Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Drive-by avoidance (by anon)

One thing that has always bothered me is the question of friendliness. I would consider myself a friendly and outgoing person. I say “hi” to people, and for the most part they respond with a similar response. The one response that bothers me is none at all. Just this week, a woman that worked for me at a previous job blatantly ignored me. I don’t know what I did to deserve this. I was always fair and honest as her boss. I don’t even know if being her boss was the reason she ignored me in the first place! It is frustrating sometimes the rudeness people have when someone like me is ignored.

Another similar encounter happened at a local bar. My girlfriend and I are becoming more familiar with each other’s friends. A group of girls I had just recently met where at the bar too. I gave a wave from across the bar, but she looked at me as if I had booger of something coming out of my nose. I said to myself that something was wrong. Obviously I had not done any wrong to this person. I had just met them within the same week, and I should have been a recognized face. Unless I confront the individuals that I’m accusing, we will probably never know their side of the story.

I would like to call this phenomenon drive-by avoidance. There are also other forms of drive-by avoidance. When you are in the elevator with a stranger and they take out their cell phone and pretend to be doing something to avoid being social. Why is everyone so scared of being friendly? It is also important not to be naive of the dangers the world has. Being too friendly could put you in danger.

This argument is obviously biased to my viewpoint, but I guarantee you, after reading this you will encounter a drive-by avoidance if you have not already. Until then, say “hi” back please.


  1. What does it mean - to be a friend? Just to say "Hello" on the street? Some people say today friendship is just a tradition, not real fillings. Find out more about friendship. Is it real or not?

  2. You are much too sensitive! So what if they did not speak to you. Its not the end of the world. By the way, stop speaking to everyone that you pass on the street.