Monday, June 4, 2012

Do you believe in love at first sight? (by anon)

The question of “Love at first sight” has been questioned by many. In fact I have asked this question numerous times. But now that I think about it, can it be possible that an emotion as strong as “love” really exists at first sight? Others may disagree with me saying that the union between them and another person was completely unexpected and early in their relationships, they were in love. EHarmony also says that people on their website see someone and “they just know”. As soon as they met the other person they knew they were going to be married. This is all made up in their minds. True love takes time before it happens. People have said that it’s real because they have experienced it, but maybe it’s something different than “love”. You can be sparked quickly by physical attraction and be fooled into thinking love, when it’s really just lust. You can’t love a person just based upon sight alone. There could be a strong hunch that you could get along great with them, but not an immediate love. To me, you meet someone and you get to know the person spiritually, physically, and emotionally before you can really love them. You wouldn’t marry someone from just one look. Think of it that way. If you really believed in love at first sight, you would marry the first person that caught your eye. You said it was love at first sight.

I, personally, really would like to believe in the magic of “love at first sight”, but I don’t think it is likely to happen. It’d be nice to think that while meeting someone for the first time, they can release enough emotional triggers that you immediately just know that they were the one. I feel that the whole “love at first sight” idea was invented so that fairy tales would end happily. The prince meets his princess and they live happily ever after. People today just claim that they love someone at first sight so they can have that fairytale ending.


  1. Love at first sight is actually infatuation and lust at first sight. It is seeing that person and being like, "Wow, you seem really awesome and kind of mysterious. I must love you."

    Now when those relationships happen but end, nobody says anything about it. However, in the freak incident that this happens and the relationship actually works out then people were like, "I always knew. It was love at first sight."

    No, it wasn't. You just had some crazy cute crush on somebody and you were lucky enough to have it work out. Many people don't try to distinguish, but the love part comes after awhile. That's why people who break up after a few months get over it really fast.

  2. You had me at hello. Love is never having to say that you are sorry. Love is a many splendid things. Love makes the world go round.

  3. I've been in love. I still love those people that I have loved and lost. Whether I loved them when I first saw them I can't say. I liken love to a kind of insanity. It's not reasonable. That it could happen at first sight is something I can't logically deny. The June 6 post makes a valid point, but in the end who can really say? What is love anyway? Where is the line drawn between infatuation, lust, love, or any other emotion that leads one to admire another person?
    -Free Willy