Wednesday, November 30, 2011

UWW registration blows (by two anons)

The woes of registration are upon us.  Here are two posts:

Registering for classes at University of Wisconsin-Whitewater is like pulling teeth.  I have had to register 4 times now for classes and 3 out of those 4 were hell on earth.  There are never enough spots in the classes you want or need to take to graduate on time and that is not ok.  I pay big money to come here every semester so your damn straight I should be getting the classes I need to get my degree.  The seniority of the resgistration makes sense, but there is no way that it should be taken to the extreme that it is. If a student with more credits than me has taken a class and failed it, he/she should not get to register for that class again untill everyone who needs it is enrolled.  That is the price they should have to pay for being irresponsible and getting such a poor grade.  The biology and chemistry classes are the worst on campus. I have had to take time out of my busy day multiple times to go and ask instructors if I could get into their class because it was already full.  This should not be something students have to worry about, it is just added stress that could be avoided if the departments would get their acts together.  I beleive that the departments that have the biggest problems with these matters (biology and chemistry) should completely reassess the way they go about having students register for classes.  Registration priority should be based on credit hours completed, but if a student has failed a certain class they should not be able to register for that same class the next semester until everybody else that needs it is enrolled.  The departments should also either hire more educators or limit the number of students being accepted because there are not enough teachers at this point to teach the growing number of science majors.  Overall the process should allow students to get into the classes that they need to graduate without hassle, especially as they grow closer to graduation.

I think that if we are paying so much money to get an education here at Whitewater that we should be able to take the classes that we want and need. In my particular situation i need science classes before the end of junior year. Struggling to get these classes done in time shouldn't be happening.  If i don't take the classes i need in time, then that will hinder my performance on the MCAT's and might prevent me from getting into a Med school. Also, if i don't get into the classes i need in time to even graduate in four years, because of the chem/bio department screw up, then i will have to come to whitewater for an extra semester or two, which would cost me even more money and time that i can't afford to be spending.

In order to prevent future situations such as mine from happening again, i think there should be more strict regulations as to how many students can get into the college of letters and sciences and have a chem/bio major. They shouldnt accept more students then they can provide for.  In these science classes there are also students taking them that do not have chem/bio majors, and i believe that students with chem/bio majors should have priority over those students that dont for those science classes. There are even some kids that do not even need to take a science class but are taking it just for fun, resulting in one less open spot for another student that does need the class.  Whether it comes to enforcing more strict regulations in the chem/bio departments or setting priorities, something needs to be done about this inconvenient and unfair predicament that more students are going to be forced to face.

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  1. Multimedia major here. You're not alone. Getting into Artstudio and MAGD classes is a nightmare. And this semester they have even cut down on the number of Art Studio classes being offered for my major. Of the first tier of classes for my major, there are supposed to be 6 options, and only 3 of them are being offered this semester. Not surprisingly, the ones being offered are not the one's I wanted to take; and since these classes are prereq's for the second tier of classes I need to take, I am even more limited for those classes I will need to take later.