Monday, February 28, 2011

Meal plans, are we being taken advantage of? (by anon)

For a short break from Madison turmoil...


I feel that the meals plans are essentially a way of stealing our money because not everyone can use every meal in each block of every day. This might be due to classes, extra campus events and responsibilities, etc. What it really comes down to, and why I feel that it is stealing is because the meals to not roll over from week to week. There are so many restrictions on when you can use guest transfers and in which blocks that it makes it impossible to use them all. (Especially when there is only one early-bird option for breakfast on any given day, at the UC, before 11am). I calculated it out and for the four years I will be at UW-Whitewater, not being able to get breakfast in the morning block will result roughly in over $1,200 or more taken from my pocket when I received nothing in return. This is not just about breakfast blocks, its more about the meal plans as a whole. I believe that they are only really required for your first two years but anyone living on campus will find that, on some level, they are a necessity. That is why we need to correct this gaping flaw in the system.


  1. Everything moves forward dude, good or bad, that is the name of the game. Back in the stone age, cafeteria workers actually cooked and prepared the food for us hungry chillins. Yummy Yummy. Now multinational food service companies control and ship frozen process food to colleges and universities. Most colleges and universities contract their food services out to external corporations and they have strict guidelines. There is an easy solution, rent one of our sugar daddies apartment and cook your own food. Yummy Yummy. We are not in Kansas anymore Dorothy.

  2. I agree with the Wizard. Grocery stores are more for than cafes anyway!