Wednesday, November 30, 2011

UWW registration blows (by two anons)

The woes of registration are upon us.  Here are two posts:

Registering for classes at University of Wisconsin-Whitewater is like pulling teeth.  I have had to register 4 times now for classes and 3 out of those 4 were hell on earth.  There are never enough spots in the classes you want or need to take to graduate on time and that is not ok.  I pay big money to come here every semester so your damn straight I should be getting the classes I need to get my degree.  The seniority of the resgistration makes sense, but there is no way that it should be taken to the extreme that it is. If a student with more credits than me has taken a class and failed it, he/she should not get to register for that class again untill everyone who needs it is enrolled.  That is the price they should have to pay for being irresponsible and getting such a poor grade.  The biology and chemistry classes are the worst on campus. I have had to take time out of my busy day multiple times to go and ask instructors if I could get into their class because it was already full.  This should not be something students have to worry about, it is just added stress that could be avoided if the departments would get their acts together.  I beleive that the departments that have the biggest problems with these matters (biology and chemistry) should completely reassess the way they go about having students register for classes.  Registration priority should be based on credit hours completed, but if a student has failed a certain class they should not be able to register for that same class the next semester until everybody else that needs it is enrolled.  The departments should also either hire more educators or limit the number of students being accepted because there are not enough teachers at this point to teach the growing number of science majors.  Overall the process should allow students to get into the classes that they need to graduate without hassle, especially as they grow closer to graduation.

I think that if we are paying so much money to get an education here at Whitewater that we should be able to take the classes that we want and need. In my particular situation i need science classes before the end of junior year. Struggling to get these classes done in time shouldn't be happening.  If i don't take the classes i need in time, then that will hinder my performance on the MCAT's and might prevent me from getting into a Med school. Also, if i don't get into the classes i need in time to even graduate in four years, because of the chem/bio department screw up, then i will have to come to whitewater for an extra semester or two, which would cost me even more money and time that i can't afford to be spending.

In order to prevent future situations such as mine from happening again, i think there should be more strict regulations as to how many students can get into the college of letters and sciences and have a chem/bio major. They shouldnt accept more students then they can provide for.  In these science classes there are also students taking them that do not have chem/bio majors, and i believe that students with chem/bio majors should have priority over those students that dont for those science classes. There are even some kids that do not even need to take a science class but are taking it just for fun, resulting in one less open spot for another student that does need the class.  Whether it comes to enforcing more strict regulations in the chem/bio departments or setting priorities, something needs to be done about this inconvenient and unfair predicament that more students are going to be forced to face.

Monday, November 28, 2011

I've found the cure for obesity! (by anon)

We know obesity and excessive weight gain has become a big problem for this country over the years, and that many Americans have terrible eating habits. Let's take a look at a few factors and think about why this is...

Many food companies of the food industry...
1) Bombard us with appealing ads, false health claims, and compete heavily with other companies for our money.
2) Stuff food with additives, such as chemicals and lab-created substances that do little for our health and overall nutrition, like high fructose corn syrup, preservatives, artificial flavors, artificial colors, MSG, artificial sweeteners, hormones, propellants, stabilizers, etc.
3) Do whatever they can to make a profit, through processing and manipulation, making their food look, taste, feel, and smell the best (and last the longest) by whatever means available (even if that compromises the nutritious value of the foods being sold to unwitting customers).

Many consumers of the United States...
1) Don't bother looking at food labels (let alone attempt to pronounce many of the ingredients listed).
2) Don't bother thoroughly researching the nutritious value of certain ingredients.
3) Don't look any further than (mostly consumer-targeted) diet books, diet pills, diet programs, magazines, random doctors' advice, neighbors' advice, TV commercial or talk show advice, etc.  in order to know the perfect diet for themselves as individuals with unique health and nutrition needs.
4) Give too much credit to messages on packaging, without thinking of the consequences, or the reality of the situation (i.e., "Fat free!", "Sugar free!", "Excellent source of calcium!", "High in fiber!", "Low in calories!", "No added MSG!", etc... ).
5) Want fast, portable, and cheap food (whether or not it's bad for their bodies).
5) Just don't give a fuck what they eat, as long as it pleases them.

See, I know it takes two to tango. Companies within the food industry use deceiving ads, coercive marketing strategies, and produce hoards of low-quality, manipulated, non-nutritious food for the sake of making profits. Understandably, this is harmful to people - people who are fucking stupid.

This is where I introduce the benefits of natural selection, in defense of the food industry's "deceptive" and "coercive" sale tactics: Those of us who are smart enough to learn what's good and what's bad (through a plethora of intelligent, readily available, relevant, useful, non-biased, informational, educational, and scholarly sources) will learn to weed out the foods that are generally not going to do one's body well, and will thus, live longer and suffer less from the physical/mental defects caused by foods unfit for our consumption. Thus, those who are stupid, will eventually waste away and end up immobile, having to take all sorts of harmful medications, living life in bed or on a couch, getting depressed and eventually lose the will to be active, socialize, or even live, and therefore, these kinds of people will eventually fall out of existence, and will no longer be around for the food companies to "exploit".

