Thursday, December 22, 2011

The students who drove me crazy (by anon)

I’m graduating in may and I’ve had many classes with many students.  I’m bio.  In bio we get a lot of different students and I suspect most majors do.  A lot of the students were good students.  Meaning that they tried to do well and respect other students and the teacher.  But there’s a lot of students who drove me crazy.  Here’s my list.  Feel free to add.

1.     The snorer in gened 390.
2.     The fucked up hair guy who thought he was god’s gift by being condescending to everyone else
3.     The person who said whatever he thought in class regardless if it was on topic
4.     They girl who kept getting upset under her breath when she lost at Angry Birds. wtf
5.     Or the guy who played some risk game the whole time on his laptop
6.     The student who seemed to refuse to take a shower.  It didn’t matter how far I sat away from him.  He stank.
7.     The older guy who couldn’t think to save his life.  I don’t understand how some people think.  He should never open his mouth.  Ever.
8.     The brown noser who always went to the teacher after class to compliment something about the class.
9.     The guy who was always trying to impress this girl by being incredibly dorky all the time.  Don’t you get it.  She didn’t want you to sit next to her.
10.  The dumbass student who always had to answer every damn fucking question first.  That arm shot up like her hand was on fire.
11.   The student who always asked for the teacher to slow down on the ppt so that she could finish taking notes.  Write faster.
12.  Students who clearly have fake accents.  You know who you are.
13.  Jocks who act like they grace us with their presence.  Then sleep the whole class.
14.  The guy who walked into class 30 minutes late almost every day.  Nice.
15.  The girl who wore too much perfume.  The shit’s strong.  Use water to wash yourself, not the perfume.
16.  Too cool to take my shades off inside guy.
17.  Too cool to take my ear buds off guy and girl and other girl and other guy.

There’s more I’m sure but I can’t remember right now.  My point.  My point is that for those of us here to learn.  I mean really learn.  Some students need to get their act together because you drove me crazy.  I wish it was just me and the teacher, but I guess that would be weird.  I know that I could have ignored a lot of those students, but be real.  They bugged you too.  Some bad apples can spoil a class.


  1. Not what I would call the most positive post ever, but there is something of an argument here. I'd be more interested to know WHY these were so inhibiting to your learning.

  2. I'll add: The overly judgmental one who typically sits around smirking at the inadequacies and unique characteristics of every other student, while believing oneself is just about the smartest one in class, not to mention a flawless student.

  3. Haha. Was I supposed to be real positive? I learned anyway. I'm going to be graduating!

  4. "The fucked up hair guy who thought he was god’s gift by being condescending to everyone else"

    I hope you know that making fun of his hair is condescending..

  5. So if you learned anyway, what's the problem?

  6. I'll admit this post was pretty funny. I've encountered students like this... but never really thought they spoiled the class... if anything, they made it more entertaining.

  7. Ha, my intial post got blocked. lol.

    Prof. Chaos

  8. Yes, prof chaos, use a different non-sex part word to express your sentiment ;)

  9. Very well, Critically.

    To the poster : You come off as a know-it-all, bland,person who can't tolerate differences in others. I hate to break it to you but there is much more to the college experience then getting angry that those people enjoying themeselves aren't letting you do your 6 hours of studying a night.