Tuesday, May 29, 2012

"I don't care." (by anon)

"I don't care."  What a load of bull shit.  This phrase is tossed around so casually and so often but nobody knows what they really mean when they say it.  When someone says "I don't care" what they really mean is "I do care, I just don't want it to seem like I do".  For example,  imagine that two people are having an argument about some random topic.  One of them is losing the argument so eventually they just say "Ya know what, I don't even care".  Obviously they do care but this way they can give off the appearance that they are ending the argument because it does not interest them.  In fact, the moment the person even entered the conversation they implicitly showed they care.  If they truly did not care, then why even enter the conversation?  By entering the conversation, they show that they are interested in at least some small amount.  The only way to show that one does not care is to avoid the subject in every way.  If someone brings the subject up, and the other person truly does not care, they should ignore that person then.  Thus, the only way to confirm that someone does not care is if they ignore the subject altogether.  Also, why is it considered cool to not care? 

It seems that most often people think it's cool not to care about certain things such as grades or politics.  There has even been a phrase invented that accompanies these activities.  This phrase is known as "YOLO".  It stands for "You Only Live Once".  Instead of this phrase being used for activities like sky-diving, whitewater rafting, or other extreme activities, it instead goes with getting schwasted and shitfaced.  Don't get me wrong, I love to get drunk once and a while too, but not that often, and not if it effects my grades.  But those same people saying YOLO are the ones who say they don't care about their grades.  Perhaps those people are afraid to give it their all in classes, or have tried but failed.  Or perhaps some of them really don't care and I'm completely wrong.  I would say I don't care, but obviously I do.  

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