Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Prof behaving badly! (by anon)

Wait a damn minute here! I understand that sometimes faculty feuds can be toxic but peeing on a colleagues' office door is behaving badly and just plain nasty. On most jobs this kind of behavior would get you fired immediately but not on most college campuses, as profs are protected by the tenure system. I suspect the prof in question was fined for peeing in public, as college campuses are considered legally as public sites. I bet this is the gossip of the day at Cal State.

Here is the story:

A Cal State Northridge professor has been caught on tape peeing on a colleague's door, the Los Angeles Times reports. Tihomir Petrov, 43, a mathematics professor, had been fighting with his office neighbor. Petrov faces two counts of urinating in a public place. The videotaped incident occurred in December.  According to KTLA, the school installed cameras near the target's office after finding puddles of what appeared to be urine at the office door. Petrov was granted a 30-day arraignment extension this week, the Daily Sundial reports.

Just plain nasty and stupid. He should have known that there was a camera in the hall but he is safe - he is tenured.

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