Thursday, April 26, 2012

You old fogie professors...USE D2L! (by anon)

I'm sick of these old time professors who do not have D2L!

It is 2012, it should be a priority for these teachers to learn the ways of the technology that help young students. Isn't there job to teach and better students? It's bad enough that most of the Math teachers can't speak a lick of English. But not having D2L is unacceptable.

This semester I am taking a diversity course, and the teacher doesn't have D2L OR a syllabus. Kids these days are going to miss classes due to illness, appointments, other priorities, etc. So D2L is a necessity to have for the class. It allows students to contact their professor and other students in their class if they have questions. It also allows them to see their grade whenever they want. Majority of professors use D2L and use it well.

D2L is easy to find articles, handouts, and other such things that students need to study with. It's also a good way for professors to send messages to the whole class without having to email every single student. I don't know why the University would not make this mandatory for all classes to help, because it betters THEIR students, and isn't that what the University's goal is? It is a tool for students that is very beneficiary.

Just weeks ago I was working on my book report for a class and it ended up being a different book that I had to do, because the teacher had changed the book on a day that I had missed. Now this could have been easily resolved if the teacher had D2L and I could just go on D2L and see what the book was that I had to do.

Now these old professors would probably say that it's the student's job to know all this stuff, and to show up to every class. But come on this is the 21st century!!! Plus D2L is beneficial to the teachers too, it makes it easier to respond and reach out to their students.

In conclusion, I believe that D2L should be necessary to use in every Whitewater class!


  1. Did you ask the professor what you missed on the day you were absent or send him or her an email. Let me answer this one or you. NO!

  2. Yikes. This is embarassing considering you are a fellow student attending UWW. Despite this being a poorly written post, I basically agree with it - D2L is a great tool for students and professors to use and it would be nice if all professors utilized all of its features when applicable to the class. However, there are ways to find the information youre looking for if its not on d2l and there are ways to contact your professors aside from d2l. I suggest you work on a better argument for why every professor should use d2l and bring it up to the chancellor at one of the listening sessions or something and in the mean time learn how to be more resourceful. This post just gives the impression that you are lazy and not very intelligent.

  3. I don't like D2L... it's an excuse for people to put everything online, and when someone has a question, the answer is always check D2L...
    The kind of pre-social-media-revolution discourse is desperately missed. Like when people insist on having convos via text. typing at people for hours sucks ;(

    P.S. I am NOT some old fogie professor... I an 18 year old student.

  4. d2l blows... im an instructor... i hate it... it was written by idiots