Saturday, November 5, 2011

CRACK KILLS!!! (by the wardrobe police)

On campus, I have noticed  the fashion statement of the past continues. Fellas like to wear their jeans/shorts under their ass and give the rest of us the auspicious sight of either their favorite pair of Calvin Klein drawers or even the CRACK OF THEIR ASS! Fellas WAKE-UP!! Do you even know what the significance is of this fashion statement  is? If you dont let me enlighten you. This is a statement that originates within the correctional system, in lay terms PRISON! When an inmate has been "claimed" by another inmate, that inmate would have to give up his belt to his claimee. This would then let other inmates know this particular inmate has already been claimed. It would also allow easier access for the kind of love making that is only found within the prison system. I am under the assumption that all of you envokeing and participating in this fashion statement are free men, why would you want to allow free access to your ass? I would also like to point out that this "fashion trend" lost its Mojo in 2005.. FIND A NEW STYLE!! Save all of us the sight of your pee-stained, cinnamon striped drawers and PULL YOUR PANTS UP!!!

Ladies. I know that "Skinny Jeans" are the new envogue thing to have in your wardrobe. Please be aware that just because you can doesnt mean you are supposed to! Two reasons. 1) If you sufffer from dunlops (the condition were your tummy dunlops over the sides of you pants) it is a horrific sight for all those around you to see the human body stuffed into clothes that dont fit right. You look like a walking piece of sausage. Not to mention the sight of jiggling flesh on another human being is just plain gross. 2) When you sit down in the seat directly in front of someone, your skinny jeans reveal a side of you that noone wants to see during classtime. I.E. the CRACK OF YOUR ASS!! It is very distracting for all of the wrong reasons. Some of you go so far as to not even put on drawers out of fear, for GHAST, a panty line. This is even more disgusting.

Can everyone just take a bit of time when picking out the wardrobe of the day? Please be aware that whether you care or not people are looking at you. Please be considerate of those who are forced to spend time in your presensce, either passing by you on the way to class or directly in class itself and cover the CRACK OF YOUR ASS!  PRETTY-PLEASE


  1. Don't you just hate it when ignorant people write about things they know nothing about. First, having been in prison I can tell you that they don't give out belts PERIOD. They are not as stupid as you. Read this the following piece I wrote on saggy pants a few years ago and learn something.

    Here is a little piece I wrote for on the issue of saggy pants.

    "Several years ago the National Basketball Association implemented an extremely unpopular dress code, and you did not have to be a rocket scientist to know that the target was African American basketball players.
    Understandably, school districts, given wide latitude by the courts, have also implemented more restrictive dress codes. Now it appears that communities across the country have decided to get in on the action by passing laws against wearing sagging pants in public. Sagging pants style is worn by young black males, although a few white males wear sagging pants. This style, popularized in the early 1990s by hip hop artists, has become extremely popular across the United States. In Delcambre, Louisiana, a town of 80 miles southwest of Baton Rouge, wearing your pants in this manner carries a fine of as much as $500 or up to a six-month jail sentence.

    Another town, Mansfield, fines offenders up to $150 and 15 days in the slammer. According to the esteemed mayor, “this new law will set a good civic image.” The success in passing these dress codes has inspired other communities to follow suit. Efforts to outlaw sagging in Virginia and statewide in Louisiana in 2004 failed, usually when opponents invoked a right to self-expression. But the latest legislative efforts have taken a different tack, drawing on indecency laws, and their success has inspired other lawmakers. With hip hop under serious attack from the song lyric police, the time is ripe to make a frontal attack on sagging pants. Next, they may go after the over-sized t-shirts. For example, in the West Ward of Trenton, New Jersey, Councilwoman Annette Lartigue is "drafting an ordinance to fine or enforce community service in response to what she sees as the problem of exposing private parts in public. 'It's a fad like hot pants; however, I think it crosses the line when a person shows their backside,' Lartigue said. 'You can't legislate how people dress, but you can legislate when people begin to become indecent by exposing their body parts.'" While she is being general here, you can bet that sagging pants will be included in this ordinance.

    From my perspective, sagging pants is nothing but a metaphor for the hip hop lifestyle. Critics of this lifestyle view sagging pants as a badge of delinquency along with its distinctive thug walk and disrespect for authority, whatever this means. Sagging began in American prisons, where over-sized uniforms were issued without belts to prevent suicide and the use of belts as weapons. The style spread by way of rappers and music videos, from the ghetto to the suburbs and around the world. Sagging pants are an easy and convenient symbol of the supposed dereliction and menace of young blacks but white kids sometimes called Wiggers are emulating blacks, after all young white kids purchase most of the gangster rap music."

