Friday, February 24, 2012

Murdering for dummies: Outraged at Casey Anthony (by anon)

Like most people, I was outraged by the Casey Anthony case that was the highlight of U.S. newscasts in July 2008. After years of trials, testimonies, and presented evidence, the court deemed Casey Anthony not guilty of murdering her 2-year-old daughter on July 5, 2010.
Although the majority of the hype from the trail has died down, it won’t be long before Casey Anthony’s name appears once again in headlines. It has been reported that Casey Anthony’s next step is to hopefully sell her story with a book deal. Although it’s only talk, there’s a good possibility that Casey Anthony could indeed write a book and become one of the richest women in the country. 
While they remain anonymous, book publishers have began negotiating for Casey Anthony’s autobiography. Literary agents suggest that if Casey Anthony were to write a book or sell rights to her autobiography, she could make as little as much as $750,000 to one million dollars. 
I find it appalling that readers flock to buy books written by public figures that were only made famous by committing terrible acts and being put on public trial. Another example of a book written by someone of the same demeanor, O.J. Simpson, who’s book “If I Did It” sadly reached the number two spot on the New York Times bestseller list when it was first released. 
I don’t believe it is right that people of this stature are able to make money off of their trails. Furthermore, I don’t think it should be legal for them to. Why? First and foremost, what lesson are we teaching anyone if we directly support a paycheck of someone that went on trail for murdering her own daughter? Second, if this is the way a woman can go from rags to riches, then who’s to say no one else will follow in her footsteps and do the same thing? Lastly, what has our society come to when this is the kind of leisure reading that entertains us and makes someone a millionaire? By buying their books, we’re essentially signing their paychecks, is that honestly what we as a society feels should be legal?


  1. so casey was found guilty then?



  2. She was found innocent. This is just saying that she's writing a book about the story, claiming she didn't.

  3. Really? I'm pretty sure it would be unconstitutional if it were illegal for someone to write their own damn autobiography and have it published and sold. What a wacko you are. If people want to buy a book written by someone who probably murdered their kid but got off anyway via the US justice system, so be it. Who cares really? And what are you talking about "lessons"? Do you really think it's the government's place to ban such books in order to avoid setting what you might call a poor moral example? Also, I'm pretty sure most people would NOT decide to kill their child after seeing Casey Anthony get rich. And if anyone did decide to do that, we could not blame the book or its publishers. While I can imagine that the idea of getting rich by murdering one's own child (and hopefully getting away with it like you suspect Anthony did), could be powerful enough to make someone (who maybe otherwise wouldn't have thought of it) actually try to do it, I can only imagine it happening in rare cases in which the person is already predisposed to harm others for personal gain (so again, any number of things could be considered the cause of homicide or other violence, and it is by mere chance that one thing happens to be considered the cause over another). So maybe you just want a government that tells us what we're not allowed to buy into and what we're supposed to believe to be morally unacceptable in what is supposed to be a free capitalistic society, but I think as much freedom as possible should be given to people while they are governed, including the freedom to write a shitty book and make money off of it and the freedom to choose for ourselves whether or not we want to buy a shitty book and "sign the paycheck" of someone who might have committed murder and gotten away with it. Everyone deserves to make their own choices in cases like this, and I don't think something like Anthony's profitable autobiography could be harmful enough to be constitutionally outlawed.

  4. Oh shut up! You know she killed her kid. She can now make money off her murder story?? What bullshit! If anything goes, then why can't I go fuck out on the street for money in broad daylight? We've got morals and we should live up to them. Whatever money she makes off her murder is blood money.

    1. Lol if you want to go out and fuck on the street for money, then I say go ahead and do it. The whole point is people should be able to do what they want, as long as they aren't infringing upon others' constitutional rights. And you say, "we've got morals and we should live up to them". What BULLSHIT! Seriously, who are you speaking for?? So what if she's making money off of a murder story?? So what if people do the "wrong" thing and buy into the "wrong" shit???? You are not God! You cannot control the population or the desires of others. Let people fucking live their lives the way they want. I have my own set of personal morals but never would I seriously insist on forcing people to follow my morality and suggest that certain laws should be made in order to make people adhere to what I think is morally acceptable.

  5. How do you know that she killed her kid, the jury found her innocent. So now you are the jury. What you think does not matter. A jury of her peers found her innocent of the charge of murder and that is the end of the story so move on with your hate and second guessing. OJ was also found not guilty of the criminal charges of murder but guilty in a Civil Suit, and by the way, the Juice did not make a dime off the book, the Goldmans, as part of the civil suit, obtained rights to the manuscript and decided to publish it. They made the money!

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