So to the food companies, I say, "Go get 'em!", and request that they make as many stupid Americans as possible become fat, unproductive, unhealthy, and mentally ill. The more this happens, the more advantages smart people will eventually have, because there will be such an increased disparity between the health and well-being of smart people vs. that of stupid people, that smart people will be the one's getting more job opportunities, having more sexual partners, having more children, and just overall, doing better in life... so much that the stupid people will eventually just die off (hopefully, anyway). How great?!

Now, if this does not sound right for some reason, I suggest that you stupid Americans out there eating away your livelihoods take time seriously investigating the quality and nutritious value of the foods you eat, and wonder no more about the five-inch overhang of fat on your stomachs, the grotesque amount of cellulite and fat lumps you've somehow managed to acquire before having reached the age of 22, why you can't jog steadily for more than 4 minutes straight (if that), and why the expensive diet pills, diet programs, exercise gadgets, etc. are not actually helping you achieve anything close to your peak physical fitness.

But, if you're just that stupid and you don't choose to adjust your eating habits, and you prefer to ignorantly fill your shopping carts and mouths with whatever you want because you are just that careless and unconcerned for your health or level of physical attraction, and you'd rather live as a gluttonous, taste-loving, ignorant, disgusting, fat, unhealthy, weak-willed, lazy American citizen, well then.... eat away!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving is not bullshit! (even if we did slaughter the natives) [by anon]

I realize this is a little late but, I've had this conversation more than few times the past couple days. It goes something like this "You know Thanksgiving is a bull shit holiday. How can we celebrate the murder and pillage of all the Native Americans?" Well, Mr. Nah Sayer, its really quite easy. We view Thanksgiving as a day to visit with friends and family and to be thankful for the things we have. Yes, the Indians were here first, and we came in and took everything. What would you like me to do about that? I'm not going to say I'm sorry for an event that made our way of life possible. These events as tragic as they may be don't really effect us anymore. It is necessary to know our history, but how does any of that have any hold over how we celebrate Thanksgiving? It doesn't, if you don't like the holiday don't celebrate it. Besides it's not like we all get around table with all our food and say "Hahahaha we got the Indians good, right." No, of course not. So Debbie Downers your 2/5 of a history lesson is noted, now shut the fuck up and pass the pumpkin pie.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Dude, pass me a beer....who cares if I'm under 21! (by anon)

Underage drinking in Whitewater is frowned on and enforced much too heavily.  We are in college now and part of the college experience is to party.  I'm not sure why Whitewater is so harsh on the underage drinking but it is stupid because at most of the other UW schools they are much more relaxed towards it.  I especially think it is stupid to bust kids in the dorms drinking.  Why not let us drink in the dorms so we arent in harms way instead of scaring us off to God knows where to get drunk.  I received 2 drinking tickets last year, both in the dorms, and it is bullshit because both times were on holidays.  We were staying in the dorms being somewhat responsible to try and not get caught at parties and they still busted us.  RIDICULOUS!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Is this normal? Am I normal? ... is anyone? (by anon)

I think I might be crazy. I like meeting new people, yet I hate going out to parties where I don't know anyone. I have so many self improving goals set for myself, but I drop the routine and give in to any happiness that takes my mind off everything else in life just so I can pretend I'm happy, which I am in general. I love my life and I say I'm lucky all the time. But my life is full of keeping up with everyone else's expectations but not keeping any promises I make to myself. I say I won't pig out and that I'll exercise, but by the end of the day I'm eating two crunchwrap supremes and my workout plan is forgotten in two days. My addictive personality manipulates me to find any and all pleasure I can. My id, if you will, controls every minute of my life and even though I realize it between my troughs of giving into self destructive behaviors, I always give in. Why? Is it because I have a horrible life? Not at all; I am very well off. Is it because my parents neglected me? No, they're incredibly supportive people. Or is the reason I need to indulge in so much mind altering activities because I feel that I don't belong? I have many friends due to my conformist public behaviors that others view me as acceptable or entertaining. But you wanna know the truth? I can barely stand people. I walk to class on Friday mornings when I hear not even a bird is chirping in the air and I think, "How great would it be if I were the only person on the planet? I would take care of my needs myself. I wouldn't have any responsibilities or duties to fulfill to anyone else. I literally wouldn't have a care in the world." It's when there is no one in sight or sound that I can be truly happy with my thoughts. Smoking and getting drunk makes me happier because I feel like I can relate to people better. Sure, as an evolutionary social creature I like to talk to people, but only in small doses. I have numerous sexual partners and they're all beautiful and gorgeous and they laugh at my jokes and they think I'm smart and nice, but I'm not. I don't think I'm exceptionally smart or funny. I've lied when I told many them I think they're funny or, especially when I say they're smart. Because that's the problem I find with people. Naturally, everyone reasons that their own morals and intellect are better than everyone else's. It's only when we have out-of-body experiences do we accept how none of that is true. I always try to keep this in mind but I can't help but feel that the majority of people I know are just dumb. Now it's important to state here that I don't think everyone is stupid. But I am always... always trying to meet someone as smart as me. That is, I have met few people in my life that have stimulated me enough intellectually. It's funny that I say that now because my mother has said that to me since I was in high school. (mom's always right, right?) That might be why I'm so quick to temper. Or maybe I like to argue or be controversial so much because it's more exciting and it's something different. I used to fight all the time with my parents when I was a teen. Is it because I had lousy parents? No. It's because I didn't. All my friends had parents who were divorced or had affairs or barely remembered their kids birthdays. I envied their dysfunction because I thought it made them deeper somehow. I'm quoting House here, but it's only now that I realize "it's normal to be screwed up. It's really screwed up to romanticize it." So I think I'm nuts because I hide all my problems and stuff from the world. I gotta go to a party that I don't want to go to now so I'll wrap this up. Tell me, where's the line to differentiate being normal crazy and REALLY crazy? Is it when we show people who we really are that we turn out to be crazy? Or am I batshit insane and everyone else really is "normal?"

