Wednesday, November 9, 2011

You dirty little student... (by two anons)

Judging from the posts below, some people find other people to be unusually dirty.  But is that just personal preference or are there some good arguments in these posts?  Do you have an argument of your own against dirtiness, or do you like to get all muddy??

Golden Rules for dining at Esker:

1) TAKE YOUR PLATES AND UTENSILS TO THE TRAY CAROSAL.  Seriously, how the hell were some of you raised, did your mother clean your room and do your chores as well?  We are not your parents.  Out of respect for your peers to keep the place clean and out of respect to the staff so we dont have to add an extra 20 minutes to closing time to clean up after a bunch of children... actually, children would be cleaner than some of you people, take your plates, bowls and utensils to the tray carosal located by the ice cream.

2) IF YOU SPILL SOMETHING, LET US KNOW.  Our favorite thing in the world is finding old spilled over ice cream that is covering a table... NOT!  It is the most putrid disgusting thing that I have seen in my life.  Whether its food, soda, tea... coffee, anything... let us know so we dont have to gag every time we go to clean tables.

3) TO THOSE OF YOU WHO HIDE FULL SODAS, FOOD BOWLS... STUFF THAT CAN SPILL.... IN THE PAMPHLETS... IT IS NOT FUNNY!  We already bust our asses to serve you, keep the place clean, and get to the point of scrubbing the freakin walls to keep you happy.  We do not find it amusing to go and clean tables to find a hidden surprise that spills all over us, so then we are covered in crap and bitchy for the rest of the day.  I suggest that if you want a clean place to eat, stop doing that crap.

4)  WE CLOSE AT 7 30, TAKE DOWN FOOD AT 7 45 Mon. - Fri. EVERY DAY.  If you come in right before we close, do not expect things to be perfect, and dont yell at us or bitch at us if things are not how they were when we FIRST opened at 4 pm. for dinner.  We are just doing our job, and we DO NOT want to be stuck their until 10 pm, so we hall ass.  It's bad enough to scrape off EVERYONE'S individual plate of food, but then to scrub by hand every last dish we use... it takes a lot of time, and we try our hardest to make you happy. If you are not satisfied, come a bit earlier or go to P street/drumlin.

5) To THOSE OF YOU WHO GO BY THESE RULES, THANK YOU!  To all of you who cooperate and are responsible we appreciate it a lot, and you make the job and environment much better for peers and staff, so keep doing what you are doing.

employee of Esker

Why are people so dirty? Why can't you just pick up your crap and either throw it away or hang it up? While in the bathroom the other day I want to go take a shower but instead of just taking a regular shower in a clean bathroom, I had to do so while in a bathroom filled with macaroni noodles on the floor. Not only is it disgusting, it makes you wonder, who taught you that? I know no parents would condone that, so why do it here?

Also, would someone please tell me why people keep their whole wardrobe on the ground or under their bed, even though they have a closet and a clothes rack? Pick your clothes up and put them on a hanger. wearing clothes that have been under your bed or on the floor for five strait days is gross. Don't get me wrong, I from time to time may leave a shirt on the ground overnight, but the next day I either pick it up and hand it up or I put it in my dirty wash. So please people, stop being so dirty and just pick your shit up.


  1. Spoiled brats with no consideration for anyone but themselves is what causes the problems. We have to admit that in a way, college is JUST like high school, except without the supervision and extra guidance/restrictions. So we have high school students basically who just became "free" and think they can do whatever the hell they want. I say Karma comes back to those people who leave trash and other messes around for the hell of it, out of laziness, or just pure ignorance. It's common sense to clean up after yourself, because each person is responsible for him/herself, but apparently some of these kids have no conscience and like to shit all over with no regard for any other human being. My guess is those kinds of kids aren't even reading this blog at all even, so it's kinda pointless to even have written it, or for me to even be writing this comment. As far as the macaroni noodles in the shower... sounds like a drunken, spastic child thought they were having a good time one night or something. I can't imagine a sober, normally functioning adult doing anything like that.
    I think when it comes to college, we have kids who stay in high school mode all through college, we have kids that grow up half way through, and we have adults who have been adults since they stepped foot on campus. Unfortunately, I think universities tend to cater to students as though they are still high school kids, and college is pretty much like high school for most. Partying, fuckin around, hooking up, and just scraping by in school... all without supervision or anyone to kick them in the ass when they act like idiots.

  2. To the esker employee:

    I understand completely what you are talking about. When I was a freshman here many moons ago I was somewhat like the kind of person you describe. I went to Esker a lot and well I took care of my trash and dishes sometimes I would get lazy and stick that dessert dish somewhere on the table. I thought that people at esker are paid to take care of the place so why should I care.

    Now as a senior I look back with shame at my behavior. You guys are just students like me. Your just trying to do a job like I am when I do mine. I have a lot more respect for my food services workers now and when I go to esker these days I always take care of all parts of my meal. Having gained some more experience I don't have that feeling of entitlement some students have.

    Prof. Chaos

  3. Hehe totally guilty of the clothes... I don't know why honestly it's so hard to put clothes away, but laundry sucks... that's why people wear five day old floor clothes. In case you were wondering, but my roommate doesn't mind... we're both pretty lazy when it comes to clothes, so I'm good with that.

    However, about the macaroni noodles on the shower floor and the terrible eating habits at Esker... there is a limit to nastiness. At some point, people just have to think about the other people that have to share the same living space. Leaving sticky, gooey messes for other people is gross. Everybody knows that so try not to make the bathrooms and cafeteria the most appalling places on campus, ok?