    So don't write about stuff you know nothing about. It shows your ignorance. Saggy pants in the joint does not mean that your ass belongs to another man, it just means that you do not have a belt. They don't give them out in jail.

  2. The last few topics are cracks in the ass, pussy cats, souls.

    No deep thinkers here,

    Mr. Nut Job

  3. You're just trying to yank a chain nutjob. If you look at the previous posts in October alone, you would read a wide variety of topics and comments that show that UWW students are, in fact, deep thinkers (e.g., politics, feminism, and lots of stuff on pedagogy). Of course, we also have surface opinions expressed, but that doesn't take away from the depth of our students.

    Besides, I'm the one who posts the posts in the order I post them. Just because I happened to post two posts in a row that you happen to take as not "serious" posts, that doesn't mean that that is all I have in my queue. I have quite a few in my queue of all stripes, and I judge, as best I can, the order of posting. So, if you are going to call anyone a "not deep thinker," aim it at me since I judge the order of posting.

    But I will say that you are smoking something strong if you think that every post should be of ultimate "depth." Maybe you don't like to laugh or have fun... ;)

  4. Critically Pissed, don't get your shorts in a knot, but high school kids could write better and more intelligent posts. Know what I am saying?

    I am amazed that you even post some of this crap, but for all I know you may really believe that posts about cat piss, ass cracks, proud to be a white man, poor Hyland Hall bathrooms, stay out of my vagina, fuck feminism, and souls integrating with cock roaches after death is profoundly deep.

    Its been just about a year now, so its time to step up to the plate, Critically Pissed, and establish some ground rules and standards. Don't just post any old shit just because a student sent it to you. Most students here will turn in any old shit. I got a box full of midterm papers to prove this.

    So prove your point, if you can, that UWW students are real deep thinkers. I doubt it but willing to give you benefit of the doubt. So bring it on.

    Lets see some of the posts written by these so called mysterious deep thinking students. Time to put up or shut up!

    Have some pride. People are reading this site across over campus and the country so kick it up a notch.

    There are no deep thinkers here!

    The rest of you attack dogs, bring it on. Mr. Nut Job is waiting for you. Your attacks will change nothing.

  5. Alright nutcrack, how do you articulate the point of this blog?

    If the point of the blog is to spark critical discussion on the topics that interest our students, then what gets posted is exactly in line. All you need to do is peruse the breadth of comments that follow a post and, for the most part, there is critical discussion. Yes, there are some comments that do not contribute a serious point or counterpoint, but who cares. More often than not, students and faculty are engaging the topic and other commenters meaningfully. If that's not the purpose, you're lost on me.

    Of course I don't think you'll buy any of that. Why? Because it appears that your standards for what counts as "serious" and "meaningful" are way beyond the pale of reasonableness. You probably don't even think that discussing this point is serious. You certainly don't think that discussing feminism or political legislation is meaningful, since you cite posts involving those themes as not serious. So I'm left believing that your standards are way too high. In fact, I'd bet that your own comments and posts wouldn't cut it.

    You might have to consign yourself to silence under your own apparent conceptions of seriousness. I guess I won't expect a follow-up comment from you ;)

  6. Oh please Critical, don't piss in my face and try to convince me that it is rain.

    You may be right, that the post "I am a proud white man" is a reflection of student interests, especially on a white campus.

    How about the other racist and stupid post on crack, a subtle racist slam of black men and women, although this idiot never identified it as such but it was racist.

    Perhaps it was written by another proud white man. For the record, I would not have posted them! Nor would I have posted the cat story, nor the Hyland Hall and res hall food bullshit. Do you really consider these students as deep thinkers!

    So, stop being so damn defensive Critical and step up to the plate. Help these students, who you consider as deep, become even deeper thinkers instead giving them a venue to display their stupidity, racism and sexism.

    We are waiting,

    Mr. Nut Job

  7. Hmmm...yes, let's cover over what students are really thinking by censoring them and then calling ourselves good little boys and girls. That must certainly be the way to advance critical thought.

    Go start your own blog if you're so disgusted with what you find here. I don't agree with everything that is posted here, but that is not the point of this blog. The point is to engage students and faculty with where they are at, and hopefully along the way, we can all learn something valuable. If you don't believe there was any critical value to the comments after "Proud to be a White Man!" then I seriously don't know how you are UWW professor. UWW professors think more deeply than that.

    Go home nutcrack.

  8. Mr. Nut Job -
    I don't know how you think that this post is racist... When I read it, what I imagined was the plethora of girls (who are actually all white from what I've seen) wearing pants that are too tight, so their bellies hang out and their asses show when they sit down (in fact, I know of one in particular who currently sits in front of me in one of my classes). So to assume this post is somehow a subtle form of racism is just wrong. Maybe it is you who is the racist?

    And I have to agree with CP.