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Morality is a disease (by Luce)

As humans, we like to pride ourselves in having morality, that it is something special that nothing else on earth has.  We can see good and bad, right and wrong, and act according to this moral sense.  This, then, exalts us above the other animals who lack the sense of morality.  I argue the opposite.  Morality is what makes humans the lowest of the animals.  Morality is an ungodly disease.

Case #1: Supposed moral authorities
Many of us let morality go to our heads.  For instance, take GOP presidential candidate Rick Santorum.  They pride themselves as morally superior authorities who find it acceptable to legislate their own moral views upon everyone else, especially in cases where survival is not an issue.  Santorum has been particularly vigilant to rail against homosexuality, claiming nothing short that it is an abomination.  How does he know that it is an abomination?  He does not.  Homosexuality is not a mortally threatening practice like murder, so why does he care?  Santorum’s moral sense is to force others to follow what he personally deems to be the “right” practice, where there is no justification that what he believes is actually right.  Moral sense corrupts.

Santorum is but one in a litany of people who presuppose a morally-than-thou mentality.  Michelle Bachmann, Glenn Beck, Keith Olbermann, the Pope, most priests and pastors, most Christians, and probably your neighbor.  The issues these moral authorities care about and might even die for range from homosexuality and abortion to clothing style, parenting techniques, and eating practices.  These people want to enter your lives and make you change your beliefs and ways to suit them.

Case #2: Animal cruelty
Have you heard of teenagers putting cats and puppies in microwaves?  In 2008 in Alberta, Canada, two teenage boys broke into some home, put a cat in the microwave and cooked it to death.  They listened to the cat’s screams for 10 minutes till the cat died.  These boys found pleasure in such an act.

Have you heard of animal poaching where humans find rhinos and elephants for their horns and tusks?  These people rip the horns and tusks right off the animals and leave the animal alive to die an agonizing death.  I’d include a picture, but it turns my stomach so.  Humans see “value” in those materials.  They pay handsome sums for them, and thus, people search out these treasures.
Would a cat put a human in an oven and cook the human for fun?  Would a rhino find a human and pull off its arms to sell?  No.  Such animals would never even think of such things.  They cannot.  We call them “brutes” because they cannot have such thoughts, but to be a brute appears to be a lot better than these creatures who have this moral sense.  We use the term “brute” as a pejorative term; I rather find it a compliment.  Moral sense is a disease.

Case #3: The history of humankind
Have you pondered the history of human “civilization?”  We call it “civilization,” but it is nothing of the sort.  To be “civil,” is to be respectful, well-behaved, and kind.  Human history is nothing but a continual assortment of wars, conflict, and domination.  The Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Chinese, British, French, Germans, and Americans (to name a few), all “progressed” through war and colonization.  We celebrate Thanksgiving without understanding that we raped, pillaged, and killed many of the Native Americans.  But that is how humankind operates.  We left England because of Morality.  We dominated the Native Americans because of Morality.  All war is based on Morality, or rather a difference in Moralities.

We, as humans, don’t know how to live peacefully with one another.  Moral sense corrupts and disrupts.  Many today still look at someone else’s skin color and deem the person morally inferior.

I know that some of you will say that many people are still “good” (though I don’t know how that would apply to the macro view of our history).  Yes, there are many who abuse this moral sense, but there are many who are responsible.  I ask, is it worth it?  I say that we do not know how to control this disease and it has spread in all of its vile ways.  It has done way more harm than good.  Are you blameless so far in your life?  Have you ever committed some act of cruelty or made someone feel bad because of some triviality?  If so, the world would have been better without you having moral sense at all.  All your good will never make up for even the tiniest act of cruelty.  Humanity was not ready to handle the burden of moral sense.  Our disease is consuming us.

