Monday, April 30, 2012

I pledge allegiance to the SWAG! (by anon)

I am writing this to defend all men and to define what swag really is. I read a blog post about how swag is negative, and how swag won’t get you anywhere in life. Well that statement is partially true but not completely.

See swag can’t be categorized into one specific thing. There are different types of swag, and everyone has their own individual swag.

See the word ‘swag’ is just a new way of describing how one carries oneself. So rather than saying “Oh he carries himself like a man, he handles his business”. Now you just say “Oh he has grown man swag”.

See the swagger you highlighted in your post was what I call young immature swag. That’s the type of swag you will find in high school and with immature guys in college. So I will admit the guys you speak of exist.  But here are some examples of the other swags that exist.

Laid Back Swag
You got laid back swag, which is where someone seems to be always composed and poised. Don’t let many things affect them or throw them off their game.

Ladies man/Player Swag
Then there’s ladies’ man swag or AKA player swag. That’s the swag where you do treat women well and you always know how to say the right things to make women smile. To totally complete this type of swag you always keep a lot of them because they love you ;)

Businessman Swag
Then you got the businessman swag. I categorize myself with the businessman swag. Those are the men who dress real clean, have high ambition, work hard at everything they do in life.

Gentleman Swag
And finally you have the gentleman swag. This is the swag you were asking for and begging for. See gentleman swag is the guy who opens doors for the ladies, or allows them to skip them in line because she is a female.

You see in this day and age we live in everything’s swag.  So what you must remember is when you see chivalry on campus it’s not just a guy being a gentleman. It is a guy being swagged out with gentleman’s swag.  So like Young Jeezy said in his song “I pledge allegiance to the swag.”


  1. It's true, there are so many ways to act, we are influenced by a lot of things we see on tv and the web, and more ways of acting are socially accepted now days. The days where a woman married the man because she needed his money or for social class is largely gone in America. Now it's more about what appeals to you as a person.

    Swag. If I had to classify my swag, I'd say I am most all of the things you mentioned at different times. If I'm at a job application or school I have business swag, chilling with friends laid back swag, etc. Is it better to be consistent or to alter your "swag" or personality to fit the situation (to a respectable degree)?

  2. What... the.... f*ck?

    Really? All this is about is some stupid trendy bullshit terminology... what the hell do you even mean, "everything's swag"??

    Sooooooo stupid. And I can't think of anything more superficial than this dumb shit. Except if I think about Jersey Shore or some other lame ass crap you see on TV or hear about in rap songs.

  3. I fill that this swag definitons are somewhat accurate, since it is tru e that most things are based around a certain type of swag. so if we must characterize swag then using the above descriptions would suffice.

    I feel that i fit under the gentlemen swag and sometimes the laid back swag. I feel that it is vital to uplift women, and treat them great, and i also believe that a laid back composure is one that strengthens men the most. Being laid back is good, since others thrive so much off the the way people react, so if you hodl oyour composure and not react to to people, then it's easier to be unpredictable.

  4. What is wrong with you people?!? Do you really have to define yourself in terms of "swag"!? What the fuck does that even mean?? Seriously.. is it about how you treat women? Is it just how your personality is?? Why is it even important what you fucking call it? Can't you just be yourselves and treat EVERYONE with courtesy and respect, regardless of their sex? Can't you just be who you are without making a label out of it?? I'm so sick of this stupid shit, it is SO STUPID! Get over yourselves! Stop trying to define yourselves so superficially! Be honest! Express yourself genuinely! Don't confine yourselves to stupid labels and terminology and social expectations. It is really unnecessary and just annoying really.

  5. So basically you just changed the word attitude with swag... You're not to bright are you?

    1. Might I change your word "to" to "too," oh ye who is calling someone else not "too" bright? Don't shoot yourself in the foot.

    2. Thank you for pointing out my typo

  6. "Everyones talking about havin swag, and thats sad to me. I had swag back when they called it personality"