Monday, January 30, 2012

Whitewater and its people suck (by anon)

I’m sorry but this town + its people have absolutely nothing worthwhile to offer (drinking notwithstanding) since you can do that anywhere.  Here are my reasons:

The cuisine here is nothing short of cheap garbagio. In fact, this I would say is the college to go if you want to learn how to cook. What? You are going throw Rosa’s pizza, and the Tokyo restaurant at me? Are you kidding me? That is all Whitewater has to offer? There is no upscale or nice sit-down restaurant . The majority of the shitty food is either fast-food or what is known as something semi-above like Subway or Culvers. No wonder why people are gaining weight here. The food is not nutritious and is low in quality and Esker just is not going to cut it as they think Italian beef is just cut-up hamburger meet with banana peppers DISGUSTING!

The movie theater is so very seedy. I wouldn’t pay five dollars to go there next time. The sound system is outdated, and the seats are so uncomfortable that I could not sit still at all.

What type of leisure activities or sites of attraction does Whitewater have to offer? It is quite pathetic. Whitewater has a center for tourism in the downtown area. What is its function in the community? What can they possibly do? Whitewater is the absence of tourism; I think if Wisconsin wants to save money they should weed out do for nothing jobs like this since surely the heads of these offices are being subsidized by the government.

The post office of Whitewater is quite possibly one of the absolute  worst mail distributing centers I’ve ever been to. I’ve been harassed several times by the front-desk clerks. They told me they could not weigh my packages since I need to buy one of the scales they sell for a lucrative sum of $40. The lady (let’s call her tattooed hag bitchface) would not let me mail my package since I had a small hole in it. I said this was fine and I asked to use some of their mailing tape so I could patch the “small and insignificant hole.” She told me I could not use them as that was for strictly priority mail. I would have to spend more money just to use their “special tape.” I said ok. I spotted some scotch tape near the desk and politely asked if I could barrow that. She said no! I asked her why is it that whenever I come in she always gives me a hard time. Then to my astonishment, she even told me “She was a bitch.” To which I replied I was thinking of another word.

Last but not least, the college kids at this University are some of the most rude, obnoxious, egotistical, and any other vice I could think of. For example,  there was this kid that I asked if he was in my Linear Algebra class and he said no when clearly he was. He was being a jackass for no reason.  I overheard some ditsy girls talking about their sex-life openly and then proceeding to announce that they kicked out an “ugly dude” at the party and  proceeded to laugh about it!

Last but not least, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. The problem is not the teaching actually. The environment is what makes this school insufferable. Most of the college populous are going to college for the wrong reasons. Maybe this is more widespread than just whitewater. However, the people I encounter are so one-dimensional that I cannot start a conversation with them at all and ever. I do not want to talk about the Green  Bay Packers, how much you drank last night, your sex life, etc…. it’s like the people who are friends are really friends with themselves. It reminds me of the t.v. show “king of the Hill,” where they are just standing in front of the fence and drinking and talking about nothing intelligent or of importance really. I really mean it. Chances are, if I run onto you on campus I will immediately hate you.

Anyone else want to add to this list? This is what stands out so far for me. I’m sure there are at least 20 more reasons that are eluding me at the moment.


  1. Looks look you are a shining example of some of your own criticisms. How is the hubris working for you?

    Prof. Chaos

  2. I absolutely agree with you.

  3. If you want good food, try Randy's.

  4. You sound like a big snob. You want upscale dining and greater attractions, as though those are things that really are the markings of a great town. I happen to think upscale restaurants suck, because they are overpriced and for snobby yuppies like yourself. I also think more attractions would probably bring even more annoying people to this town. Remember this is Whitewater. Take it for what it is. There's plenty of things to enjoy here. But I keep forgetting you're a snob so, me telling you this is not going to do anything.

    As far as the crappy people go... there's crappy people everywhere, so just get used to that. Doesn't mean you can't find a few gems here and there (but with your attitude, I'm guessing you might have a hard time doing that). About the post office person - sounds like a typical post office worker to me. They generally are not very friendly from what I've experienced.

    So yeah - Whitewater isn't the greatest town. But who said it was supposed to be? Obviously your expectations are way too high. You should have came here expecting a dump. That way you wouldn't have been as disappointed to find out that, according to your standards, it is a dump.

    Anyway, I hope you're graduating soon. You sound so charming I want the rest of the world to get a taste of what you have to offer. After all, this town doesn't even deserve to harbor such shining stars as yourself.

  5. to prof. Chaos:

    How can you make that supposition if you do not know who I am? Don't tell me you do because you don't!

