Saturday, April 28, 2012

Regular exams right before FINAL EXAMS! (by anon)

I am posting on this Critically Pissed Blog because one thing that has really pissed me off was this issue! My last semester along with this semester has been hell for me when coming down to the end of the semester and time for Final Exams! I don’t know if it is just bad luck, since my roommates never face this issue, but most of the classes I am taking are always try to push in another regular exam right before the Final Exam! I find this to be pointless as well as stupid! To this day I still cannot figure out why some classes do this because not only does it cause more stress on the students, but it is so time consuming! For example, last year for my biology and chemistry class, I had to take a regular exam probably like 3 days before taking my Final Exam! This year I have to take a chemistry exam, than the Final Exam for the class 3 days after! I believe that this is one of the most stupid things ever! I don’t understand why they cannot just wait and add everything on the Final Exam instead of trying to push in another exam right before the Final Exam. As I mentioned above, this creates a tremendous amount of stress on the students because they are basically studying twice as hard, once for the regular exam and then another for the Final Exam. It would make more sense if a student just focused on one Final Exam instead of having two to worry about, let along all the other Final Exams a student has to go through. I believe all this stress can affect the outcome of the exam results and most likely not in a good way. If students were to focus on one exam, I am positive that there test results will be better than having to focus on two exams! This gives students more time to study for the Final Exam and all the other exams. I don’t know why professors decide to do this, but they should definitely change this because it is unfair and time consuming, like students don’t have other Final Exams to study for. In conclusion, PROFESSORS NEED TO STOP PUSHING IN REGULAR EXAMS DURING THE END OF THE SEMESTER, ESPECIALLY IF IT IS ONLY LIKE A FEW DAYS BEFORE THE FINAL EXAM!


  1. Does anyone have any kleenex?

  2. I agree! I am in the same boat in terms of having to deal with a third exam for a class on Thursday on top of having the final the following week. What is even worse is the professor has admitted that the material will not be fully covered in class and instead of dropping the last couple chapters we will be responsible for the material solely from our own reading and understanding. It is frustrating but all we can do is suck it up.

  3. I had an exam this week but it only covers what we did in just the last couple of weeks of class. If we didn't take it, I'm guessing there would be a lot more material to be covered on the final (and I'm guessing the same would go for other classes that have exams right before finals week) so I actually think it's better the way it is. I think you can suck it up. Everyone knows the last two weeks of any semester are going to be hectic, and if you aren't expecting that, then you haven't been in college long enough. It's just tough, and it's only going to get tougher when you graduate from baby college and go onto graduate school. Unless you aren't going to grad school, in which case, you should be happy with the amount of work you currently have to do, because it could be a lot worse.