Sunday, December 11, 2011

UWW should become a TWO-YEAR school! (by anon)

The list of classes that the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater makes students take in order to graduate is much to lengthy and a lot of the classes are pretty pointless.  For a student such as myself with a major in biology there is no way that I should have to take classes like World of the Arts or Individual and Society.  Classes such as these are a waste of my time and there is no point in trying to make students worldlier if they don't necessarily want to be in the first place.  When in my career will I be asked what type of psychological therapy is used to treat post traumatic stress? I won't be. Trivial subjects such as these are worthless for most of the students at Whitewater and that is why classes should be limited to the field of knowledge that you will have to call upon once you graduate.  I believe that the university makes all of us take these classes to keep us here longer instead of taking just the classes essential to our studies.  If we were allowed to take just the classes needed we would be here for half the time and the university would make only half the money they do now.  So my proposal is that the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater becomes the first university to rid themselves of these unimportant classes and give the students their bachelor degrees in 2 years instead of 4 or more.


  1. Part of going to college is to expand your horizons and knowledge in a few different areas. It shouldn't just be about staying in your little bubble and only learning one specific subject . . . if that's what you want, then actually go to a 2 year school and get an associates degree.

    Or even better, go to one of those cheap online schools that advertise "get your degree in 2 years or less" . . . that seems like a quality education.

    The UWW classes are determined by the entire UW system, not just this school. So unless Whitewater decided to split from the entire system, they couldn't change their classes that drastically.

    If you want a school that's less regulated . . . pay the extra money and go to a private school where you can stay in your bio bubble and shut out the rest of the world.

  2. As advertised, UW-Whitewater is a 4-year school, which means that the first two or so years will emphasize the liberal arts--liberal meaning broad in this case. When students decide to attend such as school, they are either accepting that the liberal arts hold some value in terms of education--whatever that may be for the individual--or that liberal arts can be stomached for a couple of years until more relevant classes can be taken. Perhaps Whitewater isn't the place for you if you're not into the liberal arts; however, if you've already completed them, then transferring schools probably won't reflect the point of your post.

  3. I don't know how the biology program is structured, but as a graduate of UWW's music program, I can at least attest that, even if all general education requirements were eliminated, most folks would still need to take four or five years to complete a BA or BM (the music ed degree typically takes 4.5 or 5). There are just that many courses required for the degree. I can understand being frustrated with some of the GenEds--especially if there are other things you'd rather be pursuing--but they aren't the only issue.

    Also, as the previous commenter mentioned, most universities (including the entire UW system, as far as I'm aware) have some sort of general education/liberal arts requirement. (

  4. I agree with the first comment. The idea of a "University" is to mold you into a "well-rounded" individual. If you want to complete your degree in two years and become educated only in your field of study you should attend MATC or Blackhawk.

    to, too & two--they are different, learn them!