  6. 2:32 -
    obviously something about your blog post has clued prof Chaos in on what kind of person you are.
    Which is a high maintenance, ungrateful complainer. I think living in Whitewater is exactly what you need, because you need to learn to embrace mediocrity and strange characters (yes, even assholes and bitchy postal workers), it might help you grow as a person. And I actually get a kick out of this town for the most part - the quaint downtown, the beach, the ice age nature trail, the well, the parks, the hooligans on thursday nights, the townies, the dance floor at pumpers, the Taqueria man, the 4th of July festival, the squirrels....

  7. Prof Chaos is completely right. You show yourself to be a lowlife a**hole. Whitewater is actually too good of a place for you. You should leave and start your own s**thole colony since no currently existing place would meet whatever standards you have.

    Maybe if you weren't such an a**hole, the world would look like a better place to you. Sounds like you're f**ked in the head though.

  8. I am fucked in the head but that does not invalidate any of the aforementioned points. Face it, we live in a shit town and I'm so happy that I'm graduating this year! Lowlife? You are quite judgmental of me based on my personal experiences which I can assure you are free from puffery and should be taken as the truth. I'm sure if you were in my shoes you would all honestly agree with me. You probably grew up in Wisconsin, so you have every right to listen and follow the cheesehead sheeple.

    I do not need to start my own colony? I'm just going to move away from the midwest where there is more diversity. Wisconsonians are fat, obnoxious alcoholics that wash their body with provolone cheese.

    Also, if you got most of my initial message the only people I had a beef with were the entitled college kids like you + the post office. But, if you want me to extend my beef to the state of wisconsian I will oblige in my next critically pissed blog. Wisconsin is a shithole. They want to compare Milwaukee to Chicago which is actually quite pathetic. Milwaukee + Madison + Janesville < Chicago. In fact, the whole state of wisconsin < Chicago. All you guys do is sit on the porch after work/school and drink until inebriation.... u mad?

  9. You sound like a dork. You make no arguments about anything. You're full of angry opinions for who knows why. See a therapist and learn to make a good argument.

  10. I'm full of angry opinions because they are justified based on my experience. How is that not a good argument? Care to enlighten me oh wise one?

    Maybe I do see a therapist too. So what? Criticizing me is not going to convince me that whitewater is a cesspool and devoid of anything of interest. Prove me wrong? What do you possibly like about whitewater? The town is quite bifurcated between the natives and the University that their is no communal cohesion... but even a monkey like yourself should be able to see this.

  11. Oh boy. My momma said never talk to people without arguments. I'll wait for an actual argument before I respond again.

  12. ^Momma also told you to get out of her basement as well :P

  13. If you think Wisconsin is worse than Chicago, I'd love to see the mansion you're spoiled ass must live in . . . I live in Chicago (Michigan Ave, so its not like I'm in the ghetto), and its not that nice. Its loud, over-populated, and constantly smells like sewer water. Its politicians are 10x more crooked than even the worst Wisconsin leaders.

    It seems like your surroundings are more important to you than your education . . . so if you hated Whitewater so much why didn't you transfer?? There are plenty of other schools that have all the degrees that are taught here, it wouldn't have been hard to move.

    So instead of doing something about it (aka: the environment you seem to hate to much), you're just going to complain about it . . . which doesn't absolutely nothing except make you look like a complete ass.


  14. Ugh 8:22 that comment was difficult to read. As in, you need to work on your writing.
    "Criticizing me is not going to convince me that whitewater is a cesspool and devoid of anything of interest".
    I think you forgot a "not" or an "anything but" somewhere.
    "Prove me wrong?" Why is there a question mark?
    "What do you possibly like about whitewater?"
    I totally posted a list of things I like about it, read that again.
    "The town is quite bifurcated between the natives and the University that their is no communal cohesion"
    You should have used "there", and if I'm understanding what you mean by 'communal cohesion', I'd say if anything, whatever rift there may be between the 'natives' and college folk is perpetuated mostly by judgmental people like you, who come up with crap like, "Wisconsonians are fat, obnoxious alcoholics that wash their body with provolone cheese." (And it's actually Wisconsin-ITES). I think you are just angry... and you're trying to blame this town. Maybe you just suck.

  15. 9:41 You couldn't be more right. Whoever the original poster is did not proofread his work.

    To the original poster, what is wrong with you? First of people originating in Wisconsin are Wisconsinites, not winsconsians. I take you're high opinion of Chicago as an admission that you're from there or its surrounding area. I can also tell because you lump Wisconsinites and Cheeseheads, as well as stereotype by saying we bathe in provolone cheese.

