any meaning whatsoever, but some other shows do. How else do you think you're going to get a bunch of teenagers to pay attention to an issue that affects them? Sit down and calmly explain it to them with charts and statistics? Yeah right....

    You don't have to like Teen Mom, but just because you hate the show doesn't mean it has no purpose besides money. It's not all about what you want to read into it.

  8. Hm OK so let me get this straight anon 8:13, MTV, the same network that has sex written all over it - it is notorious for sending sexual messages to young girls and guys - is now trying to clean up the infected minds of these young people by putting out shows like "Teen Mom" so as to reverse the effects of the previous television broadcasts? You seriously think that MTV (or I should say, the owner of MTV) really gives a shit about preventing girls from becoming teen moms? Of course they don't! They use that as an excuse to exploit people and their problems, so they can make a shitload of money because they know Americans are idiots who will spend time watching the damn show everyday. It's pathetic. Watching a show about other people's fucked up lives. Yeah. How is that not a complete waste of time? Shows like that aren't even good for laughs. Not to mention I really don't think they accomplish their so called goal of getting girls to be careful (and what about a "Teen Dad" show instead?) - for one, girls should know a potential consequence of having sex is getting pregnant, DUH, and I'm pretty sure that "Teen Mom" is not going to stop anyone from having pre-marital sex if that's what they want to do. People have a tendency to think, "That won't happen to me". The show's a fucking useless pile of crap if you ask me, just like everything else on that stupid network and 99% of television in general. It's all crap.

  9. Lmao at the cars. Let's see jenelle's jetta is a 04 at the newest so it's at most $10,000. The fusion is a 08 or 09 at newest so probably $15,000 at most. Chelsea has the only nice car being a 2011 or 2012 wrangler