Wednesday, May 2, 2012

To that annoying kid in class (by anon)

The thing that I am critically pissed about is the kid in my class that is beyond annoying and thinks that he needs to comment on everything in class and whatever anyone says. Usually I don’t really care about these types of people; I can usually block them out. But in this instance I had to have this kid in my group and while we were doing our prep, he made some comments that I was not very fond of.

During the prep of our assignment, we were going over what we were going to say and did a dry run of it. While we were doing our prep, this kid decides to makes a comment along the lines of how I look, calling me fat and unattractive, along with lazy. I realize that this was probably just out of character to make him look better for the part he was playing. But when you come at someone with those types of comments who is already self-conscious about themselves, it’s very hurtful. I literally sat up and tried not to cry because of what he said. Not to mention, only one other member of the group spoke up to defend what was being said. If that were to have been said to someone else, I would have spoken up right away. It is not okay for someone to degrade another person because of the way they look. And coming from someone who you know is always speaking their mind and not having any respect for others, it was more believable because they usually don’t care what they are saying and who they are talking to.

Which then brings me back to when the campus did the wide spread campaign for “you are beautiful.” In class we discussed how people don’t take those notes seriously, but when you are struggling with the way you look, notes like that can help give you that little boost of self-esteem.  All it takes is some asshole to decide he wants to be an asshole to make one comment to tear someone down. The best part, he didn’t even acknowledge that what he said was rude and hurtful. He just continued to talk and didn’t take apologize about what he said. Whether or not it was directed to be said that way, it didn’t need to be said at all. There was no need for him to comment on something that personal, even if it makes your character “look better.”

This kid is the definition of rude and ignorant. He has no respect for others and is not shy of showing it. I realize that you are going to deal with people like this either on a daily basis, or through life. But it’s called common curtsey to have respect for others; you don’t need to make comments like that because all it does is make you look like an asshole. And you know you are an asshole when the teacher calls you out in class and says that you have zero respect for others and more than half of the class agrees.


  1. I have a kid just like this in my photoshop class who thinks he is just god's gift to art. It is funny to hear him talk about how no one in the class deserves over a C despite the fact that half of his artwork is mediocre at best. Not mention, what gives him the right to grade everyone considering he is just a learner himself. Nothing. Same goes for the asshole in your class. He is trying desperately to find some way to put others down in order to further validate his own importance. I can honestly tell you that some of these types of people grow out of this, but there are a good many people who do not. They will exist through out your life and always try to demoralize you. These people will eventually just fade into the background and be completely outgrown by most of their fellow peers.

    On a similar note, do not be afraid to tell them how rude they are. No shame in it as your entire class is probably thinking the same thing but just cannot find the courage to say it. This should be done with a certain amount of tact though. Good luck and may this student learn that NO ONE cares about those negative opinions. That is how hate crimes start.

  2. Dear author,
    Do not let people like this upset you. People who constantly make rude, insensitive, and ignorant remarks usually end up alone in life with just their rude selves to keep them company. Plus, people who constantly spew poorly thought shallow opinions quickly lose all credibility. Just because this is how this person may see you, doesn't mean that's how other people see you. But more importantly, comments like this don't define you as a person. YOU are the one who decides what type of person you are and noone else!

  3. Whoever you are, learn to stand up for yourself because in most cases, no one else will. So suck it up and tell anyone that is mistreating you to fuck off. They will respect you more or defending yourself. No one can make you a slave or ride you unless you bend your back first.