My pillars: Mark Twain, Dostoevsky, Schopenhauer.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Can I have another glass of breast milk, please? (by anon)

We are the only species who drinks the milk of another species.  Pigs drink pig’s milk.  Raccoon drink raccoon’s milk.  Calves drink cow’s milk.  Human babies drink human milk…until they reach a certain age (anywhere from 2-4 yrs old) when they switch over to cow’s milk.  Why?  Whoever thought that was a good idea?  Would it ever sound like a good idea to drink milk from a possum?  I didn’t think so.  Then why cow’s milk?  Many people get sick from cow’s milk, so why are we insistent on the cow when it appears so unnatural?
Besides, we exploit the hell out of those cows so that we can have their milk.  We lock them in factory pens, pump them full of hormones, and milk them like that is the single value they have in life.  Our obsession with cow’s milk borders on animal cruelty.
My idea then is to go back to nature.  Let’s go back to drinking our own milk.  Good ole fashioned human breast milk.  It’s better for humans since it was designed for humans and it would lessen our exploitation of cows.  It’s a pretty simple argument.  And no, just saying that it is gross is not an acceptable criticism.  If you think about it, it is more gross to be drinking the milk of another species.
How would this actually work?  I don’t really know.  We would have to get a whole bunch of women to agree to produce the milk for certain fair wages, or sell their extra milk for fair prices.  We could even begin to find ways to get men to produce milk – I mean let’s put those male nipples to work!!  They must be there for a reason.  We could get everyone pitching in to contribute to the nation’s milk supply.  Hell, if this really caught on, we might actually start becoming a healthy country since people might have to eat better to produce better quality milk.  Save the cows.  Save ourselves!  Win-Win.
Think about it this way: if it is more natural to drink our own milk, why don’t we?

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Oh Divine Government, hallowed be thy name! (by anon)

Part of my friend’s religious doctrine is to trust one's government. The reasoning behind this belief:

a) God allows government to rule citizens.
b) God’s plan entails government rule of citizens.
c) Trusting God’s plan is trusting government rule.
d) Trusting God’s plan is also trusting God.
e) If one does not trust the government rule, one does not trust God’s plan.
f) If one does not trust God’s plan, one does not trust God (and as a result, will not be accepted into heaven).
f) Therefore, if one does not trust the government, one does not trust God, and will not go to heaven.

My conclusion: God = the government. If you believe in this particular religion, you have ultimate faith in the powerful people who govern you everyday of your life.

In case you have yet to see the problem with this, I’ll explain. My conclusion essentially gives God-like powers to those in power within the government. If that's not scary enough, I'll go on.

When people in the government are given God-like powers by those who are being governed, there is essentially infinite power given to the government, and there is also infinite trust put into it. Since this trust is part of a religious doctrine, there is little to no room for critical thought regarding our government's actions/policies (regardless of whether or not they seem to be working for us).

For example, some people might believe that it is against God's will to consume marijuana, because God allowed the government to ban marijuana. They believe anything the government tells us to do (or not do) is part of God's will, because God allowed our government to tell us what to do (this is illogical).

Religion thus becomes the vehicle for political power.

And to think I believed religion was not to have anything to do with politics. Now I wonder if politics had something to do with the pushing of this kind of religion and the Bible in general (according to my friend, it is written there somewhere that we must obey the authorities or the government or something - but all I remember is it saying as children, we must obey our mothers and fathers...)

Now, if I was going to try to control people, this would be a good way to do it - just make up a convincing story about a god named God (one that isn't fake like all the others in history) and tell everyone that God wants them to trust in their government. As long as I never let anyone know that I'm the government AND the one who wrote the story, I'll have everyone in the palm of my hand, as long as they stay afraid of that place I made up called "hell", for those who choose not to trust their government.

These days, I think it makes more sense to trust in God DESPITE the evil forces within our government that are holding us back, taking away our freedoms, telling us what is "right" and "wrong", controlling our individual lives, etc. The government is NOT God! Nor is it carrying out God's will (if anything, it’s doing the opposite). One would have to be mentally ill to believe God allows government control, thus we must submit to government control the way we submit to God… especially considering the past actions of our government (and others).

It's scary to think what could happen when so many people religiously believe in the government. Next thing you know, all the lunatics are following government orders to get “chipped”, in order to track individuals’ money in a future cashless society, and no one will be able to buy, sell, or trade without the chip (which sounds something I heard about from a book….).

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Dear WOI professor... (by anon)

Dear WOI professor,
You are a prick. In a class that is supposed to be about promoting different ideas and values, you are doing a ****ty job of letting us as students develop our own ideas. As a professional, if you do not like a particular student, you should respect them enough to not let your disdain show in class. Sadly, you have not granted me this respect and it is evident to other students as well as myself that you do not like me. I'm sorry my beliefs differ from yours but I will not let you try and convince me otherwise. After comparing work with my classmates, your "constructive criticism" seems to be constructive to anyone but me. An educator that truly cares about educating wouldn't blatantly put a student down in front of our entire class like you have done to me. Who are you to tell me that I am not putting any effort into school? I believe the rest of my professors would beg to differ. Get off your high horse and stop being a dick. I don't care that you're a published author and a well traveled lecturer, it doesn't make you a better teacher or person by any means. 


