Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Infatuated with Swag? (by anon)

Allow me to provide a quick disclaimer for any men who are about to read this fuming post: it’s about you (and in “you” I mean men, not “you” personally). By no means do I mean to generalize each and every single one of “you” into one giant category, I know you are not all like this, but for the purposes of being critically pissed and having the opportunity to vent about it – don’t mind if I do.

What happened to chivalry?  Don’t recognize that word – well that’s exactly my point. Chivalry: the days of gentlemen, of opening doors for women (for anyone for that matter), being respectful toward woman, and having more than “swag.” That is fantastic that you have memorized a series of women-belong-in-the-kitchen jokes, but have yet to memorize your student identification number. It is also fantastic that you consider yourself to have “swag”, but tell me, in all honesty, where that will get you in life?  Having “swag” won’t pay your future bills, it won’t earn you the trust of future employers, and you most-certainly can’t list it on your future resume (and if for some God-forsaken reason you do, may you be publically humiliated for it). So tell me again, what does having “swag” do for a man that being chivalrous doesn’t?  From now on consider SWAG to mean: she-wants-a-gentleman.


  1. Consider the words of a wise stand-up comedian, "Chivalry IS dead. And women killed it."

    I once had a girl who was attracted to me outright reject me for being too nice, using the phrase "Nice guys always finish last". I hear girls say all the time that if a guy is too interested or acts too nice towards them it is a turn off.

    Believe it or not, you CAN have swag and be a gentlemen at the same time. You must know the difference between chivalry that's considered cool as opposed to corny.

    Women stop hooking up with guys who have "swag" (however you want to define it) if you want it to go away.

  2. Honestly, I've never heard a guy around campus tell me or anybody else that they have swag or act in a manner that would suggest they have swag. What kind of men are you hanging around?

  3. Chivalry is dead for a good reason -- women aren't lowly beings in need of a man's assistance. However, to hold the door for whomever may be behind you is a nice gesture. So, what's wrong with everyone opening doors for everyone? I think most people do this today anyways, and it is certainly not for chivalry's sake.

    Chivalry and women-in-the-kitchen go hand-in-hand and, therefore, both need to go.
    Be glad men are holding the door to let the sexism out. At least, some are...

  4. I was waiting for the feminist response, and I agree! (Speaking to the writer) If you value treating others well than you shouldn't conform to the common stereotypical view of having to be the tough guy who objectifies woman to get a girl. The whole "women desire bad boys" thing is a little overplayed. I'd argue that if you continue to treat women as human beings (as they should be treated), you will find the perfect girl. It's just is a matter of time. Not to mention, girls who desire bad boys tend to be either (A) Immature or (B) have had some negative past experience that has influenced them in such a way to find that behavior desirable.

  5. I got the swag. I am very good looking, got an A average in Biology, got accepted into medical school, got my share of the hotties. I got swag.

    1. You definitely got the swag.. :p

  6. Power to the People.

  7. I'm still not sure what swag is.