Thursday, April 19, 2012

What the hell is the truth anyways? Does it even matter? (by anon)

What the hell is the truth anyways? Does it even matter? People are so fucking concerned with other people’s beliefs. Do they believe in someone factual? Do they believe in something that can be proved- like science? Or are they spiritual? People judge so many people on the sole aspect of what they believe in. God? Buddha? Allah? A ghost? A tree? An imaginary friend?

I’m asking DOES IT MATTER?

The answer, in my humble opinion is ‘no’. Why can’t people just let others be happy? If I told someone I just met that I believe in my all-powerful imaginary friend, I wish they’d look me in the eye and say “that’s cool.” Who cares if it’s REAL or if it’s TRUE? If it makes you happy, then go for it.

You want the truth? Then here it is: There is a very high possibility that we will never be able to prove any sort of “God” existence. The truth is we could all be living in our own heads and I could be writing this for a professor that I made up in my mind for him to post on a website that doesn’t exist for you people to read- if YOU even exist. We might never know. And some people are deathly afraid of that possibility so they defend their beliefs with their lives and throw out any other way of thinking. Why be afraid? Maybe your God exists for you, but my imaginary friend is the truest thing I have in my life. WHO CARES? If your God makes you happy and if he inspires you to be a good person and get out of bed in the morning to make the world a little bit of a better place that it was when you went to bed the night before, then GO YOUR GOD!  But if I believe in something completely different or nothing at all but I still strive to make people smile and do good deeds, then get off my back! There are a lot of good people out there who don’t believe in any sort of God. And there are good people who do. I say, if they’re happy and they’re good people, then let them be! Let them be god damn it. If it makes you happy, do it. Don’t do something or believe in something if it doesn’t make you happy and if it doesn’t inspire you. And vice versa. If it makes someone else happy, GOOD FOR THEM. Jest accept peoples beliefs, even if they’re different. Accept and respect. 


  1. Couldn't possibly agree with you more

  2. Despite what you try to say, your post argues from the following assumptions: 1) truth exists 2) the truth tells us how to live 3) there is a single, absolute truth for the definition of "good" 4) we should accept what you claim as truth 5) the truth is "accept and respect" 6) your truth is better than other truths (those involving God, etc) 7) how we live matters 8) we should care about truth.

    The funny thing about truth is that you have to use it to argue against it, and you have to reject some perceptions of truth if you want to argue for the acceptance of all perceptions of truths. It's tough luck mate.

  3. You're committing the exact thing you are criticizing. You would do better to criticize the practicality of holding on to some metaphysical "T"ruth and the damning effects that kind of belief tends to have.

  4. On a side note, your opinion seems hardly humble. :P