Sunday, May 20, 2012

Cell phone use in classrooms (by anon)

In every class I am enrolled in this semester, I received a syllabus that mentioned something about the use of cell phones in class. Unsurprisingly, every one of my professors DOES NOT tolerate the use of cell phones in their classrooms and WILL penalize students who use them. “Anyone suspected of using a cell phone in my class will [insert threatening academic punishment here].” Okay Professor _____________, let me just add that to the list of things not to do in your class while nodding off.

I personally believe using a cell phone during a lecture is rude, not to mention ridiculous. I am paying a lot of money to attend lectures, to learn during them, and to be attentive to what my professors are saying (whether or not it will help me down the road). So, my cell phone (for the most part, I’m not saying I’m a saint by any means) is generally tucked away (and on silent) in my backpack during the entire class time.

So what exactly is it that even bothers me you ask? It’s the fact that while I choose to put my cell phone away and be attentive during lectures, the girl next to me has hers on vibrate, constantly checks it, and is quite possibly distracting me more than I would be if I were using mine. You see her constantly on her phone, it’s not like she has the decency to even try and hide it, so why is it that you say nothing? Do we need to review that threatening academic punishment you so generously bolded and underlined in your syllabus? Or should I just sit here and continue to listen to her phone ever-so-annoyingly-vibrate on the desk?


  1. You're being a baby. If I'm paying as much as I am in tuition, I'll do as I please.

  2. Maybe you should say something to them instead of waiting around for someone else to, How about something on the lines of HEY YOU PUT YOUR GODDAMN CELLPHONE AWAY! and make sure other people see and hear you say it that way public humiliation will stop said person from having any sort of clever retort.

  3. Anon 1:45 is apparently very inconsiderate. Yes, you are paying for your tuition and yes, it is your problem if you do not pay attention. The big issue here is that you are disturbing others who are also paying to learn. The OP is not being a baby as they are correct in saying that this rudeness should not be tolerated. People these days seem to lack the ability to consider what your choices/habits do to those around you. There is a term for this.... It's that thing I see so very little of since I have entered college... Ah yes! Common courtesy.

    Anon 3:09 I agree. If it does bother the OP so much then he or she should say something. If the offender continues to do something then you should talk to the professor about it.

  4. Here is a real simple solution to your issue. SIT IN A DIFFERENT SEAT. Problem solved.