Thursday, February 17, 2011

The time is now (by anon)


Over the past month, I have read the comments and you are pissed by everything from pissing on the toilet seats to bad core classes, meaningful, but not that significant in the broader framework. Now is the time for you to put bitching on this blog and join us in the street. This is how Egypt started, in the streets, and Mubarak is gone. Lets send the dictator Scott Walker a message, loud and clear, back off fool. This is the epic center of protest politics in the US. If we fail, other states, Ohio, where that other idiot is governor, will fall, then the GOP will go after the Federal Unions. We must stand against Walker and his lap dogs. You cannot rely on UW System and the crony chancellors. They are afraid of losing their cushy high paying gigs. Not a single chancellor has endorsed the protests against Walker. Faculty, staff, and students at University of Wisconsin Madison will walk out of class today to protest at the Capitol. Spread the word, close down Whitewater by walking out of class and join us in Madison. The time is now. The place is Madison. The school teachers are leading the way. They have called in sick and the entire Madison School District had to cancel classes. All power to the people. By the way, just so you are aware of it, Walker and the crony chancellors and president are working together to establish a two tiered university system, with Madison on top and the rest of the campuses in the pig sty. This plan will be presented next week. There may even be name changes. The University of Wisconsin Whitewater may become Whitewater State University or Whitewater U, or David Katchel University. There will be a single University of Wisconsin and it will be at Madison.  So put on your Mao jackets or Che berets and march.

The time is now.


  1. In the very least, go out to McGraw at noon today to show your support against Walker's intent to destroy collective bargaining!

  2. Ok I'm not out to start an argument or anything, I just want to know where I can find some straight facts....
    I have to say I'm somewhat sitting on the fence with this issue.
    On one hand, we have Walker taking away the most basic right of the union, collective bargaining. And I agree that this is scary, considering the reason unions were established in the first place was to protect workers' rights as far as maintaining good working conditions, getting decent wages, etc.
    On the other hand, we have a lot of people saying that unions have gotten out of hand these days, and now, the tides have shifted, where the ones taking advantage are the unions themselves... and I mean, protecting the lazy people who don't do their job as well as they could, and handing out a lot of extra benefits to people who do less demanding, strenuous work than a lot of other people who are not part of a union. I have heard that it is difficult as well to get into certain unions of certain industries - could it be that there are so many benefits provided and excess spending that allures workers to join a union, not to just be able to get protection, but to take advantage of those benefits not offered by private employers?
    I'm just saying there is a lot of debate, and it seems like there are two fairly equal, valid arguments at hand here.
    I can't say it's easy making the decision whether or not to support Walker, because I have a lot of liberal teachers spewing a lot of dramatic discourse into my ear about how Walker is ruining everything, and at the same time, I have a lot of crazy right-wingers who only see things their way, and may not be seeing the big picture as it Truly is, spewing things about how Walker is going to save us all money and jobs by doing what he's doing. So who to trust? Who to side with?
    -Scared Student

  3. There's a difference between the unions not being run right and not even given the chance for a viable union. We should always have the right to unify our voices, even if we always don't successfully exercise that right.

  4. Then how do we make it successful? Methinks the problem goes deeper than the unions, and deeper than Walker and his legislation...

  5. Here is a fact. Mismanagement has cause a deep economic problem in this state and the nation. The banksters messed up the financial system and were bailed out with taxpayer money, even the auto industry was bailed out. Now they are both on the solid road to recovery. Obama and his Goldman Sacs backers have said in no uncertain terms that they will not provide any such financial assistance to states. Thus, the big squeeze is on! Public Unions are the only thing standing between state workers and mass budget cuts, so they have to be completely gutted. So regardless of what you personally think about unions its really about your pay check if you are a state employee. Once the unions have been gutted, like private unions, it will be much easier to reduce the pay checks of state workers any time there is a budget shortfall in the state. Make no bones about it - this is the long range plan. If we lose this, and we may, soon you will be paying the complete amount for your health care and benefits. After all, the union will not be around to bargain for you. Walker's long range plan to make this more of a business friendly state is to significantly reduce overall wages and benefits. Today, most people are so desparate for a job, they will accept any conditions. When unemployment is high, capital does not have to give in to the "rights" of workers. Ther only two unions exempt are police and firemen. You do not want to alienate the police. This chump Walker must have been watching and learn from the recent uprising in Egypt where Mubarak could not rely on the police and the military to maintain order. He had alienated both! We lose this, then later a recall vote must be organized, and mobilize for the next gov election and there will be a massive turn-out. Walker may win the first round but he will not serve a second term. There is simply too much anger against him in the state, and all of his actions codified in state law can be reversed. This is not over even if the recovery bill passes.