An extremely frustrated student

Teacher Qualifications Need to be Improved (by anon)

Do you want to know what chaps my brown eye is one of my professors, which I will call her “E.” To begin with, she is not fluent in English and is extremely difficult to understand. When she teaches she doesn’t even look at our class and does not interact with us. She just spews out information in a voice that is barely audible. People in the third row can barely hear her. I get the impression that she does not care about her students and dreads teaching. I don’t understand why she became a professor in the first place. She is not willing to give help, and the class average is a 65 for our weekly quizzes. With paying over 13 thousand dollars a year in tuition, I expect to receive highly qualified teachers that have a great passion for improving the lives of their students!

Monday, November 14, 2011

My Obama-bubble popped! (by Bill O'Naire)

Another four years of hell?

I'll be honest, as a young, optimistic American, I was very excited by the change brought forth by the powerful Obama Campaign. However, the charismatic speaker who preached about innovation and change proved to be nothing but a load of ear candy and a false hope for desperate Americans. The president loves to "share wealth" with other, more poor countries. This would be great, the only problem is we do not have any wealth to share. As his presidency continues, he is single handedly decimating the middle class, which makes up most of the American society. To those who agree with my view on the president, my question is, who would be the best candidate for the upcoming election and what would they have to do to save our dying country?
-Bill O'Naire

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Religion is the biggest scam in history! (by anon)

Until this past year, I was confused about exactly what I believed in terms of religion.  Today however, there is no doubt.  I believe religion to be one of the biggest scams and wastes of time in history.  Think about it in this simple way.  As governments began to form and people began to rule others, they realized they needed a way to control the population through more than just law.  They realized the simplest way to control a large group of people is to simply tell them if they don’t do what you want, then they will go to hell for eternity after they die.  Today I hear people talking about all these great things god does for them and I want to walk up to them and slap them in the head.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?  Apparently, the hard work people put in throughout their lives doesn’t mean shit because wherever you end up is simply where god meant for you to be.  One thing that really pisses me off is how politicians, Republicans in particular, try to use god and the bible to prove their points to be correct.   With the upcoming of the tea party in the past years it’s more adamant now than ever.  Yet, if you sit down and talk to these people and present them with what’s really in the bible, they simply say we interpreted it wrong and that their way is correct.  All religious people do is turn the bible and whatever their god says around to mean exactly what they want it to mean.  I could sit here and type for hours about the reasons religion pisses me off, but I think you get the drift.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

WOTA bites (by two anons)

Two posts about WOTA.


Well this is the place to vent our problems so here I go.  I am a biology major with a pre-med emphasis so most of my classes are of science.  There are no other classes that i should have to take other than those that are to help further my knowledge in my particular major.  Freshman and sophomores are required to take gened courses before they start their classes for their major's.  Since I'm a bio major why do I have to take a world of the arts class?  Yeah it teaches me other aspects in the world of art and music and theater, but when am i going to use that in my future? I'm not very interested in those required courses therefore I don't put much effort into them and I end up with not as good of a grade as I want, but that's just me. They are also a waste of time.  I could be taking classes for my major but instead I'm wasting time and money on these required classes.


I only know my section but from what I hear of everyone else, something has to be done about this class.  Get this.  The professor doesnt want to be there.  He all but say that.  He goes through the poweropint and no one actually cares.  Not even him.  We have to learn to apreciate the arts by going to 4 events that no one wants to go to.  The class is big so the professor doesnt even know me.  and everyone says the same things as that.  Is this how all of the gen eds are?  Im taking gened 130 in the spring.  Why are we required to take these courses if no one wants them?  Id rather be taking my business courses now.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

You dirty little student... (by two anons)

Judging from the posts below, some people find other people to be unusually dirty.  But is that just personal preference or are there some good arguments in these posts?  Do you have an argument of your own against dirtiness, or do you like to get all muddy??

Golden Rules for dining at Esker:

1) TAKE YOUR PLATES AND UTENSILS TO THE TRAY CAROSAL.  Seriously, how the hell were some of you raised, did your mother clean your room and do your chores as well?  We are not your parents.  Out of respect for your peers to keep the place clean and out of respect to the staff so we dont have to add an extra 20 minutes to closing time to clean up after a bunch of children... actually, children would be cleaner than some of you people, take your plates, bowls and utensils to the tray carosal located by the ice cream.

2) IF YOU SPILL SOMETHING, LET US KNOW.  Our favorite thing in the world is finding old spilled over ice cream that is covering a table... NOT!  It is the most putrid disgusting thing that I have seen in my life.  Whether its food, soda, tea... coffee, anything... let us know so we dont have to gag every time we go to clean tables.

3) TO THOSE OF YOU WHO HIDE FULL SODAS, FOOD BOWLS... STUFF THAT CAN SPILL.... IN THE PAMPHLETS... IT IS NOT FUNNY!  We already bust our asses to serve you, keep the place clean, and get to the point of scrubbing the freakin walls to keep you happy.  We do not find it amusing to go and clean tables to find a hidden surprise that spills all over us, so then we are covered in crap and bitchy for the rest of the day.  I suggest that if you want a clean place to eat, stop doing that crap.

