Friday, February 11, 2011

Change and Struggle (a double post by two anons)

Why do people have to constantly fear change? don't you realize that with change we grow stronger. if we fear what improves us... how are we suppose to be anything relevant? So i ask you... are you for change or are you for sticking to the old ways? i for one will embrace change. sure i will be a little cautious and uncertain but i won't reject it. i feel as if everyone would grow stronger through change. if we all stop being stubborn and if we all stop being so self centered, we may actually be something in our lives. who really wants to slide through it like its a free ride? life isn't meant to be easy, and that's what so many people are trying to make it. life is suppose to have rough patches. life is suppose to change us through experiences. it seems as though this has been taken away from us, as if we just glide on through now. its all a straight line from beginning to end. well, i for one want some mountains in the way. i want obstacles, i want to be challenged. i want life to be a surprise journey that teaches me something each and every second. otherwise, what am i doing here but being a mime like everyone else? break free and be your own person, show the world you believe in something more, something that we have been pushing away. show the world that change is the way it should be. 


Life is hard but that doesn't mean that things won't get better. People go through struggles everyday and have to face all kinds of obstacles. It's good not to give up when times get hard and rough because it shows strength and makes you a stronger person. The strong will survive and the weak will eventually die off because they don't have the courage to face what life throws at them so they become victims of life an become depressed and eventually desist.  But if you can face a challenge and make it through you become stronger and wise because you would have the experience and be able to tell about how it affected you and how people should never give up.

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