Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Dreaded finals week (by The Dorq)

This is the week where college students lose their minds. Where students that had no idea that the library exists have commandeered my favorite study spot, but that is not what I am here to "rant" about. I am here to speak about the people that do not care. I do not understand why some people are even here (in college) when all they do is party, skip class, and wonder why they are on academic probation. I first hand experience this with my roommates who will have a "crying party" about how they are failing a class. I am not saying they are bad people in any way, or targeting them as a person, just their study habits. I bet if they went to class and did not drink on weekdays then maybe they would be doing well in their classes.

I recently had to do an essay and it got me thinking about how much my life matters to me. In this essay I explained why global skepticism does not necessarily matter. Whether we live in a virtual world (such as the matrix) or we live in the "real world" does not matter. The assignment was, “Imagine you KNOW that you and the entirety of this world are in a virtual reality right now.  It is a fully simulated reality.  And as we all know, this world is full of violence, hate, and more than enough suffering of every stripe and variety to go around ten times over.  Now, imagine that one day while walking to class, you notice a small blue box.  You pick up the box, open it, and find a button and a pamphlet.  The button is labeled 'OFF.'  After reading the pamphlet, you realize that this button is the OFF button for the entire simulation.  With one push, you and EVERYTHING ELSE would vanish without a trace, without pain.  You are now faced with a decision…do you push the button?”  Well the point was I would I want to live in a virtual world if I had found out that it was not real. It is real to me, which is why I try so hard to achieve my goals.

I strive to do well in school, to study by butt off to get good grades, and to make something of my life. I mean in the end we are all going to die, but it is the time you had to live that matters. I don’t understand how people do not care what happens to them, that they do not want to strive to be the best that they can be and make something of themselves. In my class we had gone over whether a computer-simulated life would be meaningful and I’m wondering how people who can’t seem to care about the life they have now can even have an opinion on something concerning the meaning of life. I see students who are working hard to make the best lives for themselves that they can (even if they aren’t in school, but working) and I can see that they know the meaning of living life to the fullest.

Seeing people like my roommates, however, just makes me think that life could be meaningless in some people’s eyes. 

Still trying to find a new spot at the library,
The Dorq


  1. If anything can be said about UWW it is that most of the students just don't think. They don't want to. They don't think they have to. They are lazy and believe that life really is all about "having fun" which for them means appetitively pleasuring themselves the easiest way they can - by stuffing their faces with greasy food, drinking 5 nights out of the week, having as much sex with whomever, excessively using drugs, playing video games, watching movies/television, and sleeping until 3 in the afternoon. Don't get me wrong, I like to have fun and laugh til my eyes tear up and my stomach hurts, and I don't like taking life too seriously, and I remember it is most important to enjoy life. But I also know that doing what most college kids do these days with their time is not going to lead to much enjoyment later on. It will lead to a gross physique, a slow wit, fast aging, a crummy five to nine, excessive boredom and idle passivity, due to no early development of or active interest in intellectual hobbies or challenging activities to stimulate the mind and keep the body in a healthy condition. But it's their loss. Most people are stupid and they'd rather just "go with the flow", which sounds so cool and righteous until they realize it hasn't gotten them anywhere, and they should have been making things happen for themselves instead of just letting things happen.

  2. Please, please take a class with me! Lately I have become exhausted and joyless due to being bombarded with classes containing your roommate and his friends. How about today as an example. Three crying students (and not just about grades), two students who slept through the final exam which was at 10AM NOT the 7:45AM time slot, and 1 who I will refer to as a jumper. That student is on the edge. Throw in some whiners who blame me, the instructor, and the cute girl with the tramp stamp who sits in front of him in class (because she is such a distraction) along with great beverage prices on Thursday Thursday, Double Down Tuesday, Wasted Wednesday and Monster sized drinks Mondays.

    How about this for a plan. If you don't want to be here get the heck out. You are filling a seat that should be held by someone who is interested, engaged and dedicated to their studies. If you can be interested etc. go to class prepared and ready to engage(and stay off the cell phone, you really aren't that special!!), Answer some of the questions (not all so that others can answer some of them). More than likely the instructor is desperate-for volunteers to step up. I also highly recommend that you speak up so that the highly annoying person, the class dumb ass who cannot keep his mouth closed will get bumped out of the discussion.
    So those are the thoughts and suggestions of an overworked and overly tired professor.

    ps. Perhaps Professors should have a Rate My Students web sire. Ideas on how that would will be forthcoming.