Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Greatest mind, greatest downfall (by anon)

There is no doubt about it; humans are the smartest species to roam the earth. Our brains have developed far beyond that of any other animal or insect. This is why we are special, very special. With our brain we have developed what we are today: society, language, materials, and thoughts. Our range of knowledge today is way beyond that of all the knowledge a hundred years ago. Think of how big of space you would need to contain all the information that there is on the web. The  monumental amount of information is nearly impossible to wrap your mind around. But my question to you is this: Is all this knowledge for the better? Or could it be that our mind is actually our greatest downfall?

Have we come to the point where the knowledge we know could lead to total destruction of the entire ecosystem. Are we, ourselves, the ones that are going to cause death among the human race? The advance in nuclear warfare is scary to think about. At any moment, the world could get wrapped up in a nuclear war that could wipe out all the major cities. The radiation would later affect nearly everyone and cause cancer in most. But not only is there nuclear warfare, there is also biological warfare. This is where scientists in labs can create viruses and diseases that could easily spread and kill billions of people. Are we proud of the point to which we have come to? What happened to loving one another?

It is sad to see that we find ourselves hating our own species. Why do we  discriminate against those who have 23 chromosomes just like you? So I ask again, is our mind actually our greatest downfall?


  1. But don't you know that the world is going to come to end in December 2012? We just need to hold out and then sing "la-de-la" as we go up in smoke - brains, knowledge, hate and all!

  2. I don't think our mind is our greatest downfall - it's really the way we as a human race have chosen to use our minds....
    This world really seems to run on money, and so many things have been created in this world that are actually doing us a good deal of harm (food additives, factories that pollute the environment, chemicals in our hygiene products, high-tech weapons, prescription/non-prescription drugs, the list goes on and on...) for the purpose of gaining and securing profits. Eventually, the harm that our innovations cause us will outweigh our ability to ward off all of the harmful effects, in my opinion, leading to mass self-destruction in the long run.
    And since we, especially as Americans, have plenty of distractions these days to keep us from actually using our minds to attempt to reverse such problems, such as the plethora of video games, mind-numbing reality shows, alcohol, pornography, celebrity focused magazines, etc, we'll most likely have no chance of really getting out of the spot we've put ourselves in.
    We are a selfish race of humans... and the ones who are on top, will most likely remain on top unless someone or something brings them down, and those who aren't on top, will most likely remain wishing they are on top, so they will play the dirty game of deception, carelessness, pure self-interest, and hate, just to have a better chance of being the one on top. Unfortunately singing "inspiring" songs that say things like "where is the love?" as in the performance from the super bowl half-time show, won't really get much done, as long as money is the object of the game instead of the object being simply living off of the land and taking life slow enough to enjoy it and understand it. I do think it's pretty much too late to really change the object at this point, however, I suppose there is always the option of starting a hippie commune, or joining the Amish population. ::sigh::

  3. Let's face it. We are all going to destroy ourselves one way or the other. Either we will become so overpopulated that everything will go to pot or someone will push the button. I did hear recently however that some Russian astronomers are claiming that a certain asteroid may hit the Earth sometime around 2036 (give or take a few years).

    But if Palin becomes president, the world might just spontaneously implode anyway.

  4. Without the mind we would not even be here in the first place. There is no ideal world! It is what it is! Use your mind and try to make things better until the lights are turned out permanently for you and later for Gaia (the earth).