Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Teacher Qualifications Need to be Improved (by anon)

Do you want to know what chaps my brown eye is one of my professors, which I will call her “E.” To begin with, she is not fluent in English and is extremely difficult to understand. When she teaches she doesn’t even look at our class and does not interact with us. She just spews out information in a voice that is barely audible. People in the third row can barely hear her. I get the impression that she does not care about her students and dreads teaching. I don’t understand why she became a professor in the first place. She is not willing to give help, and the class average is a 65 for our weekly quizzes. With paying over 13 thousand dollars a year in tuition, I expect to receive highly qualified teachers that have a great passion for improving the lives of their students!

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  1. Have you talked to her about your concerns? Maybe pull her aside after class and ask her if she's aware of these issues? Any teacher/student relationship is just that: a relationship. You get what you put into it.