4)  WE CLOSE AT 7 30, TAKE DOWN FOOD AT 7 45 Mon. - Fri. EVERY DAY.  If you come in right before we close, do not expect things to be perfect, and dont yell at us or bitch at us if things are not how they were when we FIRST opened at 4 pm. for dinner.  We are just doing our job, and we DO NOT want to be stuck their until 10 pm, so we hall ass.  It's bad enough to scrape off EVERYONE'S individual plate of food, but then to scrub by hand every last dish we use... it takes a lot of time, and we try our hardest to make you happy. If you are not satisfied, come a bit earlier or go to P street/drumlin.

5) To THOSE OF YOU WHO GO BY THESE RULES, THANK YOU!  To all of you who cooperate and are responsible we appreciate it a lot, and you make the job and environment much better for peers and staff, so keep doing what you are doing.

employee of Esker

Why are people so dirty? Why can't you just pick up your crap and either throw it away or hang it up? While in the bathroom the other day I want to go take a shower but instead of just taking a regular shower in a clean bathroom, I had to do so while in a bathroom filled with macaroni noodles on the floor. Not only is it disgusting, it makes you wonder, who taught you that? I know no parents would condone that, so why do it here?

Also, would someone please tell me why people keep their whole wardrobe on the ground or under their bed, even though they have a closet and a clothes rack? Pick your clothes up and put them on a hanger. wearing clothes that have been under your bed or on the floor for five strait days is gross. Don't get me wrong, I from time to time may leave a shirt on the ground overnight, but the next day I either pick it up and hand it up or I put it in my dirty wash. So please people, stop being so dirty and just pick your shit up.

Monday, November 7, 2011

A Liberal Arts education is messing up my job prospects! (by anon)

There are many problems today with a so-called “liberal arts” education. The number of students enrolled in humanities and social science coursework has grown exponentially. A concomitant, precipitous decline in the number of students enrolled in mathematics and the sciences has also occurred. There are good reasons for these phenomena. The societal consequences of this transition will be unhappy at best.

Those students who have abandoned mathematics and the sciences is understandable. These areas of study are rigorous and stressful. Moreover, those who entertain them tend to achieve grade point averages lower than do other students. To the rational, self-interested student, these facts can do no other than militate against the selection of “hard” majors in the sciences.

More attractive to most students are the philosophical and psychological sciences. These majors promote critical thinking, of course, and are of interest. However, in the present market, applicants trained in these disciplines face fierce competition for positions. Far too many have been graduated with degrees in these fields. As such, the marketplace for jobs has become saturated with them. What applicants need is to be different.

The modern world values specialization and technical proficiency. These aforementioned majors tend to provide little of either. As such, the student who devotes his undergraduate career to them will not thereby be empowered to land a well-paid position. This fact was not communicated to me with any force by the academic advisors I have had. Instead, it was encouraged that I, upon completion of my degree, attend graduate or professional school.

This recommendation reveals quite a lot. Indeed, it is an admission that, when studied at the undergraduate level, the aforementioned majors do not prepare one for gainful employment. They seem in fact quite inadequate to that task. Further education and study, then, is required if one is to acquire or secure quality employment.

However, the possession of advanced degrees no longer guarantees one quality, secured employment. That the (academic) marketplace currently suffers an overabundance of doctorates -- especially in the humanities and social sciences – is well-known. Consequently, those who earn such degrees face stiff competition for placement as faculty. By no means is the attainment of a tenure-track position assured (if it is even possible).

Those who major in mathematics or physics, then, are in demand. Their studies have equipped them with the knowledge and skills employers need and want. However, the number of students who have declared said majors has declined. As such, there exists a “mismatch” in the marketplace between the demand and supply of technically adept employees. Is it any wonder, then, that our country has witnessed high unemployment rates? One suspects that things will only get worse and the market will become even more frustrated as a result thereof.

In the interest of disclosure: I have chosen psychology as my major; my minors are mathematics and philosophy. I did not choose a minor in mathematics because I am an unusually gifted mathematician. Rather, I selected that minor because I think advanced numeracy is mandatory in today’s job market. Academic advisors outside the sciences, however, do not impress this fact upon their advisees. Career counselors are even more pathetic and useless and say nothing that I myself do not already know.

It seems, therefore, that a liberal arts education is being “sold” as worthwhile per se. I would suggest otherwise. How, for example, is the student of psychology and sociology to find employment immediately upon graduation? She cannot, at least not readily. When I researched prospective jobs, I found that most required mathematical, scientific or technical acumen. To be conversant in philosophy, while impressive and noble, is not the same. It will not impress employers who demand some familiarity with, say, differential equations.

I am truly upset that no adviser ever confronted me with these facts. If one had, I probably would have selected a “harder” major or minor sooner rather than later. I first declared a minor in mathematics my junior year, and did so only after I researched jobs. As a result, I am required to complete four mathematics courses this year, which will impose a lot of stress and hard work.

