Saturday, December 24, 2011

Profs who drove me crazy! (by anon)

Seeing as we had a blog about our favorite students of the semester let's follow up with one for the professors!  Here it goes...

This is to the prof(s) who...
1. kept the classroom below 70 so at times it was too cold to focus
2. interrupted class numerous times to reprimand the student(s) who were on Facebook, phones, etc. because they were a "distraction" to the rest of the class, even though I'm pretty sure the prof was just pissed, because the only real distraction was the prof taking time to even acknowledge these students (students who, i might add, wouldn't even have been in class in the first place had it not been for the overly strict attendance policy)
3 told the class of seven on the day before thanksgiving that we would all get extra credit for showing up - in  "heart" (so not for real) - and then reluctantly let us go fifteen minutes early when we ran out of things to do since the entire class was a planned "workshop" and not a real lecture even.
4. gave the evil eye to students who got up and left in the middle of class
5. let the class discussion get out of hand
6. let the class discussion get nowhere
7. scolded the class for not responding to questions that everyone obviously knew the answer to, didn't even understand, or didn't know the answer to because no one actually read (or remembered what was in) the forty pages assigned for that day
8. took forever to return graded work, never posted grades to D2L, and took at least 24 hours to respond to emails
9. showed up late more often than the students did
10. always hinted that we were not as smart Madison students

The point: take a hint, professors, if you find that you have done any of the above, and try to make class more enjoyable for next semester, if possible, because these things contribute daily to the overall attitude, mindset, and feelings in general toward not only you the professors, but also everything else about your class.

Well I'm sure other students had many more experiences with professors this semester that are worth griping about (and worth disclosing to the professors out there)...and we know those student evals don't always allow for such comments so.... Let's hear it now!


  1. Unfortunately, as a former UWW student who moved up to Madison, I hate to say that UW Madison student do operate at the next level.