Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Dude, pass me a beer....who cares if I'm under 21! (by anon)

Underage drinking in Whitewater is frowned on and enforced much too heavily.  We are in college now and part of the college experience is to party.  I'm not sure why Whitewater is so harsh on the underage drinking but it is stupid because at most of the other UW schools they are much more relaxed towards it.  I especially think it is stupid to bust kids in the dorms drinking.  Why not let us drink in the dorms so we arent in harms way instead of scaring us off to God knows where to get drunk.  I received 2 drinking tickets last year, both in the dorms, and it is bullshit because both times were on holidays.  We were staying in the dorms being somewhat responsible to try and not get caught at parties and they still busted us.  RIDICULOUS!


  1. Whenever I read the police reports in the Royal Purple, I realize that usually 75% or MORE of the reports involve alcohol use - underage consumption, selling to an underage person, using a fraudulent ID, disorderly conduct (assuming the person ticketed was under the influence, because they usually are for these), etc..
    Also, we have had past incidents in which students host parties, charge money for alcohol (w/ out a license), sell it to underage people, and pack guests in way past the fire hazard limit.
    Moreover, we all know about Trey, who died after being hit by a drunk driver.
    Unfortunately, all this amounts to is more money for the state, and a fundraiser for an unnecessary baseball field that people want to call a "memorial" (even though many children end up as victims of drunk driving accidents, and adding a fourth baseball field isn't going to solve the problem).
    So what does this teach us?
    Well, it teaches us that 1) alcohol use is prevalent among college students at UWW 2) alcohol use causes a great deal of harm to those drinking and those who are innocently standing by 3) all that happens is the police dept. hands out tickets left and right to anyone and everyone who uses alcohol irresponsibly (or illegally) and we build stupid memorials for those who paid their life for someone's irresponsible drunkenness and 4) We'd all be better off smoking pot instead.
    Alcohol is legal but it causes way more disturbances in society than anyone wants to admit. Society then treats the symptoms of the problem, but never targets the cause. The cause I think is that not enough people are introduced to alcohol early enough in life, so they go insane with it when they get to college. Beer/liquor commercials advertise for alcohol but say, "Drink Responsibly" which is a message most people don't even understand or take seriously. I think people need to become more educated about what alcohol does and how the effects can be extremely dangerous. And then I think everyone just needs to smoke a bowl and calm the f*** down.

  2. Because the government can make more money on alcohol related fines and people getting in bar fights and running over children and killing themselves than kids who sit at home thinking deep and playing video games

  3. It's illegal to do so because it's profitable to the government. It's the same thing with marijuana and other drugs.

  4. Jango - yes the government makes a lot of money on fines, bar fights, and running over children, the deep thinkers are at home playing video games. I love the bar fights! LOL

    Eric, we may be can to smoke our way out of the economic recession. LOL

    8:12, lets just smoke pot and calm the fuck down. Pass the dope!

    Great demonstration of Whitewater student intelligence~ I am proud to be an American.