My experience shows that, at least at present moment, no dearth of jobs exists for those trained in mathematics and the sciences. I surmise, therefore, that a principal cause of unemployment today is a fundamental and pervasive mismatch: a mismatch between applicants’ and employers’ abilities, expectations and needs. This mismatch has been fostered and perpetuated -- in no small measure, I would say -- by and within the academy.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Truth (by anon)

“What is truth?”  I want to say that I don’t know.  But that would be partially incorrect.  In the very question, if I take it to be the right question, I’m already saying that I partially know.  I am saying that truth is a what, a something, some fact or person or path to take.  But I may be in error already, in the very question.

“What is truth?”  We all want to know.  It is the seed of curiosity that wells from within and propels us toward a litany of candidates.  Religion, science, subjectivity, objectivity, facts, logic, language.  They are all part of a lottery drawing where the tickets are forever beyond our grasp, the ungraspable.  Or it’s quite possible that the tickets are of our own making.  A fake lottery.  An invented lottery.  The great lottery fiction where all the people who claim to be in the truth are their own main characters playing their own heroic roles.  Little people playing little roles.

In some places, truth is a safe haven for those to feel comfortable as if it were home.  It is a warm enveloping.  To others, truth is an insatiable pursuit to find that which seems to be an emptiness in oneself.  One has to find that truth, because it must be there, somewhere.  Still others, truth is something to be feared for there are many who wield truth as a weapon to inflict it upon the untrue.  If you are one of the unlucky untrue, you must beware for the banner of truth must be obeyed, so they say.  You are either part of the herd and obedient or you will face just wrath.  Conceptions of truth can be beautiful, driving, binding, ugly, even evil.  It’s a wonder truth has persisted so long.

What I mean to say is that I’ve given up on the fantasy.  A fantasy that has its face pushed against a void, is itself a void.  It is more meaningful to ask about whom I love and care for.  Who can I help?  Who can I talk to?  This is a return to asking about “who” rather than “what.”  This is a return to humanity, to who matters.  And that is all the truth I need.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

CRACK KILLS!!! (by the wardrobe police)

On campus, I have noticed  the fashion statement of the past continues. Fellas like to wear their jeans/shorts under their ass and give the rest of us the auspicious sight of either their favorite pair of Calvin Klein drawers or even the CRACK OF THEIR ASS! Fellas WAKE-UP!! Do you even know what the significance is of this fashion statement  is? If you dont let me enlighten you. This is a statement that originates within the correctional system, in lay terms PRISON! When an inmate has been "claimed" by another inmate, that inmate would have to give up his belt to his claimee. This would then let other inmates know this particular inmate has already been claimed. It would also allow easier access for the kind of love making that is only found within the prison system. I am under the assumption that all of you envokeing and participating in this fashion statement are free men, why would you want to allow free access to your ass? I would also like to point out that this "fashion trend" lost its Mojo in 2005.. FIND A NEW STYLE!! Save all of us the sight of your pee-stained, cinnamon striped drawers and PULL YOUR PANTS UP!!!

Ladies. I know that "Skinny Jeans" are the new envogue thing to have in your wardrobe. Please be aware that just because you can doesnt mean you are supposed to! Two reasons. 1) If you sufffer from dunlops (the condition were your tummy dunlops over the sides of you pants) it is a horrific sight for all those around you to see the human body stuffed into clothes that dont fit right. You look like a walking piece of sausage. Not to mention the sight of jiggling flesh on another human being is just plain gross. 2) When you sit down in the seat directly in front of someone, your skinny jeans reveal a side of you that noone wants to see during classtime. I.E. the CRACK OF YOUR ASS!! It is very distracting for all of the wrong reasons. Some of you go so far as to not even put on drawers out of fear, for GHAST, a panty line. This is even more disgusting.

Can everyone just take a bit of time when picking out the wardrobe of the day? Please be aware that whether you care or not people are looking at you. Please be considerate of those who are forced to spend time in your presensce, either passing by you on the way to class or directly in class itself and cover the CRACK OF YOUR ASS!  PRETTY-PLEASE

Thursday, November 3, 2011 likey the cats (by meow)

I'm a student and I currently live near campus in an apartment that does not allow cats, and up until I moved here, I have lived with cats my entire life, and I've always wished I could have a cat around. At my parents house about an hour away, I have 8 or 9 cats (don't worry - we're not just crazy cat people - they are indoor/outdoor cats, plus most of them fell into our hands because they were stray/abandoned kittens, and who could turn down a lost kitten?) and I get to see them every weekend when I go home (it's usually the highlight of my weekend).

I enjoy the company of my cats more than the company of my roommate and her friends who are always over (and most people for that matter, which I guess is weird - but seriously, a lot of people are really not fun to be around, and since cats can't talk, they are never as insulting, annoying, boring, infuriating, or stupid). So I really like having at least one cat around because cats are loving, comforting, and entertaining. But since I can't have a cat in my apartment, if I were to keep one here, I would be thrown out and/or I would have to pay a crap load of money for bringing it here. Either way, I just can't have a cat. Even the apartments that do allow cats typically charge a monthly fee, PLUS a deposit (that is sometimes refundable), and it already costs enough to own a cat (litter, food, toys, etc.), plus the apartment I'm in now is the best one there is.