    This blog is about intelligent arguments, not petty rants. I don't know why the creators of the blog allowed your submission to actually make this page.

  16. What a lack of perspective! When there are truly terrible conditions of living and all kinds of oppression happening all over the world, Whitewater looks like heaven.

    Appreciate what you've got.

  17. I tend to sympathize with both sides of the argument here.

    True, Whitwater is NOT a good fit for many people, especially those who come from more diverse and urban areas. I would absolutely NOT recommend UW-Whitewater to anyone NOT from a smallish Midwestern town if I don't want them to get depressed.

    That being said, if you're stuck here you have to make the best out of it, and try not to 'other' yourself too much against the bland suburbanites who inhabit this campus, in particular the College of Business and Economics.

    Original Poster was getting a rant out of their system and you guys threw fuel on the fire with your overly-defensive responses.

  18. Thank you 9:45.
    I Couldn't agree more. Rants like the original post really are just rants. They are not arguments. If the poster really has that big of a deal with Whitewater it is what C. Wright Mills would have called a "personal problem" not a public issue. It is apparent that there are people who like this campus and that in your individual case there are some problems. There is a very easy solution. LEAVE. Fortunately it sounds like you will be out this year. Congratulations on your graduation when it comes.

  19. If you dislike whitewater so much then why are you here? Either shut up and get your education or go to another school if living in a small town bothers you so much.

  20. There is so much toleration and understanding in Whitewater. Consider the case of Ted Junker. He was born in 1919 in Germany and fought as a German Waffen-Schutzstaffel (SS) officer during World War II. He lives in Millard and was active on several Whitewater community organizations. Many people in the town, especially community leaders, looked up to him. Oh I love Whitewater. Where can you go in America and meet a former member of the SS? He was a Nazi!


  21. I'm not saying this place is jolly good fun all of the time ,and I'm not saying it was my dream school either; however, if you don't want to be here, just leave. If all you do is pout and sulk over something you chose for yourself instead of making the most out of it, you're just a loser. I don't know you (I don't want to either), but you seem like you think you're better than others. You aren't and you've actively demonstrated for us that you never will be. I think you sound like a really boring, hateful person. Nobody could convince you that Whitewater or Wisconsin was great because you don't want to be convinced. You like sticking your nose in the air and acting superior to everybody. But even if somebody here could convince you, they wouldn't because nobody wants a downer sucking the life out of their college experience hanging around.

  22. Maybe we should consider the factors that make Whitewater what it is.

    There seems to be a standard for college towns: they should be quaint but lively. There should be variety. There should be safe, affordable, comfortable places to socialize and study within walking distance of the school. There should be places to shop and hang out that are unique to the location. There should be some venues that reflect the intellectual and social life of the university.

    So why does Whitewater lack some (or, depending on your point of view, ALL) of these amenities? It's probably because there isn't much demand for them.

    UWW has long been known as a "suitcase" college, which means that students tend to go home for the weekends. This is still true, and further, it's a commuter school too. If students stay on campus throughout the week AND weekend, there is greater demand for more and better services, beyond the Hawk Bowl and Culver's. Further, people will make their own fun if they can't find it offered. Both of these things create an environment that is more dynamic than the one we have now.

    If the demand is high enough, then someone will supply.
    Believe me, having lived in several college towns, I know that local businesses would be glad to take your money. It's almost sinister how people see college students as cash cows.

    Demand is a big part of the issue. When someone says, "hell yeah, I go home on the weekends, because Whitewater sucks," you could also say "Whitewater sucks because everyone goes home for the weekends."

    For the moment, let's put aside businesses (they aren't all dreadful, are they? I know the Greenhouse closed, but the Sweet Spot is rather nice). What about falling on your own resources and making your own fun? Where do you hang out that isn't in a commercial space? Why not throw your own party? Set up guerilla croquet matches? Launch a fleet of Viking canoes and have a battle on the lake?

    Well ... this student population tends to be very practical: they are here to get a degree to get a job to get to middle-class status. They work to pay for the degree, and between school and work, there isn't much time for play, let alone self-generated and innovative play.

    If you can follow the logic of this assessment, then maybe it would be more productive to say: given these conditions, how do we make Whitewater more liveable and more fun?

  23. I don't even hang out with any of these people in Whitewater. Puhhhhhhhhhhhhlease! I wholeheartedly agree with you on disgusting one-dimensional people only interested in the drinking lives. Tell me about it. I am a senior here too about to graduate but going for my Master's so I am staying. Looking for some decent minded folk like yourself. Everyone else on this blog are likely the grimy hick types you're talking about and thus got offended!