  6. Scared student

    Understandably you are confused, but continue to examine the facts and issues and make up your own mind. But one thing is for sure, this is not about job growth, it is about squeezing more money out of state workers. Now you may think that this is a good thing and you and others are entitled to your opinion, but the budget recovery bill is the first stage, the second stage comes early next week with Walkers budget, and the proposed cuts for the UW System may get you off the fence as the cuts for the UW System, including Whitewater will be steep, some say in the 50 - 75 million range. One thing is for sure, you will pay significantly more in tution next year.

  7. The classic gangster movie, Good Fellows, begins with a voice over, "All my life I wanted to be a gangster." Big sis, Biddy Martin, Chancellor of UW Madison. Big sis pull off a real high class gangster move on her bosses, Kevin Reilly, President of UW System and the UW Board of Regents. Based on their responses in the media, Big sis caught these chumps by surprise. Big sis made an end run around them and negotiated her own side deal with Walker to separate Madison from the rest of the UW campuses. This is like the New York crime boss, John Gotti negotiating a side deal with Big Tuna, Tony Acardo behind the backs of the other crime families. So if the budget bill passes, and it will, Madison will become a completely independent campus with its own regents appointed by Hoisni Walker. The other campuses are watching and waiting to make a break for freedom like some sort of runaway slave. UW Milw is next in line to make a break for freedom. The handwriting is on the wall. Give her credit! Bis sis pulled it off, a real Tony Soprano gangster move. After the budget passes next week she can tell Reilly and the Regents to get the fuck off her campus or start paying rent. Big sis is one smooth criminal. Bet she can do the moon walk.

  8. For any of you who think that Walker had to do anything like he is doing right now, you need to read this:

  9. Biddy "John Gotti" is facing the heat now. The other crime families are coming after her for making the side deal with Walker. If she loses, they will take her out and she will be swimming with the fishes. They are leaking her memos now.

    After being accused of misleading students regarding the proposed split from the UW System, UW-Madison Chancellor Biddy Martin held a press conference Thursday in hopes of dispelling what she deems inaccurate rumors.

    The accusations stemmed from a Jan. 7 memo obtained by The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Wednesday, in which Martin advocated for the separation of UW-Madison from the UW System.

    Read the whole story: Daily Cardinal

  10. The empire strikes back!

    The mafia families have decided to strike back. A public meeting to lay the wood on Biddy "John Gotti" Martin. A so called public meeting is bull crap. The real intent is to take Gotti out but they will fail because Gotti is supported by new mafia sheriffs, Walker and Koch Bros.

    The UW Board of Regents will hold a special meeting Friday morning to discuss the possible separation of UW-Madison from the rest of the University of Wisconsin System.

    Calling for a "public conversation," UW System leaders told UW-Madison Chancellor Biddy Martin in a letter Tuesday that the effects of splitting off the flagship university would ripple across the state.

    Martin said she welcomes the opportunity to meet with the Regents to discuss the possible split, which could be included in Gov. Scott Walker's budget. She shared the contents of the letter with members of the UW-Madison campus community, at the UW System leaders' request.

    In the letter, UW System President Kevin Reilly, UW Board of Regents President Charles Pruitt and Vice President Michael Spector wrote that they were "excluded from conversations about a major sea change in the structure of public higher education."