Anyway, I tried pet rats instead, and they were OK but certainly not the same as a cat. When I have a cat to come home to, I'm happy. If I'm stressed/angry/sad, hanging out with a cat usually makes me feel better. If I'm bored, I can try to teach it tricks or just play with it. If I have scraps from dinner, I can take joy in feeding them to my cat instead of just sending them down the disposal. Sometimes my cat even likes to watch T.V. and movies with me, and will tell me when it's time to take a break from my school work, and even wake me up in the morning. Also, depending on the cat, I could actually take it for a walk sometimes.

So as you see, a cat is almost necessary for my well-being. But I can't have one. Why? I know it could scratch things, but I'd keep its nails trimmed and have a thing for it to scratch (and of course I'd repair any damages before I moved out). And I know they can leave messes, but what's the difference if I have to get the carpet cleaned anyway? And I'm pretty sure if my cat started peeing somewhere other than the litter box, I would not let that continue because that is just ridiculous to let happen. So I'm a responsible person! If my roommate can have friends over to party every night without having to pay a deposit or a monthly fee for that, why can't I have a cat for free as well? A bunch of stupid drunk people are bound to do just as much, if not more damage to my apartment than a single cat is bound to do. So what the hell?? Why do apartments tell me I can't have a cat (or make me pay an unreasonable amount for one)?

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Proud to be a White Man! (by anon)

Now before I start my rant, I first want to say that I am NOT a backwoods, redneck, racist.  All I am saying is that this whole being a white man does not mean what it used to and that is good.  We have progressed to a point in society that being black, Asian, a woman, or anything other than a white man doesn't mean that you cannot succeed in this great nation.  That is what this country is founded on and the way it needs to be.

After saying that, I will begin my rant.  I am from a small, predominately, farming community in central Wisconsin, and that will always be my home because it’s filled with good hardworking American families.  I come from a very specific background which has lead to my beliefs.  Women in this country want to cry for equality, but don't understand what that word means.  Equality means you have the same chance as every other person, not equal numbers.  One example of this is refs in professional sports.  There is only one ref in the NBA that is female, and none in the NFL.  Well take a look at the fucking numbers, there is only one ref in the minor leagues for the MLB, well let’s say there are 100 minor league umps, that means her chances of making it to the MLB should be 1%.  Well those odds aren't that good, does that mean that the MLB is full of sexist fucking pigs that don't want women to ump, NO!!!!  It means that there aren't enough women trying to become professional umps.  Then let’s look at the race differences in this country.  Is racism completely gone in this country, of course not and anybody who says otherwise is a fool.  I have talked with my friends, who are of a different race, and I asked how much money they got from the government and it literally takes my breath away.  They always like to tell me that well I'm the first generation of my family to go to college to which I respond me fucking too!  Did I get any money from the government because of my skin color...FUCK NO!!!!!!  Race doesn't hold anybody back anymore, if someone wants to go to college they have to do it the same as a white man does, by getting good grades and doing the extra effort to make you stand out.  I am so sick and tired of hearing the bullshit that minorities in this country try to spew out at me every day, well the government is holding me back, you wouldn't understand because you’re white.  The only racism in this country anymore is the racism that minorities are putting on themselves and making the fucking excuses to why they shouldn't have to put in the work.  That's what is holding anybody back in today’s societies, themselves.  Then I have to hear about people bitching that they can't go to college because they don't have the money to go (which also can tie into the race card).  You know what I had to do to pay my way through college...suck it up and work a shitty job for the last 5 years.  At 16, I drove a pea combine for 90-100 hours a week for my summer.  You can always find a job; it’s just that people always think that they are too good for the shit work.  I did the shit work for the last 5 years and nobody can tell me otherwise.  It has cost me the summers and all the fun comes with it, but big fucking deal, I did what I had to do to.  In today's struggling job market, people are looking for the best people to work for them, not the best white man.  If anybody is really getting screwed over anymore, it's the white man.  No longer is it really just looking at the best possible candidate for the position, everybody is so god-dammed politically correct all the time, that they need the diversity.  So for a white man to get ahead in this country anymore, we need to be better than everyone else to get the jobs we want because if it is a tie, nine times out of ten it won't be going to me.  Then if I do get the job over the minority, everyone is going to think that it was because of me being a white man and not because of the hard work and dedication that I have put in.

Now there are all these people who want to tell me that we need to embrace Latino history month, Black or Asian history month, and celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness month.  What do the white people get????  Every time we try to celebrate our history and be proud of what we are we get shamed into thinking that we are racists.  I say NO, be proud of what has been accomplished.  Every time one of these celebrations comes along and it’s just putting a bigger riff into society.  Minorities are dividing this country because every time we have a celebration for only one group of people, its separates us into groups again.  Why not just be proud to be American and embrace it no matter the skin color or gender?  I think it’s because minorities want an excuse to get out of the hard work and determination it takes to succeed in this country.  I firmly believe that nothing should ever just be handed out, they need to be earned.  If you want to do something great, then get off your ass and do what it takes to get it done and don't stop until you get it!